Top 8 Business Magazines in India

Top 8 Business Magazines in India

Top 8 Business Magazines in India, Business, and economy are two of the hottest topics in the country. These topics have gained prominence, even more, say, amid the devastating pandemic, since, millions of jobs were lost since the pandemic last year. Also, the economy contracted for the first time, in, the last four decades, posting a negative growth rate. Plenty of economists and business leaders have stated that the economy will rebound this year.

The majority of business magazines feature different types of articles related to various areas such as administration, finance, future enterprises, and lots of information on financing new industries, investments, etc. Now, let us list the top 8 business magazines, which are expected to be the most popular in 2021. best business magazines

1. Forbes

Forbes is possibly the most famous business magazine, in both India and globally. The magazine is covering all kinds of topics ranging from start-ups, Entrepreneurship, Business, and other concepts emerging from around the globe. The magazine is published twice a week.

2. Business Indiatop 8 business magazine

Business India was created in 1978 by Ashok Hotchand Advani, Rajkumar Advani, and Hirro Advani respectively. It is one of the outstanding magazines, which always has an extremely high readership. The magazine was published in English initially, and now it is available in other languages like Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu respectively. best business magazines

3. Business Today ( India )

This magazine commenced publishing in 1992 and has quickly soared in the popularity charts. You will be delighted to know, that Business Today India has the biggest circulation within a fortnight. Those who watch the liberalized economy of India, love the business reports mentioned in this magazine. This magazine has given information regarding society, economy, and business. best business magazines

4. Fortune

Another renowned global magazine, which has gained a huge readership in India, is Fortune. Fortune is a US multinational magazine, which is headquartered in the city of New York. This magazine is published every year since 1929 and the owner is Fortune Media Group Holdings. Fortune was founded by Henry Luc and it is considered to be a major rival, to the other business giant, Forbes. In Fortune India, you will acquire detailed information about strategy and business news which is a top source of corporate insight. Also, you will get the list of the most famous firms globally, from this magazine.  best business magazines

5. Entrepreneur top 8 business magazine

Though a new entry to the esteemed list of business magazinesEntrepreneur Famous Magazine is another renowned website and business magazine. The primary function of this magazine is to show the news about business and entrepreneurship when it first came in 1977. This magazine comes in different countries such as India, South Africa, Hungary, Russia, Mexico, and India respectively. You will acquire suggestions, guides, profiles, and advice, from all the top entrepreneurs, throughout the world. Entrepreneurs whose stories are mentioned in this magazine are of all types, such as those coming from business families and startup founders, those who do conventional businesses, and others who are into technological business. best business magazines

6. Outlook

Outlook One Top 8 Business Magazine is a comparatively new entrant, into the list of the most widely read business magazines, which is giving readers, lots of insights about the business ecosystem. You will get a lot of information, regarding cash, stock finance, funds, monetary framework, and budgetary industry respectively. Observing the incredible achievements of this magazine, it has been felicitated by various kinds of industry bodies. The owners of the Outlook Business Magazine, are the Rajan Raheja group.

7. The Economist

Possibly, the top magazine is the most well-known and read throughout the whole world and in India is The Economist. It is perhaps, the best-known magazine, and read by learned economists. You will find many economic planners, drafting economic policies, after getting information from this incredible magazine. The Economist is renowned for covering all kinds of details related to business, such as Startups, Business, Entrepreneurship, and concepts emerging from others. competitors. It has its headquarters in London and was founded in 1843, by a gentleman named James Wilson. best business magazines

8. Prime Insights

top 8 business magazine

If you require information, regarding the corporate executives,  the leading CEOs, MDs, and Founders in India, then welcome to the Prime Insights Magazine. In this Magazine, you will get detailed info about leading CEOs, and MD. This magazine is supposed to be one of the fastest-growing in the country and is evident from its soaring readership. Prime Insight Magazine comes every month in India and provides services to all kinds of CEOs, MDs, and Founders in India. You will get detailed information regarding the areas of luxury, health, technology, travel, and business reviews. best business magazines


In this article, you will get detailed knowledge about the top 8 business magazines in the country.

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