PayPal, the widest spread payment method in the world.

PayPal is one of the largest online payment processors across the globe especially after it got partnered with eBay. All kinds of online merchants all around the Internet accept PayPal as one of their accepted methods of payment. People who haven’t used it so far still wonder about its usage and benefits.  It is very friendly and easy to use or to purchase from hundreds of big online stores or receive money from any kind of accounts. Let us look into why PayPal is a worldwide payment.


There is no harassment and hassle of purchasing goods and services online even after the credit card gets declined. One can set up multiple bank accounts, debit cards and credit cards to fund the PayPal account.  The PayPal purchases always go through the first time and it will then look for funds from your sources based on the order of your choice.

The iPhone App

The PayPal iPhone app makes it easier to shop online and transfer money from anywhere. Just simply visit the Apple iTunes store and search for this app. Then you will be ready to transfer, send money, pay bills or review transaction history just with a click. You will be asked to confirm your transactions using PayPal with a PIN. Even if the phone gets stolen, the funds will always be secured under PayPal. Using any other iPhone, one can make any kind of payment using PayPal very easily.

Security of credit card

Your credit card and bank accounts details must be entered while signing in to the PayPal account. Now any payments will be easier from the selected accounts. Once it is done, there is no requirement to disclose your credit or debit card details and that information will always be private. Thus, the risk of hacking or downloading your account data is prevented.

Send money hassle-free

Sending money to a child, elder, teacher, businessman or anyone across the globe using PayPal is much easier and feasible. Users can instantly transfer money to them with just a mouse click. It will save money and time over other expensive Western Union Style transfers and send funds faster than ever.


This is probably the best reason for using PayPal as it is cost-free. There is no scheme of annual membership fees or any other kind of processing fees or any service charges. Shoppers using this PayPal service get all the robust advantages associated with the service and don’t have to pay one dime. This makes it more acceptable to a wide range of common people.

Online auctions

PayPal is integrated with the online auction platform of eBay,  users can easily perform buds or place bids and make safe purchases anywhere around the globe. There is a process of structured complaint resolution and buyer protection that is eBay bidders have more protection and safety than most credit card holders when it comes to talking about the most popular online shopping platform.

Discounts at a great rate

Special discounts are being sponsored by PayPal for certain customers who shop with this app at selected retail stores. They visit the website of to find the latest special offers from huge and bug companies like HP, Barnes & Noble, Wal-Mart, etc. PayPal can save money from the places we shop just by letting us copy and paste the special promo code from the PayPal shopping Webpage at the merchant’s site while paying.

PayPal will act as a sincere accountant to access every inbound and outbound transaction. The account is neatly organized into payments, received, made, transaction history and recent activity tabs to have an overall view. Acquiring eBay, Business and Premier accounts has integrated PayPal as a giant buying and selling site even for better merchant services. There is also an option to add multiple accounts of the user to make payments from any of their wishful accounts. The fee for transacting a debit or credit card is at a nominal rate of 3.9% the set up of a PayPal account is very easy and the customizations are great and elegant as well.

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