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Henry Harvin is a global education technology company that offers both online and offline certifications, diplomas, and degrees to adults and students. Besides providing consulting services, Henry Harvin publishes books on a wide range of topics and offers consulting services comparable to those offered by Big 4 consulting firms. By 2013, Kounal Gupta had founded the company.

In honor of Henry Dunster, the first president of Harvard University, Henry Harvin is named for him. Become the Harvard of education technology industry is Henry Harvin’s dream!

A number of leading management / technology colleges, corporations, and government entities work with the company as a training partner or education provider. Till 2020, Henry Harvin had gained over 300,000 customers across 97 countries. There are operational offices in San Francisco (USA) and Delhi NCR (India).

Awards and Recognitions

 Several prestigious awards have also been presented to Kounal Gupta, including:

  • An award for the best corporate training platform from The Entrepreneur
  • Award for the Best Game-Based Learning Platforms in BW Business World
  • In Hindustan Times and Aaj Tak Channel, it was recognized as the first GST course on the first page of the Sunday edition
  • According to a survey by Higher Education Digest, it is the fastest-growing Edtech startup in India.
  • Kounal Gupta, the founder of Henry Harvin, is awarded a 40 under 40 award by Business World
  • In October 2020, he won The Entrepreneur’s Best Corporate Training Platform Award
  • He was awarded Game-Based Learning Company of the Year by AICTE Chairman Dr.Anil Sahasrabudhe in December 2020

What is henryharvin.com? What is their Business Model?

The Henry Harvin Professional Certification Company is the world’s largest provider of professional certifications for working professionals and organizations.

A range of courses, exams, and experiments are developed by them to help professionals from across the world get better job opportunities and higher salaries. They provide 24/7 online training in addition to blended classroom training. They also provide custom learning solutions to professionals and companies.

Through the unique blend of self-learning with online training, this company has created a niche. Some of their offerings fall into the areas of management, information technology, and writing. They specialize in Analytical Writing, Management, Finance, Accounting, Digital Marketing, Human Resources, Coding, Blockchain, IT Service Management, Entrepreneurship, and Language.

They offer several courses, internships, certifications, placements, boot camps, hackathons, membership programs, and consulting services.

It is a strict requirement that all their offerings are updated regularly so that they adhere to the latest industry requirements and best practices because they offer only self-learning and instructor-led classroom models online.

Henry Harvin also seeks reviews from students/learners about instructors to ensure high quality. These experts are highly experienced professionals or long-time teachers who hold a reputation for excellence.

Currently, the company has over 2000 qualified trainers and more than 400 professional certification courses across 20 verticals.

Talking about pricing

Henry Harvin follows a unique pricing strategy which is very reasonable for the students to pay

Global presence:

 Noida is the headquarters of Henry Harvin. The company also has offices in New Delhi and San Francisco.

Team :

The company has professionals from a wide range of industries on its in-house team. Around 51 – 200 employees worked at Henry Harvin Education.


By Henry Harvin Education’s estimates, it earned $4.20 Million.

Market Segment:

With the rise of the online education industry, education will become even more popular. Education is, has been, and always will be one of the hottest sectors.

Adapting to the change, corporations have also jumped on the bandwagon. As a result of many clients requiring different skill sets as compared with the past, the Indian IT services sector is seeing a sharp shift and a major transformation in the way business is done.

It is still challenging for companies to fill the skills gap between their needs and the supply of skilled workers. A major factor contributing to the large demand-supply gap is technological change.

Even though they have already begun embracing technologies such as social, cloud, analytics, automation, and mobility, their need for specialized skills has become critical.

Online learning can remove many limitations and constraints, such as teachers’ and learners’ physical presence in a classroom or their availability at different times.

Over the past decade, online education has become the preferred method of learning. With the convenience and cost-effectiveness of virtual classrooms, they have also become increasingly popular amongst the general public. In terms of higher education and re-skilling, this refers mostly to that.

On the other hand, with the globalization of the economy and the increase in corporate competition, professionals are increasingly looking into certification programs to enhance their knowledge. But these professionals prefer a training schedule that suits their schedules and convenience.

The trend suggests that classroom learning is about to become a thing of the past, while online certification services are laying the foundation for the future.

Many professional certification training companies have capitalized on this opportunity to build their own USPs, and Henry Harvin is following suit with its own USPs.

Branding & Marketing Strategies

Henry Harvin uses a variety of strategies to boost its customer base, besides its unique business model.

The most important objective is to let individuals know of the advantages of getting certified or trained in various professions and to also make them aware of the benefits that come with training.

Their online marketing includes Facebook, Linked In, Google, and Bing as well as e-mail marketing. They also do offline campaigns, such as radio and billboards.

Apart from this, the company has tried to create a global brand value for itself by utilizing every opportunity available.

