Tudip Technologies: An Eminent Company with a Vision for Holistic Employee Wellbeing

Tudip Technologies

The onset of the digital age has spurred a massive transformation in the way we view work culture norms. While earlier orthodox and restrictive, these norms have undergone numerous reforms so as to accommodate the dynamic demands of modern working.
Work policies now require an unprecedented level of inclusiveness and malleability: one that is free from hierarchical control and draconian measures. For a few companies, this change has been especially welcomed through the adoption of various holistic practices.
In this article, we’ll be talking about one such esteemed company, Tudip Technologies, a Pune-based extreme technology IT services provider. The company has been in the limelight in recent times for its indefatigable zeal for employee betterment.
A vision of entrepreneurs Dipti Agrawal & Tushar Apshankar, Tudip has garnered umpteen monetary as well as industrial milestones since its establishment in 2010. Its success has been largely instrumental in redefining the performance standards of its industry.

The Core Values of Tudip’s Work Culture

Being a high-performing brand necessitates an unfalteringly staunch work credo; Tudip is no exception to this rule. It exercises a rigorous abidance to ethics, namely:

Integrity: All team members are expected to display strong core values as well as an affinity for teamwork and team support.

Innovation: A relentless passion for innovative processes is also essential.

Serenity: A serene state of mind rendered for the client after their challenges are resolved.

Dipti Agrawal, the CEO & Co-founder of Tudip, further elaborates how a dedicated focus is unequivocally important for a member to be successful at the company. All members must work hard consistently and also be open to all kinds of challenges.
The aforesaid values are to a great extent fostered by the company’s conducive work environment.

The Work Environment at The Company

The dedicated, as well as an innovative workforce of Tudip, has been consciously developed through various holistic & inclusive measures. For starters, the company has maintained a state of equilibrium between its male and female workers. This includes the company CEO, Dipti, who all face the same challenges equally.
The company furthermore emphasizes the equal distribution of work across all strata in the hierarchy and teams. In essence, any achievement of the company is actually an achievement of each and every Tudipian.
The employees are also individually given awards for their performance on a monthly basis, such as the “Rising Star of the Month” and “Star Performer of the Month”. They’re furthermore given bonuses and rewards, as well as personal encouragement & commendation for their work.

A Methodical Approach to Team Building

A great aspect of a company’s team efficiency is how it’s built & operated at a fundamental level. At Tudip, this is achieved through conscientiousness in some key areas:
There’s a characteristic clarity & specificity in communication observed among employees. This not only solves interpersonal problems but also helps them explain each other’s ideas in a better way, in order to complete tasks easily and innovatively.
Utmost cooperation is practiced by the employees at all times, so that they may collaborate effectively to construct a new product.
Other career developing & team-building skills are honed by providing employees with intensive training & coaching. These entail goal-oriented imaginations and integrations with versatility.

In addition to the arduous professional practices, even the community front of the employees is emphasized by hosting annual events like “Tudip Bravo” and “Tudip Tech Star” events.
The company moreover has a meticulous management style that has further optimized its team competency.

Tudip’s Incisive Management Style

The overall management style of Tudip can be characterized as:

  1. Visionary: which motivates employees to work towards common goals and solutions for getting all the employees on the same page when team culture is divided.
  2. Transactional: where the company motivates different teams to complete difficult tasks and provides extrinsic rewards or appreciation for the same.
  3. Pacesetting with freedom of using individual skills for greater productivity and healthy competition with project accomplishments, helping to tackle a big goal successfully, in the short term.
    For more balanced and sustainable performance, Tudip also prioritizes maintaining the work-life balance of the employees. It moreover focuses on a flexible growth mindset in all its undertakings.

The Growth Mindset of The Team

The team at Tudip very well understands that both success and failure are a part of the growth process. Any success should never be enough, any failure should never be the end. The team thus strives to always move forward whilst keeping the bigger picture in mind.
A certain level of preparedness is also constantly upheld by the team so as to ameliorate the effects of negative outcomes. Undeniably, failures can occur at any time, but seeking expert advice and making tactful decisions can help rise above them with less difficulty.
Grounded, rational decision-making is also a paramount aspect of the company’s mindset. At all no times, no emotional decision should be taken by the members. Tudip furthermore boasts of a strong integral network that supports the members in all situations and surrounds them to rebuild the entire process.

Significant Achievements of Tudip

In its 11 impactful years of operation, Tudip has garnered umpteen noteworthy recognitions thanks to the arduous efforts of its team:

Honored as “India’s Most Admirable Brand” by Brand Story.
Featured in the “Fortune India Magazine” for the aforesaid.
Recognized among the “20 Most Promising Google Technology Solutions Providers” by CIO Review India.
Featured among the “Best Companies to Work For” by Business Connect India.
Recognized as “One of The Leading Mobile Game Developers” by TopDevelopers.co.
Acknowledged as “One of The Best Tech Companies to Work For in 2020” by Silicon India Magazine.

Going forward, Tudip envisions becoming a Global Partner and the first choice for its customers by providing leadership in specific domains. Ultimately, it aims to help its customers accelerate the value-creation process.
The stellar work performance & competence standards of Tudip serve as an inspiration for budding as well as established entrepreneurs. We all can take encouragement from its efforts to pursue our entrepreneurial dreams & innovate relentlessly going ahead in 2022.







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