Mass-Tech Controls Pvt. Ltd.

Mass-Tech Controls Private Limited

Mass-Tech Controls Private Limited, flagship company of Mass-Tech Controls Group of Industries is a leading manufacturer of industrial battery chargers, control panels and electric vehicle charging systems. The company was founded in December 1993 in Mumbai by the inspiring pioneer Mr. Subhash Narayan Patil, who serves as the Chairman of the Mass-Tech Group of Industries and holds phenomenal expertise in the Industrial Electronics and Microprocessor industry. Having built years of expertise in industrial electrical engineering, the company ventured into the future of automobile infrastructure system by starting an EV charger manufacturing division under the leadership of Mr. Anurag Patil.

About EV Division

Back in 2017, with the advent of the EV segment in India and the company’s historically proven quest to pioneer in new technology, Mr. Patil had a vision to provide locally manufactured solutions to the EV ecosystem. His vision was brought to shape by his son, Mr. Anurag Patil, who with his experience of working in power electronics and in his pursuit to take forward the company’s legacy in electrical engineering, set forth a new venture in the form of EV Division for the company. EV Division opened plethora of opportunities for Mass-Tech and rapidly turned out to be the growth business for the company with astounding expansion capabilities. Being proactive to the dynamism of market combined with years of R&D efforts and constant focus on quality service, proved game-changers for the EV Division.

The product portfolio of EV Division comprises of,

  1. 20KW CCS Single gun wall box charger
  2. 30KW CCS Single gun wall box charger
  3. 60KW CCS Dual gun Charger
  4. 60KW GBT Single gun Charger
  5. 60KW GBT Dual Gun Portable Charger
  6. 120KW CCS Dual gun Charger
  7. 120KW GBT Dual gun Charger
  8. 180KW CCS Dual gun Charger
  9. 240KW CCS Dual gun Charger
  10. 240KW GBT Dual gun Charger

The EV Chargers of Mass-Tech are installed in several cities across India, catering to the charging system of electric cars, buses and utilities. Mass-Tech has provided it’s competent products to global majors such as TATA, Hyundai, Mahindra & Mahindra, Siemens, Panasonic, Ashok Leyland/Switch Mobility, among others. The dedication exhibited by the Directors, Executives, Engineers, and the entire workforce of Mass-Tech has made the company a leading player in design, engineering, and manufacturing of EV charging system.

Core Competencies

  1. Excellent engineering capabilities – The team of inhouse engineers led by Mr. Anurag Patil and Mr. Bhushan Bharambe, have worked towards designing and production of EV Chargers in response to dynamic customer demands.
  2. Leveraging customer-supplier relations – The company has built long-standing relations with its suppliers and customers in the course of its industrial business. The supplier relationships have proved essential in procurement of the best quality material for EV too. The company’s wide portfolio of customers and excellent salesmen skills of Mr. Anurag Patil’s team have enabled the reach of EV chargers across India.
  3. Culture of quality service – The company’s engineers always strive to provide quality service after sale of EV charger. This positions Mass-Tech as not only a product manufacturer but also as a value-added service provider.
  4. Investment in R&D – The company believes R&D is the focal point of their business and their operations revolve around their R&D efforts. Mass-Tech invested in R&D of EV charging systems long before its start of operations, a reason for the company to be named among the “Leading Manufacturers of EV Chargers in India” only by 2020 at an insignificant revenue level.
  5. Provider of locally manufactured solutions – Mass-Tech’s manufacturing unit is strategically located in Jalgaon with HO in Mumbai and sales offices across various cities in India. The company now capitalizes on the R&D costs spent, uses its knowledge of unique Indian road/market conditions and leverages its advantage over foreign counterparts to satisfy the Indian customer.

Strategic sale to Siemens Limited

In May 2023, Mass-Tech Controls Private Limited entered into an agreement with Siemens Limited to sell its EV Division. Closing of the acquisition is subject to fulfilment of condition precedents as agreed between the parties. Post the acquisition, the EV division of Mass-Tech Controls will be fully integrated into the e-Mobility Business Unit of the Smart Infrastructure Business, Siemens Limited. The integration would scale up Siemens’ range of e-mobility solutions in India, complementing its global portfolio. Siemens is active globally in the e-mobility infrastructure space for more than a decade, the addition of Mass-Tech’s EV Division will complete Siemens India’s portfolio of e-mobility solutions to address the needs of the Indian market.


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