Growth So Far

Starting in July 2013, professional training courses will be offered to college students. In December 2013, they began B2B college sales. They signed up with KPMG in July 2014. In February 2015, they began selling to consumers. They signed with EY in September 2015. As of October 2015, Henry Harvin® runs courses on Agile and Blockchain (1st Ed-Tech company in India). Their efforts were greatly rewarded. Bringing healthcare and paramedical professionals under one roof, they started paramedical courses in May 2016.

 The introduction of GST in 2016 was a huge step forward in the history of education. Henry Harvin’s Digital content writing, Six Sigma, and Analytics courses were launched in March 2017. The first live online course was launched by Henry Harvin in August 2017. They started the bitcoin course in December 2017. B2B sales began in February 2018. They were pleased with the results. Due to this, on October 18, 2018, they started selling in the US. Their online self-paced courses went live in July 2019.

Why Henry Harvin

Several Henry Harvin Reviews have endorsed the methodology and the content of the study material to help each student achieve their goals as best they can. These reasons make it legitimate and the best choice.

Watch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIAMb3Hjfsc

Customer Base

Since its growth accelerated 18 months ago, it has trained 7 million students across 1100 and more batches globally across 97 countries.

Various programs

The international recognition of Henry Harvin is proven by their more than 200 online and classroom courses offered in 97 countries.

There are a variety of courses covered by these academies including Analytics, Blockchains, Finance, Law, Management, Digital Marketing, Sales, TEFL, IT Service Management, Cyber Security, and Writing. Besides offering professional training, it also provides internship support, certification, placement support, workshops, hackathons, membership program, and consulting.


At the Henry Harvin, all courses are offered in dedicated academies, which include:

●     The Analytics Academy

●     Academy of Writing

●     Academy of Finance

●     Academy of Law

●     Academy of Management

●     Academy of Digital Marketing

●     Academy of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages(TEFL)

●     Academy of Coding

●     Academy for TEENs

●     Academy of Blockchains

●     School of Cybersecurity

●     The Human Resources Academy

●     Academy of Entrepreneurship

●     Academy of IT Service Management

●     Academy of Paramedicine

●     Academy of Cloud Computing

●     Academy for Summer School

●     Academy of SAP

●     Academy of Teacher Training

●     Academy of Languages

Accreditations and Affiliations

  • EFL American Association
  • Network of AWS Partners
  • Duns & Bradstreet
  • Corporate Affairs Ministry
  • Certifications of UK
  • KMPG
  • ISO 29990:2010
  • Ernst & Young Global Limited
  • Indian Startups
  • The Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Ministry of the Government of India
  • Institute for Project Management
  • Microsoft
  • National India Development Corporation & Skill India
  • UK Accrediting Forum Limited
  • ACCA

Partnerships with Institutions

In India, Henry Harvin partners with over 110 prestigious colleges including thirteen IIMs and seven IITs. IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Guwahati, IIT BHU, IIT Madras, FMS Delhi, BITS Pilani, BITS Goa, IMT-G, PDPU, VIT, Fore School, XIMB, Mangalmay Institute G Noida, and IMI Delhi are among the prominent institutes with which Henry Harvin is associated.

Corporate clientele

With more than 150 corporate vendors registered with Henry Harvin, the company is the training partner for more than 1100 companies worldwide.

IBM, NIIT, HDFC Bank, WDC, Avon, HostBooks, Wipro, NTPC, SAB Miller, Eaton Corporation, Apollo Tyres, WDC, CG Power, A-Paul Instruments, Stanley consultants, Hero Group, Wunderman, Bajaj Finance, UK India Business Council, Lufthansa, Abbot, Koch, and many other companies are among them.

Media Recognition

Media outlets such as television, digital media, and newspapers highlight Henry Harvin’s exceptional quality and uniqueness. Aaj Tak, Business World, Business World India, Hans India, and Statesman are some of the publications.


A summer internship program in Data Science has been launched with a U.S.-based company called “Gharpeinternship”.

KITE internship program for schoolchildren between 13-18 years old began in July 2020 amid COVID-19 by Henry Harvin.

As part of Henry Harvin’s #AskHenry initiative, he responded to CVID-19 related questions during the pandemic. Through this initiative, students will receive comprehensive and blended counseling. You should be able to ask questions regarding your career, holistic improvement, up-skilling, job circumstances, and getting into the college or job you want.

Final Words

The Henry Harvin Academy offers a wide variety of EdTech courses geared to industries and business sectors, making it an excellent choice among the many EdTech offerings available to various institutions. Students can take on their roles after training because they receive hands-on training and strong study content. Many employees have become better in their jobs or have upgraded themselves to better rewards and salaries as a result.

Those who wish to launch a new career in a new field and are ready to take the plunge can benefit from Henry Harvin’s guidance and preparation.

As a result of the pandemic, online training is on the rise, and thousands have been able to either upgrade their skills or find better jobs. Additionally, confirming whether an organization is legitimate has become a requirement. In the field of online certifications, Henry Harvin not only has an excellent reputation, but is also considered to be one of India’s pioneers. In keeping with its motto, Henry Harvin strives to make educated and employable people.



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