10 tips for landing your dream job in a tight market:

Every entrepreneur out there has a dream to land up with their new ventures or jobs successfully in a tight market where there are lots of competitions all around. The truth is more detailed and unique one is in their terms and represents their ideas which are on-demand, the more appreciation, and feedback they get. Let’s find out such 10 tips that will help one accomplish their dream to set up their creation stand amongst others.

Dress professionally

One should dress very lightly with cut nails and without sweat while appearing for an interview or where any entrepreneurs want to share their idea of a startup for any kind of investment. No clothes must de dirty, fold, or wrinkled and resumes must be presented containing clear ideas about their dream job or aspirations.

Scrutinize your resumes for better presentation

To make one shot at your ideas, one must pay attention to certain things in their resumes such as the past experiences must be in past tenses, contact info and address must be typed correctly, company names should be exact and dates of employment are accurate and verifiable.

Follow up

Even if the past interview or meet-up or whatever you have shared with your previous client didn’t stand out r went well. One must always leave cordial remakes or a thankful note either in person or via email as this, not of thanks is nothing but creating a gentle good attitude in the mind of the company and they might like to reconsider their decision later.

Showing a sense of urgency

One should always show their dire need or keno interest while working with a client or a recruiter in case of any meeting, interview, or follow-up. Companies seek people who are interested and have the urge to grab the opportunity. Especially, in front of the main manager.

Display frankness and engaged attitude

Proper handshakes, friendly smiles, and good eye contact are very necessary for a meeting or interview to go well and create a sound remark in the mind of the recruiter about yourself for future endeavors too.

Listen well

Attend interviews of those companies where new ideas and creations are on the forego and not based on traditional thoughts and questions. Their questions must be spontaneous, new, and creative and so must be your answer. Listening to what they need or want or understanding their motive is another key tip.

Stay subtle and transparent

Hold up your true nature and express your ideas diligently, especially when you know the front person is a bit tricky and challenging in nature. No one wants to waste time but understanding the true nature or goal of their employee. This makes a close deal quite quickly.

Be thorough throughout the process

One cannot know everything about their company or prepare their resume as per the company’s expectations but one can always talk to the mirror before any interview and prepare his speech to be consistent and stick to the mainline while giving the interview. You can also do this with a common friend or family person as that can make you more confident.

Rapid deal closure

Always express your interest and make the interviewer feel interested in your interest for rapid deal closure. If your ideas are clear and answers are satisfying, you are sure to crack in no time. Give valid points as to why you need the job seriously.

Have realistic expectations

Always represent your expectations following your job profile send what you deserve. If you are earning 12k per month and claim 4lpa a year all of a sudden, it might sound awkward and overconfident. If your interview goes well the interviewer will himself pledge for your salary hike or make it rise gradually without your knowing it. Have a good knowledge about the salary you seek in accordance to such other profiles available at the market.



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