Funcell Games: Inspiring New Thought Paradigms Via Novel & Creativity-infused Mobile Games

One of the most rapidly transforming areas in the digital era is incontrovertibly mobile gaming. In recent years especially, the field has undergone various metamorphic developments that’ve ushered a whole new depth of experiential & intellectual immersion among users.

In the Indian gaming scenario especially, there has been an unprecedented advancement on various fronts given the global influence. A few of them have been remarkably successful in redefining the industry standards at not just the national but also global level.

Funcell Games, a vision of entrepreneur Abhishek  Malpani, is one such startup that has been in the limelight for its novel & creativity-infuse games. Funcell has taken the world of mobile gaming by storm owing to its relentless advancement across various integral tech fronts.

From ingenious tech to staunch brand values, the stellar market success of Funcell has been constituted by several key factors which we’ll be elaborating on throughout this article.


The Initial Stages

The idea for the company was actually fructified in 2016. Back in the 2010s, the gaming scenario in India was still amid its fundamental stages.

For nine long years, Abhishek kept on making games but none of them generated palpable market traction. He could manage to run this firm initially because he already had his father’s growing textile business. He used to make money from this business and invest it in game development.

Amid these arduous times, there was always an option for Abhishek to leave the industry and actively start working for the textile business. He however always wanted to do something different, and mobile. Gaming was unequivocally a burning passion of his.

With the support of his brothers and the financial backup from his family business, he eventually got the opportunity to make his own game and showcase his idea to the world. He finally established the gaming company in 2010 and launched it in the app store.

At first, Abhishek learned a bit of coding and developed the app himself. This, however, didn’t work out so he approach a game development company in Ahmedabad called DMNS. Upon hearing his game ideas, the company resonated with them and decided to work on the aforesaid.


Charting a Growth & Success Trajectory

So far, Funcell Games has been remarkably successful in its efforts by making millions of users a part of the network. A great portion of this can be attributed to Abhishek’s ardent love for gaming, as well as the collaborative &concentrated efforts of its versatile team.

Over the years, the company has launched a multitude of games covering novel conceptualities, such as the Idle World, Idle Human, 9 Months, Stairway to Heaven, among others.

Given the growing & fervent prevalence of mobile gaming, the company’s success trajectory is bound to a consistent upward trend in the years to come.


An Indefatigable Development Approach

Acknowledged among the top 5 game development companies globally, Funcell is renowned for its unique educational games based on ingenious ways of learning. Its avant-gardism is marked by an indefatigable approach to refinement, which entails umpteen arduous tests for perfection across various fronts.

The company had recorded 450 games before its first successful product. Its other products too have been subject to a multitude of rigorous tests prior to launch.

A great aspect of creative perfectionism is linked to Abhishek’s affinity for thoughtful & idea-evoking content. He additionally is also renowned for certain key entrepreneurial traits which’ve been largely conducive to his company’s current stature.

Abhishek’s  Pivotal Entrepreneurial Traits

As the Founder & CEO of a predominantly innovation-based company, Abhishek makes it a point to enrich his mind often with ideological stimuli.

For instance, he loves to read Dan Brown’s books and watch interesting movies. Additionally, he also derives inspiration from knowledge-based TV series that is focused on science and technology.

Amid arduous times, Abhishek finds his solace and inner fortitude by reading books on Buddhism and the Bhagavad-Gita. He strives his utmost to maintain his natural enthusiasm and resoluteness amid these times, holding a constant “never-back-down” attitude.

Abhishek’s Industry-Redefining work in mobile gaming has been instrumental in creating new technological standards for the industry. In the process, he has also greatly inspired budding entrepreneurs to follow a similar trajectory.

Conquering Exemplary Milestones

Upon starting his journey, Abhishek was the only one with no team to back him up. He used to get games developed from another company, with whom he worked for 7-8 years and later bought the firm.

On acquiring this company, Abhishek had a 20-member team, which gradually proliferated and adapted itself to stay abreast with the competitive market. The ensuing years thus resulted in an array of meticulously crafted products which created some notable milestones for the brand:

Idle World: This game was published in May 2019, and since then, it has reached two million active users with Top 20 Worldwide Rankings. For seven consecutive days, it was Ranked No. 1 in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada among all apps & games in the world. It still has around 20000 downloads daily.

Idle Human: This game was launched in August 2019 ensuing the huge success of Idle World. It had one day three lakh downloads and reached No. 1 Position in Worldwide Rankings. So far, the app has had 60+ million downloads.

9 Months: Launched in April 2020, The 9 Months has also been a great success with 15 million downloads in just 3 months and has 100k downloads every day. In its initial days, it had a huge release garnering a No. 3 position in worldwide rankings.

Idle Workout: This game was launched in September 2020 and so far has achieved 5+million downloads. It has also reached in the Top 20 Worldwide Rankings.


Envisioning The Future

Owing to its remarkable milestones, Funcell Games has already become one of the Top 5 game development companies in the world. Abhishek’s vision however is to make it the No. 1 developing company on a global level.

He further elucidates that big brands from US, UK, and other western countries often acquire small companies in India. This is mainly because the companies here don’t believe in their potential to create a global impact and often sell themselves short.

He highlights how he too got offers from companies in the US, but he declined the same. He was staunch on his vision of creating a global giant here in India itself. Google, Microsoft, and the like are all from other countries, so why don’t we have such a brand in India? –this is the question that has fueled his entrepreneurial vision.

Staying abreast with the global market, however, is no piece of cake says Abhishek, as they have to constantly dole out something new in conceptuality. He and his team are relenting ardently nonetheless.

As of 2022, the company’s plan is to expand its 60-member team to a 100-member team. By the end of May, he plans to bring on board 20 game developers, 20 editors, and 30 artists.

The company furthermore plans to maintain a robust innovation spree by launching a new game every month. Its. The ultimate vision is to make Kolkata the gaming hub of the country.


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