Quick tips to charge your Instagram followers count hacks on the go

Quick tips to charge your Instagram followers count hacks on the go

Instagram is a popular social media, chatting, engaging and coordination app across the world and getting ahead can be tough, especially if you have tons of competition and can’t seem to hit your target engagement metrics in the platform. There are some proven tips to increase your Instagram followers authentically.

Over 1 billion users hover on the Internet each day to find out how to increase their followers count on Instagram. As it remains one of the most popular social media networks in the world, competition is high and tough. Some brands tend to take shortcuts in growing their followers; however, going that way isn’t worth it and leads you to a fake follower base. Such cases can ruin your profile by lowering your user engagement; decreasing your brand trust and making you achieve no potential customers. Thus, buying followers is never a good idea but they can be boosted or increased authentically without following so many profiles daily. Instagram lets you follow up to 75K accounts daily. The use of Instagram Feed Pro to display custom Instagram feeds on your WordPress site is genuine. Rank 1 rated Instagram feed plug-in for WordPress lets you add stunning Instagram Feeds to your website without coding.

It is perfect for beginners to set up with little design experience. However, apart from this, there are many guides to increase your follower base. Let us find them:

Improve your profile outlook

Set up your account properly as your Instagram bio is the most important reel estate of your account. Users get to know more about you from here, about your brand and website and increase your overall online presence. Display a recognizable picture, with a brand name or logo, add relevant hashtags for people to easily access your profile include your website IRL and choose words carefully to describe your core brand value without much elaboration. You can also add emojis to convey emotion, your character or personality.

Instagram feed must be curated

Develop a unique style and theme for your profile. Many people are trying to buy their sole attention on Instagram, so you need to get noticed and be different. A clear visual content style sets you apart and makes it easier for people to recognize your brand. Optimize your gallery; decide on high vibrant colours or styles that can make your palette look catchy and different from others. As Instagram is a heavy-media-based social platform, pay attention to media quality on your website as well. Great quality will draw traffic, engagement and followers. Never throw out blurry photos or videos but use your smartphone camera to look for editing options.

Seek plus points from Insta Reels

Posting reels can make you get more followers. 9 out of 10 users watch Instagram videos daily and thus this type of content can actively reach more audiences, the more people reach, the greater will be the count of followers, some of which may even become followers of your brand. Show your Instagram reels on your website as well.

Use niche-related Hashtags for posts

Users find your posts through hashtags much better and follow you if they like you. Add a range of topical and popular hashtags to each post to generate greater engagement and followers. Curate content relevant to your industry and display it in a tailored way using hashtags on your website. Visitors will get to see fresh, relevant content and develop the reputation of being an influence on those topics. Influencers and brand ambassadors can have a significant impact on the purchasing decisions of their followers. Simply choose the Publish Hashtag feed, and you can quickly tailor it to your preferences.

Display your feeds on your website

It is an easier way to boost your follower count on Instagram. You will have a greater chance of turning site visitors into followers if your WordPress site allows all visitors to see your Instagram content rather than just displaying your Instagram feeds. With this plug-in, you can easily embed your account feeds on your site’s about page, products page, blog page, reviews page and lost more. Just nudge the already visited followers of your page to follow you by displaying your posts anywhere on WordPress.

Optimize the post captions and fetch onto old followers

Other than the use of powerful images, your Instagram caption on posts is a great place to engage with your audience and use persuasive language to encourage them to follow you. Let your captions depict a story or message and that way you can tap into readers’ minds and emotions, making a trustable connection with them. If they like it, they will gain come back to follow you. You can also add calls to action (CTA) either in the captions of posts or in the images/videos uploaded. Keep the core idea behind marketing the same. Interact more with existing followers as this creates more account engagement and influences your account’s algorithm to show your account to even more people.

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