Schoolmart: Addressing the Essentiality of Designing Comprehensive Infrastructure at Schools


Schoolmart | Most Innovative Company of the Year 2023

“Learning becomes an ebullient process only when the environment around us is progressive in all aspects.”

Schools and educational institutions play an integral part in the holistic development of a child. From learning essential values about life to setting magnificent ambitions and growing with others, schools and educational institutions need to ensure that students are nurtured in top-notch infrastructure to bring out the best in them.
Beginning with a brief introduction about the company, Schoolmart is an exclusive platform for educational infrastructure and management. Bringing together a team of seasoned architects, manufacturers, service providers, and CSR, the company’s vision is to create schools that foster a multi-disciplinary environment and facilitate them with all the infrastructural essentialities.
With that being highlighted, Prime Insights had the opportunity to interact with Mr. Vamsi M- CEO of Schoolmart, for its captivating feature “Most Innovative Company of the Year 2023”. The dignitary revealed many important facts about his company’s inception, work culture, mission, and vision. The conversation gave us a clear reflection of his future-sightedness and zeal to create productive learning environments for students across the globe. Let’s find out what else he has to say about his journey as an entrepreneur and what plans his company has in store for the future.

Driven by a Serene Mission and Proactive Methodology

The fact that grabbed Mr. Vamsi’s attention was the lack of motivation and engagement in schools within the Indian education system. Knowing that schools are the building blocks of a child’s knowledge journey and holistic development, Mr. Vamsi was certain that Indian schools need to be empowered with better infrastructure for improved learning outcomes.
Elaborating on this, he says, “80% of Indian school infrastructure remains the same as it was 50 years ago. Look at the classrooms, labs, libraries, and sports facilities. Most of them are equipped with archaic infrastructure that does not align with the growth of today’s contemporary world. It was this realization that ignited our passion to create a company dedicated to revolutionizing school infrastructure centered around learning outcomes. We believe the learning environment is the key to success.”

Emerging through Challenges

Changing people’s mindsets about less-emphasized domains is always a tough road. Similarly, Schoolmart’s primary challenge was to educate schools about the essential need for change in their infrastructure. In addition, spreading awareness about the incorporation of digital infrastructure, budgeting, customization needs, and the adoption of gamification in education are some challenges that Schoolmart continues to tackle. Mr. Vamsi also mentioned that many schools don’t respond to emails and knowledge-sharing forums due to their busy schedules or lack of motivation. Despite this, the entire team at Schoolmart puts in ardent efforts to bring about that revolutionary change in mindsets and stay connected with school leaders.
“Schools are intricately connected to our company, with a deep sense of confidence that they will find whatever they seek when they approach us. We have fostered a strong bond of trust and reliability by consistently delivering on our promises and meeting their unique requirements. Through open communication channels, attentive listening, and personalized solutions, we have cultivated a seamless connection with our partner schools, ensuring that their needs are understood, valued, and successfully fulfilled”, says the CEO Mr. Vamsi M.

Championing Strong Alliances with Clients

Schoolmart is built on its school innovation strategies, design philosophy, and ability to match the needs of the curriculum. The trust built with numerous school leaders stands on the pillars of the company’s values and work ethics. What truly sets Schoolmart apart are its unique services related to school infrastructure designs. Whether it’s NEP-ready furniture, digital labs, or setting up an entire school with complete amenities, physical resources, digital content, or STEM equipment, Schoolmart ensures that its partner schools have round-the-clock access to a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to their requirements.

A Glance at the Service Portfolio

The company offers a range of adept infrastructure solutions to schools, encompassing both physical and digital aspects. As the Indian government has taken the initiative to launch NEP, Schoolmart also provides various offerings that empower educational systems to function with systematic learning environments. The offerings include:

  • School Design and Architecture
  • School Renovation
  • NEP Ready Furniture
  • Phygital Labs and Libraries
  • School Infra Funding
  • School Acquisitions and Lease Arrangements
  • Smart Sports with Talent Scout Clubs
  • Gamified Digital Content
  • Mathematica – To visualize and discover the practical side of Mathematics.
  • Discovery Pod – A top-notch STEM Lab and Science Room that offers a unique learning experience for students to innovate, discover, and explore new concepts in science.
  • English Village – A gamified and self-directed language learning environment.

Leading the Path with Inclusivity

When it comes to “INNOVATION”, Schoolmart has made a remarkable impact on the education infrastructure industry through its disruptive approach, combining the gamification of education and the National Education Policy (NEP) in India. As the sole company in Asia exclusively dedicated to school infrastructure with its reform-oriented approach, Schoolmart engages with educational institutions as their go-to partner for cultivating real-time innovations and advancements.
Schoolmart has established quality benchmarks with its broad spectrum of expertise and offerings. The company is acknowledged for its dedication to tailoring customized solutions that meet the requirements of any institution. The company has catered to over 376 educational institutions globally. With its 278+ vendor partners, Schoolmart anticipates endorsing several other collaborations to continue its operations in countries like Dubai and Africa. The team is in the process of curating many more future-ready environments for schools.
In the case of education infrastructure and school improvement, schools’ trust in brands like Schoolmart is experiencing an evolution. While doubts may still exist, school leaders are becoming more optimistic in their decision-making. Transparency and credibility are paramount, with schools seeking brands like Schoolmart to align with their curriculum and infrastructure needs and demonstrate expertise in education reforms like NEP 2020. Schoolmart’s research, testimonials, and peer recommendations play a crucial role in shaping trust. Education infrastructure companies are adapting by prioritizing customer satisfaction, personalized solutions, and maintaining a strong reputation.

Marketing Initiatives that Stick to the Basics

To date, Schoolmart hasn’t implemented any fancy marketing strategies to promote its offerings. Recommendations from previous customers, corporate networks, and word-of-mouth have helped the company scale organically over the years. The team believes in networking and focuses more on personal relations than marketing.
Schoolmart regularly conducts surveys on LinkedIn to understand present trends and thoroughly grasp people’s ideas, problem statements, and behavior. Leveraging this information, Schoolmart further strengthens customers’ trust in its services.

Plans for the Future

When asked about the plans aligned for the future, Mr. Vamsi M asserted that in the coming years, Schoolmart will be working on expanding its horizons to international markets. The target international markets are Vietnam and Sri Lanka. The team is also devising plans to migrate towards gamification and AI-driven Edtech. The objective is to establish Schoolmart as a brand that effectively addresses the needs of emerging educational institutions. The team’s ultimate vision is to enhance the education experience by improving school environments and architecture.

A Capsule of Wisdom

To conclude this fascinating draft with guiding words for our readers, Mr. Vamsi M says, “With determination and resilience, you can turn challenges into opportunities and achieve entrepreneurial success. For young entrepreneurs, my advice is to combine the wisdom of top industry leaders. Be passionate about your vision, embrace failure as a learning opportunity, build a strong network, focus on delivering value, stay adaptable, and never stop learning.”

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