3 Reasons why mobile games represent a huge opportunity for digital marketers

3 Reasons why mobile games represent a huge opportunity for digital marketers

Post the pandemic conditions of Covid19, recent studies reveal how mobile games can pose a great opportunity for digital marketers since 2021. There has been more diversification with increased ad costs on social media. Many marketers who want to test or discover the growth of their channel’s potential have been using mobile games as a great formula to grow their business. 72% are voluntarily engaged with rewarded ads and around 62% of consumers view one such ad every day.

Mobile games help marketers to engage consumers during natural pauses in gameplay and thus can put their ad dollars towards conversions without any risk. Let us know how:

Mobile games are an added benefit over in-app

The in-app environment and the in-game ads more or less possess similar benefits such as fewer competitors, low-risk performance pricing, etc. Marketers choose in-apps to boost their brands, acquire new customers for increasing revenue. Rewarded ads are a value exchange. Users generally view an ad or complete watching an advertiser’s offer to receive in-app rewards in return. For this, the publisher app requires something valuable to exchange. Some mobile games have an in-game economy based on gems, coins, gold, etc. that are a perfect fit. Also in games, one can easily find natural breaks to introduce these in-app offers, and users have to respond to disruptive advertising irrespective of their choice. Thus, mobile games provide opportunities that other apps do not. As an added benefit, phone games are brand-safe for marketers due to their rigorous review by app stores, control over user-generated content, and ability to create a customized list of publishers. Thus, through mobile games, a significant amount of revenue in the app industry is generated. Mobile gamers even represent a varied range of ages and experiences. Platforms like iOS and Google Play minimize the risk of brand safety incidents and thus huge games are being downloaded each day without a second thought from there.

Mobile games are played by a targeted audience

People often thought in the past that mobile games merely keep kids entertained or they act as a pastime of amusement. However, as per the latest industry buzz, the reality is that certain mobile games appeal to everyone which many of the consumers download and play as soon as they own a new smartphone. It is also seen the percentage of time spent on mobiles is mostly dedicated to certain games that people often play even during their busy schedule to keep going with the monotony of life. Hence, mobile games represent around half of the global video game market. According to the business of apps, mobile games media buying accelerated from 2020 because the game marketers felt rising opportunities from them. With more innovative games in the market, more customers are attracted. Also, it is seen the majority of gamers are female who even plays action, racing, and shooter games. However, there is age diversity and often women above 50 are more inclined towards gaming. Mad gamers often tend to buy certain unnecessary gaming products such as lives, boosters, and other added weapons to score further and reach higher levels.

Mobile gamers can spend any time

As per Censor Tower, consumer spending in mobile game apps has hit above $111 billion in 2020 out of which 71.7% has purely come from certain repeated gaming networks. By targeting mobile gamers through advertising, marketers can reach a diverse, plugged-in audience platform and they can also come in contact with consumers who do not hesitate to spend bucks especially when it is necessary to move to royale levels. Around 64% of consumers are engaged in retail in-app rewarded ads rather than a social media sponsor post. The added value of in-game rewards on the top of the ad transactions lures gamers to spend their money further. 70% of those found engaged in such activities were found subscribing to a product or service related to the game. However, even the young generation is quite lured by gaming activities. Some games like Subway Surfers, Candy Crush, Pub G have shaken the mass media and taken gaming to an indomitable level. Marketers, thus, without fail focus on such game-based activities and tend to launch newer versions of them in better styles. There has been substantial growth even in advertising investment with increased gamer concentrations from around the world.

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