6 innovative features Google is initiating for every Android user

Hi all techies. Lots of fantastic news, for you. The mother of all search engines, Google is initiating six new features, for all its Android users. At times of such high distress, this news should come as a welcome relief for all technology enthusiasts. As soon as you pick the newspaper, or read the news over the internet, you will only find depressing news, thanks to the pandemic. Besides, the latest Android features like auto narrated audiobooks and Emoji Kitchen, the tech giant, surely have created some new incredible features, which will keep you extremely interested.

Message scheduling tool

This is a new tool for scheduling messages. You just need to open the messaging app. When you type the message, you can access the scheduling option, by pressing the send button. In September, some users observed this feature, but it has been confirmed by the technical giant. This app is depicting suggested timings, and you have the option, to set the time and the date, as per your preference.

Password checkup tool

Password checkup tool is another extremely important tool, which assists users, to check login credentials, which you have saved, against unused compromised passwords. This tool was earlier present in PCs and is presently available in Android smartphones.

Google Maps Dark Mode

Google Maps Dark Mode is available on Google apps and now you will get it on Google Maps. You will be able to enable the Dark Mode, by navigating from Settings to Theme, and then search for “ Subject”. Next, you need to toggle the option for “ Always in the dark”, or some other option.

Hands-free Google Assistant

Unlike other features, this feature has been present on the smartphone for quite some time now. However, some modifications have been done by Google. They have introduced new commands, for making the phone, extremely user-friendly. You will be able to set alarms, play music, and send messages, without any requirement of unlocking. A new set of glanceable cards is also present, which is showing the basic information on the locking screen.

Talkback Updated

Google Android smartphone has a very crucial screen header named Talkback, which is greatly useful, for those having very low vision. This feature is getting updated with lots of interactive features, a new reading control menu, a unified menu, and more. There are lots of easy to learn, gestures, which are done by using your finger multiple times. This tool will work seamlessly, on various kinds of devices, like Pixel, which will enable users, for interacting with the app. Google company has also initiated new voice commands, along with multiple language support, essentially two, languages, which are new, on the braille keyboard.

Android auto custom wallpapers

One of the most outstanding new features, which Google has initiated, is custom wallpapers. You will be able to remove unattractive backgrounds, on the Android app. The firm is planning to provide home screen shortcuts, for mundane tasks, such as weather checking or adjusting thermostat, using Google Assistant. The company is also planning to roll out a new split-screen view, when your vehicle has a wider display, and also a privacy screen if you have any strangers accompanying you.


In this blog, as a tech enthusiast, you will be thrilled to know, about all the six new features, which have been initiated by Google, on Android smartphones. So, get ready and just scroll the net daily, for the rollout date. You are in for the most ecstatic time of your life.


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