Enviro India: A SaaS-Enabled Facility Management Company Driven by a Commitment towards Excellence and Innovation


Enviro India

“Creating spaces and services that alleviate the serene essence of life.”

In a nutshell, facility management not only fosters improved efficiency for properties but also promises enhanced resource utilisation and reduces overhead charges on administrative processes. By offering diverse services such as Technical support, Housekeeping, Security, Horticulture, and more, the IFMS company brings in specialised expertise. This ensures that each aspect of facility management is handled by professionals with relevant knowledge and experience, leading to better results and high-quality services.
In addition, by outsourcing facility management tasks to an IFMS company, organisations can work extensively on their core business activities while leaving the non-core management functions to the experts. These practices adhere to standardised procedures and quality control measures across the board and ensure complete authenticity in service delivery.
Today’s brand in focus is a trailblazer in India’s IFM industry which is establishing momentous benchmarks of excellence with its environment-friendly practises and sustainable solutions. Beginning with a brief introduction about the brand, Enviro India is an Integrated Facility Management company that offers Technical, Housekeeping, Security, Horticulture, and a plethora of other quality-driven services across Offices, Residential, Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Hotels, Resorts, and Retail Spaces. As an Integrated Facility Management Company, Enviro India provides Operations and Maintenance Services, Soft Services, and Business Support Services to its clients. Enviro India is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company by TUVSUD South Asia and accredited by DAR Germany.
The editorial team of Prime Insights Magazine engaged in a collaborative interaction with Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh, CEO of Enviro India, to explore the company’s journey so far. The conversation gave us insights into the importance of Integrated Facility Management for businesses and the profound value it brings to the business ecosystem. The dignitary also talked about Enviro’s contribution in fulfilling the sustainability goals of the establishments they serve. It was an exemplary opportunity for us to learn about the different facets of the IFMS industry, and we are determined to share the same intellect with our global readership panel. Hence, we are elated to feature Enviro India under the exclusive editorial release “Brand of the Year 2023”.

Back to the Inception Days

Enviro’s inception story traces back to Vatika’s need to service its societies, commercial spaces, Schools and townships. Vatika Group is a real estate group that creates comfortable spaces for people. The group’s vision is to create comfortable homes, schools, retail spaces, and business centres. These spaces, curated by Vatika Group, reflect indomitable quality, esteemed longevity, and timelessness. Vatika Group was dissatisfied with the existing facility management vendors and decided to create a new vertical with a strong emphasis on technology to provide exceptional integrated facility management services. This led to the establishment of Enviro India.
During the inception days, building a strong client base and winning the trust of the stakeholders without a proven track record was the biggest challenge faced by Enviro India but Enviro took it as a healthy challenge to gain clients’ trust with their relentless efforts. The team implemented its line of sustainable initiatives, kept their client-centric approach at the core, and developed honest communication standards.

A Quick Glance at the Services

Enviro India has delved through a broad niche of geographic and demographic boundaries to bring together a consolidated and cost-efficient approach to the dynamic management of residential and commercial spaces.

Operations and Management: Providing imperative and advanced technical solutions to address the requirements for maintenance, repair, and replacement of equipment, machines, and building infrastructure. From rigorousquality electrical systems to fire-safety systems, gate barrier systems, access control systems, CCTV surveillance, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), sanitary/plumbing services, and parking management systems, these management services are holistically curated.

Building Soft Services: Under this segment, Enviro India provides astute maintenance of physical services and infrastructure. This involves the seamless integration of people, places, processes, and technology. From Housekeeping Services to Security Management Solutions, Concierge Services, Waste Management, Pest-Control, Sanitization, and Landscaping, these soft services are proven to deliver exceptional results.

Business Support Services: To enhance business efficiencies, Enviro India provides assistance around quality control, customer care, energy management, environmental health, preventive management, vendor management, AMC, and Insurance Management.

Irrefutable Dynamism in Building Alliances

Enviro India has always had a penchant for providing end-to-end facility management services to meet each client’s specific needs. Interacting with customers on a strong personal level and being responsive to client inquiries encourages credible customer referrals. To support the same, Enviro offers round-the-clock client support through its Cloud-based App: “Enviro India”, Seasoned Manpower, Visitor Management System, and Society Billing Software.
Furthermore, Enviro continually prioritises its efforts to nurture and retain high-value clients while also identifying opportunities to improve relationships with prospects. Over these years, this evaluation process helped Enviro focus on maximising its overall profitability and long-term growth. Enviro also regularly measures customer satisfaction and feedback to gauge the level of trust. Through surveys, testimonials, and client interactions, the company diligently strives to improve its services and build reliable relationships with clients. With these ideologies in action, the legacy continues to prosper across all dimensions.

Future Prospectus

With technology empowering every domain of the economy, the ever-evolving facility management landscape can be revolutionised with ground-breaking innovations. Enviro is in the realm of exploring technologies like AI-driven predictive maintenance, sustainable energy solutions, and smart building management to enhance its service offerings and provide cutting-edge solutions to its clients. Enviro’s near-term aim is to position itself in the IFM industry as a torchbearer with a strong brand identity. This identity will have the aura to evoke reliability, efficiency, and professionalism in the hearts and minds of the clients. Being committed to safeguarding the benevolent trust of its clients, Enviro is upgrading its expertise and knowledge repositories. The team is looking forward to foraying into the South Indian market by either welcoming smaller players under it or setting up new business establishments in diverse locations.

A Note of Wisdom for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

As we have come towards the culmination of this enlightening read, Prime Insights finds itself enriched with the knowledge and forward-thinking ideology of Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh and his brand, Enviro India. It was a mandate for us to request that the esteemed dignitary grace our global aficionado with a few resplendent words of wisdom. Here are some enriching words from Mr. Singh:
“To young entrepreneurs, Enviro conveys the message of embracing innovation, adaptability, and customer-centricity. In the dynamic world of facility management, staying ahead requires creative solutions and a relentless focus on exceeding client expectations. Embrace challenges, prioritise customer satisfaction, and continuously strive for excellence to succeed in this ever-evolving industry.
As establishments grow or as their requirements change, Enviro too is equally enthusiastic about escalating the existing standards of its services and making them more comprehensive and inclusive of clients’ requirements. Whether it’s expanding services to new locations or adjusting service levels, an integrated approach allows for flexibility and scalability. We aim to become the one-stop destination for businesses for their facility management services need and reduce their management burden significantly.”

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