Luxury on wheels: Top 9 dreams cars for successful entrepreneurs

Different entrepreneurs choose different cars based on their choices and preferences. Some only go for brand value while others look for added features and extra mileage. Some also pick up one to impress people around. Let’s find out some top-rated dream cars for successful entrepreneurs.

Range Over Luxury Car

It has been a popular sports car model for years out of which their fourth-generation model is the best. Its features especially include aluminum monocoque with other additional features. The car is spacious for passengers and driving is pristine. The body is heavy giving it excellent durability.

VW Beetle

If advertising is the motto for entrepreneurs, then this is the best choice as it gives a unique platform to advertise business around and one can plaster his/her company’s logo all over it. The 2014 VW Beetle is very cool in appearance, quicker engine facility, and is fuel-efficient. The car also has a better navigation system, push-button ignition, and touch screen stereo. It costs around $19,995 to $24,795.

BMW 7 Series Luxury Car

It has been producing high-quality cars for a long time out of which the 7th series has rocked all around for two kinds of wheelbase and the air-sprung chassis giving the car a smoother driving power than others. The interior is spacious and the engine functions well on crowded roads too. It is a perfect car both for family and business.

Mercedes-Benz E350 Sedan

This is the right kind of car for any entrepreneur who’s trying to fit amongst a rich class of people and the E-class has fully modified itself from the previous versions making it more impressive. It’s well designed for both beauty and luxury and one can enjoy rides without worry. Its main features include an incredible V6 3.5L engine and ECO Start/ Stop system. The price of this is approx. $51,990.

Honda Element

It’s the best car for roads without enough space and a fold-down seat in front that provides anyone with a desk-like service when you park it and it also gives top-class comfort as it folds u and flips up to 64 diverse configurations.  Its inside is equipped with a wipe-down able and the vehicle’s navigation system is linked with satellites giving better security. It costs around $25,585.

1957 Jaguar XKSS

It a car giving any entrepreneur the feeling of fun and enjoyment for its exquisite looks and shape. This is a limited model which came out only in 16 version. In 2016, nine more models were added with the invention of the Jaguar D-Type race car. It is a rare car at an astronomical cost of 1.5 million dollars.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Luxury Car

Having its class of glamour this model is ideal for those who want nothing but a luxury car. It comes in a variety of options. The interior is comfortable and it has precise steering capability to make driving like a dream. Either one can choose gasoline petrol or diesel engine for the vehicle or the ride is nothing but luxury travel.

Jaguar XJ Luxury Car

Since 1968, Jaguars have rocked the car industries with their new models and better versions. The XJ is a great hit this year and is best in terms of both luxury and feel. The interior is done with the latest technology and the driving is smoothly controlled. It gives entrepreneurs a sporty driving feel like typical sports cars with high quality.

Tesla Model S Luxury Car

It is another popular luxury car which also happens to be an electric car with four different battery sizing options giving it better mileage. The steering is smooth and comfortable and the cabin is incredibly quiet while driving on louder roads. It has environmental benefits too as it doesn’t require the pouring of gasoline into it.


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