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For the smart users of the present time, your business needs to stay ahead. Your potential customers conduct extensive web research before making a purchase. It exemplifies how essential it is for the company to have an internet presence. There are two possibilities for managing one’s digital marketing efforts: an external digital marketing firm or an in-house marketing team. You should read this post if you need a top-notch digital marketing and advertising agency in India. The Digital MarkEthics company, created by Mr. Saurabh Ganguly, is nationally recognized for its exceptional services and phenomenal growth. Therefore, we decided to feature an in-depth interview with him to know about his insightful views.

The Inspiring Backstory

Behind every successful business person; there is a story which is unique as well as inspiring. The story of Saurabh Ganguly, the CEO and Founder of Digital MarkEthics is not an exception. After working for different leading organizations for 18 years; he thought to start something of his own. His exceptional passion for technology and profound understanding of market trend of digital marketing were his two assets. During Pandemic period, when the world was struggling; he thought to start his company and that too from the scratch. And Digital MarkEthics started its journey with the aim to assist Startups and other mid-segment business to uplift their business online and build strong brand presence. His efforts, hardwork, self-confidence, motivation and determination paid off and he established the company on near-a-record-time.

Challenges Experienced

During the time, when the Pandemic was making people edgy and panicky across the world, Mr. Ganguly launched his business. According to his words, “Our first aim was to build a team that is efficient, committed, and ready to take ownership. We had to make a proper strategy so that we can select the best talents across the nation to have more customer-centric approach. Most importantly our process-driven remote working strategy has been a great success” In this way, he has transformed his challenges to opportunities. With transparency, flexibility, coordination, and cooperation; they have made the journey enjoyable for all.

Unique Selling Proposition

According to Saurabh, honesty and integrity are important yet rare in the corporate world. Surprisingly, Digital MarkEthics is well-known for its moral compass. The company would never lead a partner astray by giving them unrealistic expectations. The company prioritizes the development of long-term relationships with its clients. To survive in a volatile industry, the company has remained committed to its founding principle of ethics. Digital MarkEthics’s special feature directly results from the close relationships it has fostered with its expansion sponsors.

As the industry is vulnerable as well as competitive enough; they need to stick to their ethical core value to sustain in the market. And this is the unique aspect of Digital MarkEthics which reflects on the bonding with their growth partners. The company must maintain its commitment to its clientele. It is important to establish a positive reputation in customers’ eyes, Mr. Ganguly added.

The Solutions

In the realm of digital branding and marketing, Digital MarkEthics provides ROI driven customized services. The company offers complete services for launching a digital presence, including web development/design, analytics, digital marketing, branding, and content marketing. 

Differentiating Oneself

Digital MarkEthics’s greatest strength is its dedication to ethics in the face of the pervasive and perilous nature of the technology business- Keep it simple, transparent with NO FALSE PROMISES. The company is consistently leading its associates to the highest achievable outcome. The company keeps its staff abreast of all developments, and its plans are adaptable enough to accommodate sudden shifts. As a result, the company has accomplished its goal. The company gets most of the new business from word of mouth. It proves that the company has established a solid reputation among its clientele.

The Perfect Client

Instead of calling them clients, Digital MarkEthics refers to them as “growth partners.” They say that expanding their client base is essential to the company’s success. They are traveling together on a road that will benefit both. The company is customer-focused, working tirelessly to help them attain their goals. The company’s digital marketing efforts span a wide range of sectors. It maintains a strong commitment to ongoing investigation despite shifting focus between brands and sectors. The company invested extensively in the preliminary research phase to gain familiarity with the market, the demographics of the target audiences, and the competitive landscape and then developed a unique strategy.

According to Mr. Saurabh Ganguly; the company’s clientele spans many sectors. To grow into a successful brand, the company provides its customers with the services they need. Since it takes an ethical stance, it will eventually earn the trust of its customers.

As of now, the company does not employ any sales personnel. They rely heavily on referrals, or “word-of-mouth marketing,” to bring in new customers; this exactly how they were able to cater 30+ clients in their first year. For the current business partners to recommend the company to their network, it must provide a service that they find satisfactory. Their faith in the company is also an indication of their willingness to do so.

There are currently many digital marketing agencies. It is a highly competitive field. The company has maintained its position in the face of intense competition by being true to its ethical principles regarding its service and partnerships. They make sure that the clients get the desired service from their end so that their business will transform into a vibrant brand. Their ethical approach is the bridge to building their trust in the company with time.

Digital MarkEthics’ Marketing Strategies

To stay relevant is the biggest challenge in this fast-paced age. Everyone needs to live with the trends otherwise they will be fade into oblivion. According to Mr. Saurabh Ganguly, digital is the need of the time and to stay relevant to your customers and sustain the competition; you need to adopt digital strategies to stay ahead.

‘There are so many mediums and platforms available for promotions, but not every channel is relevant to everyone. You need to find out the right platform for your brand and then craft a customized strategy which is specifically designed for the demography of your target customers, market, and competition,’ he added.

Proposed Future Changes

2022 was a truly rewarding year for Digital MarkEthics. The company has hit the one-year mark, and its first anniversary was celebrated with a get-together. Its business performance in its first year has been far beyond expectations. As more employees with varied backgrounds and expertise join the team, enriching the service area. We are recognized by Amazing Workplace® for following best practices in Working from Home. Hopefully, the company plans to keep this amazing journey going in the days to come.

The company will implement all marketing strategies driven by technology. Its accomplishments to date are only the prologue to its future glory. The company will work harder and smarter to ensure that it is included among the best companies offering a full suite of digital marketing services for international and domestic campaigns.

Journey of Saurabh Ganguly, the CEO and Founder of Digital MarkEthics

To sum up his 16 months’ journey, Mr. Ganguly has quoted Henry Ford; ‘When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind not with it.’ The flight of Digital MarkEthics also took off amidst a troublesome time but it has been successfully flying. His value-driven business ethics have made a difference in business as well as the life of his team members as well. For him, it is a continuous learning process and he is eager to explore different horizons of digital transformation industry in the coming days. Saurabh quoted- “Often during the most adverse and challenging times you unleash your true potential”

What does Mr. Saurabh Ganguly Want to Achieve?

Mr. Ganguly’s success in the coming years will be measured by the company’s new heights for client satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and the services and solutions they provide. They will focus on solving the real-time problem of the customers with innovative marketing solutions. To this end, the company will prioritize developing cutting-edge marketing strategies that address customers’ pressing needs in real-time. He further emphasized that while Digital MarkEthics does place a premium on its customers, the company also places equal value on its employees. Under his guidance, his team members always content and productive, thanks to the company’s openness to new ideas and methods of doing business. They are the backbone of the company and without them, neither he as a person nor his company will grow.

Entrepreneurial Tips

Always have faith in yourself and your abilities, Mr. Saurabh Ganguly advises aspiring young business owners. Know exactly what it is you wish to accomplish. Having a plan in place to assist you in succeeding might be beneficial. It would help if you adopted digital strategies to reach more clients and build your brand.

Appreciation for Prime Insights

The openness and promptness with which Mr. Saurabh Ganguly received responses from Prime Insights Magazine have earned his praise. It is great that the magazine is trying to publicize the wisdom of the business owners and CEO. They have his warmest wishes. He would like to keep working with them on future projects as well.



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