The rise of influencers: Meet the top 10 social media stars dominating the web

The rise of influencers: Meet the top 10 social media stars dominating the web

In this tech-geek world, social media stars are dominating the world. While some have become overnight celebrities through their posts or videos or talents, others have ventured into remarkable business models and created their unique niche. They have now become a game changer with their social media reach and versatility. Their credibility in a specific industry has made their access to a huge audience base and they have also boosted influencer marketing. Let us consider the following influencers, whose names are stalking the heights of new inspiration in the media world:

Addison Rae

Her lip sync videos have caused a storm on social media platforms and TikTok and Insta drew over 38.7 million followers. Her beauty-focused posts have led to her securing a Netflix show, released in a single debut. She has not only gained popularity but an engaging audience as well.

Khaby Lame

After losing his job as an Italian factory worker, this boy joined Instagram and then TikTok where he posted his original content through his voice which made him overnight famous. With over 35.7 million followers and still counting, he has made a success through life hack videos and by sharing his reactions through hilarious facial expressions and sarcasm.

Selena Gomez

A girl who rocked social media, Facebook and Insta for years through her beautiful and melodious voice, Selena is the heartthrob of millions around the world. She is an award-winning singer with over 249 million followers. Her professional plugs, personal photos and Insta videos have generated a huge fan base over the years.

Kayla Itsines

She is an Australian personal trainer whose 13 million fan base and followers have been generated through her continuous posts of workout videos, inspirational messages, diet tips and physical exercise for a fit body and mind. She is also the co-founder of Sweat and co-creator of High Impact which features 28-minute fitness programs for women to build strength.

Huda Kattan/Beauty

An Oklahoma-born makeup expert and the most influential figure in the beauty world with her beauty expertise, she started her career as a blogger and transformed it into a brand on an Instagram page @hudabeauty that gained her over 49 million followers for the makeup tutorials she puts out. She has found a brand for all skin tones and become truly inspirational.

Kylie Jenner

A powerful influence with 252 million followers, Kylie is a versatile woman who is well known for her modelling, socialite status, and Makeup Empire through her Insta posts. She makes over one million dollars per sponsored Instagram post, making her the highest-paid influencer on social media.

Zach King

He is an illusionist and filmmaker who found fame through his blogs and other videos and has secured over 24 million followers in no time. His positive stories and ‘magic vines’ makes people smile. He posts random videos, comedic videos and other fun visuals to amuse the stressed world. His content is downloaded each day which helps people smile and feel stress-free with life.

Kim Kardashian

In the era of social media, Kim Kardashian, an American influencer and reality TV star, was one of the first figures to become famous for being famous. She garnered international fame for her personal life much of which was chronicled on the popular reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians (2007-21).

Leo Messi

An Argentinean athlete with 530 million followers and a professional record-breaking footballer, Messi’s career is an illustrious inspiration to many. His prodigious talent from an early age ha today made him the national captain of the Argentina football team. His record also mentions him as the top-goal scorer of 2021.

Christiano Ronaldo

His social media presence is not only big but huge as the top-paid athlete on the influencer list on Instagram. His record of 318 million followers increases day to day. Nike is his paid partnership and his game and training videos shared on social media, are an inspiration to follow. He makes $1.6 million from his sponsored post.

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