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Isn’t it true that love finds you when you least expect it? But you do have to explore a little to find the love you manifest and what better option other than online dating could be? In recent years, online dating has garnered popularity amongst the GenZ. But online dating is too intimidating for many of us and there are many valid reasons behind that fear factor!

To disrupt India’s online-dating industry and tackle all the security concerns associated with it, India’s homegrown dating app, Flutrr has created a niche of perfection. Flutrr has enabled real-time, in-chat, and in-app transactions for 12 prominent Indian languages apart from English. Even though India is a traditional country and online dating is subjected to pessimistic perceptions, especially for women, Flutrr’s grit to mitigate these societal predispositions is commendable.

Flutrr is India’s first vernacular dating app aimed at 500 million non-English speaking Gen Z audiences. The platform is empowered with proprietary tech tools for the 360-degree safety and privacy of its users. Flutrr has a unique pay-per-use micro-transaction strategy best suited for the hinterlands of India. The idea behind the company’s inception was put forward by the energetic entrepreneur Mr. Anirban Banerjee- Co-Founder and CMO at Flutrr, who always had an inquisitive inclination towards the B2C technology space. He saw the opportunity of creating a separate pedestal for himself in the online dating industry as he assertively tapped into the gaps and pain points of the users. His father Mr. Kaushik Banerjee has joined his vision and holds the position of company’s Co-Founder and CEO.

Our editorial team arranged a freewheeling conversation with the seasoned corporate professional Mr. Kaushik Banerjee and explored many other important aspects of Flutrr’s journey so far. The conversation was quite an interesting experience for our team and we were amazed by Flutrr’s vision and mission. Hence we decided to feature the brand story of Flutrr under the exclusive segment of “The 30 Most Trusted Brands to Watch in 2023”.

The Beginning Tale

A respectable alumnus of IIM Lucknow, Mr. Kaushik Banerjee had worked in the corporate ecosystem for more than two decades post his MBA. Being in the corporate space for such a long span, Mr. Kaushik Banerjee wanted to venture into a broader and more vibrant space of creativity. In the meanwhile, his son Mr. Anirban Banerjee just graduated and got admission into the Alliance Manchester Business School in the UK. Sooner the pandemic hit the world and he could not go for his Master’s Degree. Mr. Anirban Banerjee discussed with him his dream of building a startup.

Mr. Kaushik further elucidated, “My son and his Gen Z friends came back with the idea of a vernacular dating app. They were equipped to run product and marketing. But they wanted me as a CEO to run Compliance, Corporate Governance, Finance, Strategy, Fundraising, etc. That is how Flutrr was born as the venture of a father-son duo. We have envisioned a future where small-town youth have the liberty of making choices. We want to empower them in finding a romantic partner in their mother tongue. We believe in eliminating all sorts of language and social barriers that divide our country. Moreover, we want to empower the small-town girls to break the shackles of patriarchy and assert their right to make their own decision.”

Firefighting the Odds

Dating among small-town women is a prevalent social taboo. Despite the rapid penetration of the internet and plummeting smartphone prices, the taboo continues to question the choices of small-town women. Flutrr has hosted many outreach programs to educate and convince women to feel confident and vocal about their manifestation of finding the right partner without any language barrier.

A major hurdle to face was the lack of authenticity and security concerns. To handle these, Flutrr has consistently poured conscious efforts into creating a proprietary tech model for ensuring the safety and privacy of small-town women to gain their acceptance. All the profiles on Flutrr are 100% genuine and not any form of impersonation. The integrated translation mechanics within the chat interface helps users to connect from all corners of India.

In addition to the profile verification process, Flutrr functions with a selfie-verification technology to ensure that all the profiles are authentic. Flutrr also has an in-built blur-effect mode during in-app video calls that provides a comfortable space for women to reveal their faces only when they are ready to take that leap. Moreover, it also offers a Private Mode Messaging feature that keeps conversations under tight security. The app doesn’t even allow its users to take screenshots or screen recordings to completely vanish dangers like cyberbullying, stalking, and harassment. The users have the option to hide their residential locations as well. The in-app transactions and subscriptions start from as low as INR 10 which makes affordability another USP of Flutrr. Hence users can cherish exemplary experiences at a cost-effective pay-per-use style.

Achieving Customer’s Trust on Grounds of Transparency and Integrity

Flutrr doesn’t believe in fancy celebrity endorsements and sees customers as the stakeholders of its success. It gets the users to create videos and talk about their experience on Flutrr. Additionally, it endorses collaborations with college influencers under its Campus Ambassador Network to promote its services. Also, there is positive word of mouth which leads to 37% organic acquisition of users.

Expansion Plans for the Future

The primary intention of Flutrr is to revolutionize the entire romance space for the youth and further expand its business by building a romance ecosystem comprising aesthetic dating cafes and gifting merchandising. The leadership panel of Flutrr is in the quest of expanding its horizons to non-English speaking countries as well. In recent times, Flutrr has added two new categories to its service portfolio. One is relationship counseling and the second is endorsing collaborations with brands from different verticals. In Relationship counseling, users can leverage the platform and expertise of certified counselors to solve their dating-related concerns. Similarly, Flutrr has tied up with brands like Pizza Hut and Wow Momo to offer special offers/discounts to its active users.

“This is a golden era for Indian startups to shine on the global stage, and I’m grateful that Flutrr is leading the path in the dating industry. Flutrr has achieved the milestone of crossing 500,000 downloads and numbers are multiplying every day. By March 2024, we wish to reach 1 million weekly active users and profits for the business. With determination and innovation, we’ll continue to redefine the dating experience for the hinterlands of India”, says the CEO, Mr. Kaushik Banerjee.






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