India’s biggest space Chandrayaan 3 mission is successfully accomplished

India became the first country to reach the south pole of the moon

India’s biggest space Chandrayaan 3 mission is successfully accomplished

The wait is now over and the biggest pride of the nation Chandrayaan 3 mission has successfully completed its mission, marking a historic moment for all of us. It made a soft landing on 23 August 2023, became the first country in the globe to reach lunar’s unexplored territory of the South Pole, and became the fourth in the world to smoothly reach the Moon with spacecraft. After Chandrayaan 2’s failure, everyone across the nation was eyeing Chandrayaan-3 for its success. The scientist has done an immense job for this mission’s success.


India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also congratulated the nation as well as all the ISRO scientists for the successful completion.

As per ISRO, the Chandrayaan 3 mission has major objectives to analyze the moon.


Due to the successful touch, the families of ISRO scientists also had tears of joy as their family members’ hard work showed positive results.


The next target will be the sun, India will most probably launch its first space-based lookout in September to learn more about the sun, announced by ISRO chief S Somanath.


Dy CM of Karnataka DK Shivakumar also congratulated the scientists involved in this mission by visiting the ISRO office and said “Your achievement of successfully landing the Vikram lander on the moon is commendable. You are the pride of India. The efforts of all the ISRO scientists and staff who worked hard for the project are unforgettable…Congratulations to ISRO for their hard work.”


Russian President Putin also congratulated India and said that Chandrayaan 3 mission is an example of the immense progress of India in the field of science and technology.


ISRO, on their Twitter handle, shares the pictures of the moon from the lander’s horizontal velocity camera which was taken during the descent.


Everyone in India is right now celebrating success and the beauty of India. There was a time when people around the globe never gave us the respect we always deserved and thought that we could never ever make it to the Moon but India has shut all of their mouths and has done it.


Chandrayaan-3 was undertaken by the Indian Space Research Organization that is ISRO to get the positive results of landing on the moon surface and collect valuable data. Its main aim was to study the Moon’s mineralogy, exosphere, and geology which will help us to understand its origin and its changes.


Chandrayaan 3 mission architecture consisted of a lunar, a rover, and a propulsion module. Chandrayaan-3 is also one of the budgeted missions that was accomplished in this field. We haven’t spent a lot of money on it. The amount is even cheaper than making some of the Hollywood movies.


Once again we also congratulate all the Indians for this success and this is just the beginning India will keep making records in every field.

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