Countdown to History: Chandrayaan 3’s Lunar Landing Tomorrow, And why Luna-25 crashed. Get Live Updates!

Chandrayaan 3’s Lunar Landing Tomorrow

The most considerable pride in the nation, Chandrayaan is now all set to create a history for its country and to make everyone proud. The spacecraft is nearer to the moon and ready for a safe and soft landing on lunar space by 23 August 2023.

The landing side is unexplored and it doesn’t face Earth hence many called it the dark side of the moon as there must be some unknown elements that could benefit the economy.

The success of Chandrayaan-3 will be a major milestone for India’s space program. It will be India’s third lunar mission and its first soft landing on the Moon’s south pole. The mission is expected to give noticeable insights into the Moon’s geology and history, as well as its potential for future exploration.

Chandrayaan 3 has a very high chance of competing said the chairman of ISRO Madhavan Nair, He explained how this time the scientists took notes from Chandrayaan 2 mistakes which leads to its failure in 2019.

On Sunday, The Indian Space Research Organisation announced that the second and final de-boosting operation for Chandrayaan-3 has successfully completed reducing the orbit of its lander module to 25km x 134km.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is all set to make Chandrayaan 3 a remarkable achievement. The main plan is to design a robust lander-rover duo to journey to the Moon together. The lander’s process softly touches down at the Moon’s surface, even as the rover rolls out and explores the lunar panorama. But right here’s the capture: Chandrayaan 3 will differ from its predecessor, Chandrayaan 2, regarding the orbiter. Alternatively, of having a separate orbiter, Chandrayaan 3 will leverage the present orbiter from Chandrayaan 2. This smart approach helps to save resources and enhances the efficiency of the mission.

Chandrayaan 3‘s blueprint is based on valuable lessons learned from Chandrayaan 2. In the previous mission, while the orbiter achieved major success by capturing crucial data from the Moon’s orbit, the lander faced challenges during the descent and couldn’t make a soft landing. As we eagerly look ahead to the project’s release and subsequent updates, one component is sure: Chandrayaan 3 will now not best inspire the following technology of scientists and engineers but also contribute considerably to humanity’s knowledge of the cosmos.

Why Luna-25 crashed? Russia explains

According to CNBC, The head of the space agency of Russia reported Monday that the Luna-25 spacecraft crashed with the lunar terrain posterior to its mechanisms faltering in their endeavor to properly turn off. In addition, he voiced his stricture towards the nation’s prolonged interruption in lunar exploration spanning several decades, attributing it to the unfortunate circumstance. Roscosmos Director General Yury Borisov said the spacecraft’s machines were turned on over the weekend to put Luna-25 into a “pre-landing route” but did not shut down properly, plunging the lander onto the moon.

The trial Luna-25 had been listed to land Monday while aiming to come the first spacecraft to touch down on the south pole of the moon, an area where scientists believe important reserves of frozen water and precious rudiments may live.


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