Top 10 Online Learning platforms

Top 10 Online Learning Platforms

Top 10 online learning platforms, Learning has no limits or boundaries. Since the outbreak of Covid 19, the learning system has been shifted to an online platform base, as education cannot be stopped or hindered. With technology, the online learning experience has only gained momentum with time and there have been so many methods and ways of learning these days. Thus, more online centres of learning are coming up and so has the birth of several online learning platforms taken place. Each learning app has its unique feature and they tend to cover all necessary academic requirements to stand best among the others. Some best online platforms are given below:


Millions of users use this online learning platform as it specializes in courses for creative professionals. One can learn several professional aspects here such as designing, animation, videographer, photography, etc. it puts importance on social collaboration and learning. Learners can be beginners too. Here, there is engagement with other learners as well to derive more information and provide feedback by getting aligned with each other’s work.

Udemy Business

It is one of the largest online learning platforms that millions have heard as it specializes in skill-based learning courses. There are video-based courses given for beginners to watch and learn. Looking at the market trends, Udemy experts guide new business entrepreneurs about how to start a new business, learn its technical skills and provide the necessary details for experience in that field. There are certificates issued for each course.


It is an online learning platform for schools that offers a variety of online degrees and certificates. The certifications are accredited by top and prestigious academic institutions of the world. There are more than 5000 courses and over 200 affiliated businesses and universities linked to it. The topics of learning are based on business and from scientific backgrounds like computer science, health science, data science, etc.

LinkedIn Learning

This is another online learning platform as well as a job-finding site that specializes in business, technology and other creative courses. The presentation videos, and learning materials provided on this platform is tremendously efficient in giving profound knowledge on any concept. It offers over 16000 courses and there are weekly quizzes, and practice exercise files that can help users gain concrete business knowledge.


Just like old times Blackboard, Canvas is a modern version of Blackboard that is designed to focus on academic applications. Online tutors can use it to create their notes, study materials, using various unique tools and other necessary data to make their content robust and stand out from others. Independent courses with the support of different training formats can be created.

Khan Academy

This is one of the top online learning platforms that were co-founded by Sal Khan for the sake of his cousin’s study purpose. Today, it has more than 8000 video lessons on various topics at no cost and it has drawn over 70 million customers. The courses are provided with the right track to motivate students in a good way and help them learn well.


This educational online learning platform was founded by Byju Raveendran and is so far the best educational learning app for students hailing from lower to higher classes. With it, students can learn from anywhere in an interactive format, take down notes, give exams and practice from sample worksheets. The learning methods of this learning platform understand a kid’s mindset on any topic’.


it is an environment of formal learning that partners with top universities and provides the best online courses in certain STEM fields like engineering, data analysis, math, etc along worth proper certification at the end of the course. There are both free and subscription-based classes. One can earn a bachelor’s or a master’s degree through this. There is a large library with high-quality courses.


It is for those who are interested in web development and digital programming. It enables users to learn coding in an interactive surrounding and tasks are grouped for a team of learners to take part and follow the instructions to solve and learn them. Learning about cyber security, mobile app development, etc. is also possible through this. Besides, video-based courses, there are quizzes and test projects too.


It is an online learning platform where expert practitioners are there for anyone even doesn’t understand anything. Over 100 courses are available and they are broken into 15 to 20 bite-sized lessons. It is created for students of all skill levels. It is a video streaming learning platform that improves leadership skills, to become a better chef, interior designer, a better artist, musician or writer.

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