10 mind-blowing travel destinations for adventure seekers:

Life is big and we work crazy hard to take risks and earn more. Travelling is a passionate thing to do especially for that who love to travel and experience thrills and adventure. We are ready for a vacation that matches our curiosity and fulfils our desire for newness and a sense of adventure. The need to explore the world continues and people love to travel to more remote and offbeat destinations that seem more exotic than patent places. Scouring some popular travel searchable databases, certain epic vacation destinations are a must-visit and they are no doubt a source of perfect adventure inspiration. Let us have a look:

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

These islands are a series of volcanic land masses in the Pacific Ocean about 375 miles off the coast of Ecuador. The once underwater volcanoes, which poked their heads above the surface between five and ten million years ago, are now home to a diverse set of animals and plants that are unique to this environment and served as the basis for Charles Darwin’s groundbreaking research. The islands are also home to many penguins, sea turtles, lizards and sea lions.

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

It is located to the south of Hawaii and northeast of New Zealand in the Pacific Ocean. The Cook Islands is a relatively unspoiled Polynesian South Seas paradise. The 15-island collection is divided into northern and southern sections and Rarotonga is the largest island of that archipelago. Most of this tiny Cook Island economy comes through tourism. Visitors from Rarotonga can get to a smaller, nearby island called Aitutaki in the middle of a blue lagoon with a white sand beach and crystal turquoise water.

Copper Canyon, Mexico

The Copper Canyon is a collection of some 20 canyons made by half a dozen rivers and about seven times the size of Arizona’s Grand Canyon. One can see the canyon on foot, by train, on a bike or by horse and while white-water rafting. The train that runs along the track is a particularly impressive construction project on its own, running over 39 bridges and through 86 tunnels. The indigenous people continue to live their simple and rustic lifestyle and seeing them is a worthy experience.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

It is not just a trip on the Jersey Shore but literally a wild, adventurous trip. It is located in the northern portion of Tanzania, just south of the Equator in Africa. Fewer than 100000 tourists’ visit this place each year and see the beauty of lions, zebras, gazelles, buffaloes and crocodiles in the wild. There are safari tours. Along with this, there is a wildebeest migration of mass, so plan your vacation accordingly to get a glimpse of grand predators like lions.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

One has probably visited Victoria Falls in the Zimbabwean region of Matabeleland North but not Niagara Falls, which are located on the border of New York State and Canada. The waterfall on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia is more than 330 feet high and is considered the largest water curtain in the world. Adventurous vacationers keep on doing activities there and elevate their level of adrenaline. In addition to viewing the largest of the falls, travelers can go bungee jumping, zip lining, rappelling and even rafting.

Moorea, French Polynesia

Located 10 nautical miles to the northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia, it is a tropical paradise that looks like a heart when viewed from above. It is a perfect destination for couples and the island is characterized by eight mountainous peaks set off against the azure blue lagoon in which it sits. The only golf course in all of French Polynesia is located here. Other activities are scuba-diving, hiking, sunset cruises and snorkeling.

Thimpu, Bhutan

Bhutan is a small Buddhist and Hindu country nested in the mountains between China and the eastern Arm of India. It is a landlocked nation where tripping requires a bit of advanced planning. The unspoiled festivals, the lofty mountain peaks, the culture and the cuisine make the country a dream destination to satisfy your wanderlust. There is beauty in lush green valleys, monasteries and sanctuaries.

Patagonia, Argentina

Patagonia separates the Atlantic from the Pacific and is a must outdoor adventurer’s dream destination. The untouched natural landscape, unparallelly vistas through the glaciers of the Andes Mountains, the world-class skiing during the Argentinean winter months are some of the exciting activities and sights to die for. There is also impressive whale watching, in September and October. The best sight to see this is off the coast of the Valdes Peninsula.

Edipsos, Greece

The natural springs of this place are Earth’s organic spa and healthy treat. Many great philosophers in the past have travelled here for witnessing and relishing the beauty of these springs to get healed and alleviate stress. It is home to 80 springs, located on an inlet of the Aegean Sea north of Athens. Other activities include biking, fishing, scuba diving and hiking. There is a small town to witness Greek life as well.

Boracay, Philippines

Travelers looking for a handful experience of exotic alternative vacations must come here. It takes a quick flight or long boat ride away from the capital, Manila. There are white sand beaches with crystal clear turquoise beach water like a fairytale fantasy. It is a break from stressful life and a search for complete adventure. There are plenty of options like cliff diving, parasailing and water skiing to be carried out for more fun.

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