Five Most Luxurious Watches For The Entrepreneurs

Five Most Luxurious Watches For The Entrepreneurs

Most young businessmen and entrepreneurs regard watches, as one of the most important and essential components of their collection. Watches, always add attraction to the personality and allure of the businessmen. The watch collections are of two types, such as individual and separate watches, which you must mix and integrate, and wear at any parties, conferences, events. To put it in simpler words, you need to have a fantastic collection, which consists of a special occasion watch and a daily driver. Now, let us list five of the most luxurious watches for businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • Patek Phillipe

For all young businessmen and entrepreneurs, Patek Phillipe & Co is one of the outstanding watches, which gives exceptional luxury and allure. This incredible Swiss brand, which is based in Geneva, and has world-class products, such as Aquanaut, Nautilus, Calatrava respectively. This brand has very famous clients, such as US banker Henry Graves, very famous philosopher James Ward. Patek Phillipe has made a very top-class watch ‘ The Graves Supercomplication’, which is costing more than a million dollars. Nouveau rich, businessmen, especially, in China are snapping up these watches, one by one.

  • Cartier

From its beginning, in the middle of the 19th century, in France, Cartier remains one of the first choices for both wealthy oligarchs and new businessmen. Louis Cartier started this brand in 1847, and it became so famous, that the brand became the jeweler to the French monarch. Their landmark watch, ‘ Tank Watch’, was designed for the emperor of France. The house of Cartier has symbolized heritage and tradition, and produce masterpieces, which are acquired by new entrepreneurs. Many startup founders and CEOs stated that they got lots of new orders and business deals, after wearing Cartier watches, such as those which have grisaille enamel and signature gold evaluation.

  • IWC Schaffhausen

IWC, or known by its full name, International Watch Company, was invented by Florentine Ariosto Jones, in 1868. This legendary brand, which has given significant masterpieces, such as pilot watches and dive watches, which have an outstanding design and world-class functionality. The company integrated Swiss craftsmanship and American innovation and created sensational watches, which are loved by wealthy oligarchs and new businessmen. One of the biggest factors, why IWC is adored by new entrepreneurs, is that it is designed by using hydropower created, from the Rhine river, unlike gas turbines.

  • Piaget

Another legendary brand is Piaget, which was created in La Cote-Aux-Fees, by Georges Eduoard Piaget. He established his pioneering horologic workshop and created an incredible luxury brand, which delivered the thinnest automatic watch. Many young founders love ultra-thin watch calibers and the company is designing the thinnest manual wind watch, in the whole world. The entire line is centered, around light, convenient, well-crafted pieces. No wonder, Piaget is loved by newbie businessmen, who wish to grow their firms in carrying out business deals.

  • Apple Watch Series 6

When you are discussing young businessmen, then how can you leave technology. The finest masterpiece, which has been engineered, by the greatest technological company, in the world, Apple Corporation. If you are a founder, and you are a frugal individual, then, you might possess an Android phone and only an iPhone. You can purchase a Series 6, which is the best smartwatch, possible. In Series 6, there is an ECG feature, which monitors the oxygen level, in your blood, by utilizing the blasting light on your wrist, longer battery life, and a much more refined screen.

Series 6 also has a faster changing system, with early reviewers putting in a charging time, which takes less than a couple of hours, in going from 0 to 100 percent. The device has a brighter screen, with the always-on feature, highly streamlined. This watch has new color options, both blue and red, and also a new ceramic build, which will cost only around two hundred dollars, than the standard one.

Once, you have this smartwatch, this implies, that you can integrate this mobile option, in a much better way, in your daily life. One, of the best features, for any smartphone, is that of activity monitoring.


In this article, you will come to know the top five most luxurious watches for young businessmen.

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