Vindaloo Softtech: Transforming Software Development For Business Models In 2022


Vindaloo Softtech Pvt. Ltd.

No matter your industry, you know how quickly technology changes. Whether it is new machines, smaller microchips, or TVs with higher resolution, we are constantly surrounded by signs of progress.

When you own a business, the rush of innovative technology often makes you worry about whether you can keep up. How do you analyze which technologies are worth investing in and which are just fads?

Even though you should be skeptical when a company says their system is future-proof, VoIP is, in some ways, the future technology. Vindaloo Softtech is a business software development company that addresses the specialized requirements of business models. The company has cutting-edge solutions and products that can boost the industry to its fullest.

The Idea Behind the Brand

VoIP has excellent potential as a corporate communication tool, but not many people know it. After the pandemic, Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype have become household names for video and audio conferencing. But those products do not have some everyday features and functions that a business needs. Vindaloo Softtech started to fill the gap between what clients wanted and what VoIP solutions were already available. VoIP using open-source technologies like Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, Kamailio, OpenSIPs, and WebRTC, the brand can make innovative VoIP applications for desktops, mobile devices, and the web that do not cost much.

The Cutting-Edge Solutions

A lot of people know that the company makes VoIP software. They can make things like VoIP billing software, a dedicated PBX server, Dialer software, IVR, Session Border Controller (SBC), etc. The brand also does custom web app development, MEAN/MERN stack development, and CRM development, all types of software development.

The Fight to Do Well

In its early days, the company had to constantly work to build its image and prove that it could do what it said it could. However, VoIP software development being is a niche market, the brand was able to get orders and projects quickly.

The Trust for Vindaloo Softtech

The best thing about the company is that it supports many open-source VoIP technologies. Also, the brand can deliver projects using two project management models (waterfall and agile) and offer flexible staffing models for development needs.

Staying ahead of the Competition

Instead of mistrust, it is more like a time of fierce competition. With so many competitors, a business can lose everything if they make a mistake. But initial doubts can be put to rest by showing customer feedback and proof of work.

Trust and Customer Satisfaction

Vindaloo Softtech could work with any company with multiple locations in different parts of the world or a global audience. Since the company works on projects related to PHP development, MEAN stack, eCommerce plugins, cross-platform app development, integrations, etc., its customers are businesses in different industries that may need custom software development services.

Trust is an intangible feeling, so the brand does not have a way to measure how much its customers trust it quantitatively. But the company is proud that many of its customers have been with it since the beginning, which was 5+ years ago. It is a good sign that people trust its services. The brand’s rate of keeping customers is close to 95%, and it wants to maintain or even increase that rate.

Besides delivering web applications that meet the customer’s needs, the company goes the extra mile to provide excellent support after deployment and listens to customer feedback. The brand thinks that it can meet customer needs better than anyone else. No matter how much the project costs, the company always tries to do more than the customer expects.

A Vindaloo Softtech’s Customer

Vindaloo Softtech is known among its customers for 3 things: Pure dedication, getting things done on time and sticking to quality. Before taking on a project, the brand needs to understand what the customer wants. The brand does not lie about its abilities or the quality of the project it delivers.
Social media is the best tool for a business that wants to stay in touch with its customers. The company often shares helpful hints, links to specialized blogs, and a few marketing materials through its social media handles. The brand is setting up a weekly email campaign to get more people to visit.

The Marketing Efforts

The company is involved in digital marketing, such as Email, SEO, Affiliate, social media, and Word of Mouth Promotion. By going to conferences and doing interviews, the brand also shows that it is present in the right places.

Plan for the Future and Changes

“Your ideal Technology Partner” is the slogan for the company. The tagline is at the center of all the brand’s current plans. The company is slowly expanding into new areas like Mobile App development, UI/UX design, and adding new technologies to its list of services.

The brand plans to release some new products made by itself this year. Before putting its products on the market, the company works out the code’s bugs and kinks.

The Journey of Bhaskar Metikel, CEO

In a few words, the journey can be described as “thrilling” and “exciting”. But becoming an entrepreneur has a very steep learning curve, which Bhaskar did not expect when he began his journey as an entrepreneur.

His accomplishments might not be attractive to the reader. Still, Vindaloo Softtech is launching a few products that were made in-house and had unique features. These include a Multi-Tenant Contact Center, an eLearning platform, VoIP Billing Software, a CRM for the solar industry, and more.

A Message to New Business Owners


“Do not be sad about failure for too long, and do not be happy about success for too long. Think of each as a step on your way to being successful. Also, try new things all the time.”- Bhaskar Metikel (CEO) says

He says he reads interviews and articles of other leaders to see what others have to say about leadership. He also says that it is inspiring and easy to follow. So, people should continue to give out their excellent work irrespective of the circumstances.


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