Beyond the Ordinary: Experiencing the Top 10 Adventures in the World

Top 10 Adventures in the World

Adventures have always been a part of enchanting travel. From incredible aquatic adventure travel expeditions to exhilarating aerial trysts, the list of adventures is so many. Some are worthy experiences for life. Thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies have always travelled round the world in search of unraveling these adventurous spots or activities. Let’s put together a list of 10 such adventures around the globe:

White water rafting and swimming in Zambia- the world’s most dangerous pool

There are 23 rapids, sheer cliffs, and gorgeous scenery that await thrill seekers at the Batoka Gorge. For thrill-seekers, these rapids are a favorite destination. It is also named The Stairway to Heaven or The Washing Machine. The best travel time is from June to February.

Mokoro rides in Botswana and Bariloche

Mokoros are sturdy traditional canoes that are used to navigate the shallow waters of the deltas during the dry season when thousand of animals pile up at the Okavango Delta in Botswana. The beautiful canoe ride in Bariloche through enchanting Lake Nahuel Huapi is another thrill. It is known for wonderful scenic views.

Sandboarding in Namibia

It is a fancy speed boat ride down the sand dunes at 70kmph. The steep and shallow portions of the sand dunes provide lessons for beginners and safety instructions as how to ride onto them. This place is called Sawkopmund and one can enjoy the magnificent views of the vastness around. Top 10 Adventures in the World

Whale watching at Overberg, South Africa

Hundreds of southern night whales and humpback travel to warmer climates from the icy Antarctic region between months of June and December. One can view them easily standing at the cliff or venture out to sea by boat, to see plenty of them and enjoy the adventure.

Shark cage diving in Gansbaai

It is a myth that sharks attack humans, with all the shark movies coming on social platform. However, it is to be believed that they rarely attack humans. Off the coast of South Africa, Dyers Island is home to a sizable population of sea lions, who serve as sharks’ favourite food.

Camel safari in Kenya

Camels are considered the ever popular mildest animals of desert and are a common sight in the desert of Kenya. They are well trained to take passengers to long distances without any mishap. The beautiful and un-spoilt countryside is mesmerizing to view and any traveler is sure to get the best relaxed safari experience. Top 10 Adventures place

Horse riding in Botswana and Patagonia

Watching the diverse and rich wildlife on a horseback through the forest zone is indeed worthy for travel junkies, especially who loves travel adventures. It is one of the ultimate luxuries of Botswana that takes you to core of the forest where jeeps cannot penetrate. One can also span the immense territory in southern Chile and Argentina in Patagonia for its rich cultural heritage.

Helicopter rides over the Victoria Falls

The waterfall often addressed as the Smoke That Thunders is a worthy spot to soar high on a helicopter to get a panoramic view of the mighty waters falling down. At about 5604 feet, the majestic falls are certainly dramatic and stunning to watch. It certainly is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Top 10 Adventures in the World

Rhino trekking in Namibia

There are several conservation projects that have been tireless working in Namibia to protect wild rhinos from poaching. At Etosha, expert guides can take travelers on a tour to see these early endangered rhinos from close quarters, without disrupting their natural habitats or causing them discomfort. Top 10 Adventures place

Sea kayaking in Indonesia

Adventure seekers throw them into the unforgettable activity holiday in Indonesia where excellent beaches and stilt villages with their unique access can let travelers see beautiful creatures around the world. This sea kayaking is indeed exciting and the best time is between April to November. It is like swimming in the wild.

Top 10 Adventures in the World

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