In Home Personal Services: Revolutionizing the Industry Through Holistic & Specialized Care

In Home Personal Services

For any company in the market, an accurate barometer of brand competence is the level of specialization they provide with their services. A need-specific and holistic approach in the same goes a long way in building robust credibility for the brand, irrespective of its niche or service type.

When speaking of such brands, there are have been a few noteworthy examples this year who’ve outshined competitors in the market. Their remarkable zeal towards specialized & holistic care for customers has garnered them immense recognition, both from customers as well as other professionals in their field.

We’ll be highlighting one such impactful company over here, In Home Personal Services – a vision of entrepreneur Michael A. Collura. The company is redefining non-medical in-home care through its comprehensive & individualistic approach for each client.

Since its inception in 2004, In Home Personal Services has successfully catered to the diverse home care needs of hundreds of seniors throughout the US. it also started its own franchise system, eventually becoming the #1 franchise opportunity in the country for senior care.

The company’s success trajectory is largely shaped by certain key defining elements, which we’ll be elucidating throughout this article.

The Initial Development Stages


In truth, Michael made no direct or intentional initiative to start a business. It began as a wanting to help others and build on what was good about people. The brand and its growth happened organically as word spread about the novelty & individualism of its services.

Everything that has been learnt thus far by Michael and his team was through consistently facing challenges. Early on, they intentionally sought those challenges so that they could develop a solution. They eventually turned what was a challenge into an opportunity, and later turned it into an advantage. Even now, they wish to see these challenges continue as that’s the means through which they grow and thrive.

The company’s relentless drive for betterment is conspicuously evident in its intensive service approach.

IHPS’s Specialized & Personal Care


In Home Personal Services exclusively focuses on providing care to seniors. This is not a generalized approach with vaguely defined priorities; it is highly specialized with due consideration given to the special needs of those seeking care.

Unlike most providers, Michael and his team understand the elements behind the delivery of care than just the need for care. They understand exactly why clients need their care and what specific expectations clients have for them. Most agencies often talk about important aspects like compassion, training, and the need for personal care & companionship. Where they fall short, however, is defining “what” is behind clients’ needs and above all “why” it matters to them.

As opposed to its competitors, IHPS doesn’t have a “we did what you asked for” attitude when facing client feedback. Instead, it strives to understand the reason behind clients’ requests so as to spur their utmost fulfilment.

Kindling Trust Through a People-Centric Approach


Unequivocally, a paramount focus on which IHPS is built upon is the needs of others. It holds the ultimate virtue of establishing a mission and values that impacts the lives of others.

Because the “heart” of In Home Personal Services is its people, the company has relented tirelessly in making an impact in the life and livelihood of seniors for decades. Its success thus lies in knowing the difference it made to support independent lifestyles.

A testament to the company’s dedication is the stellar retention rate it holds for clients. Around 98% of its client base remain or return to them for all their care needs. This isn’t due to fancy marketing but rather the fact that it’s rare to find such effective & skilled care.

Shaping a Robust Growth Trajectory


Amid COVID-19, Michael considers himself lucky that his brand’s reputation has been solid long before the pandemic. For almost two decades, his brand has been synonymous with qualities like peace of mind, security, and hope in his niche market. Michael has no doubt that this staunch reputation of IHPS will persist in the coming time and bring the same sense of relief so many families are longing for.

In 2021, the company saw several new milestones and new franchisees joining its system. In 2022, it has already witnessed a headstart in Jan with double of last year’s numbers in new operators.

The company also plans on expanding its immigration and sponsorship programs this year, along with launching a new and exclusive online training center for professional caregivers and a reimagined come-and-go service model which’ll be a novelty in the market.

Michael’s Rich Entrepreneurial Insights


As the Founder of a nationally significant brand, Michael had to develop considerably his entrepreneurial mettle to scale his company to its current heights. In the process, he has acquired some nuggets of wisdom which he feels are worth sharing with our readers.

Michael thinks that his measurement of success may not be considered conventional by many. He feels he has been blessed for everything life has provided – the good, the bad, and the ugly – all have been responsible for where he currently stands today.

Without the challenges and struggles, there would be nothing worth celebrating and life would be boring. In this sense, he believes he has had an immensely fulfilling life thus far.

He lastly shares an inspiring message so as to spur some golden virtues in our entrepreneur readers:

“Let Integrity be your ally; it’s one of the most valued human qualities on the planet. Respect Everyone, Listen with an Open Heart, and Never Quit on the Mission.

Also know that Leadership isn’t about being perfect, popular, or ‘the best’. It’s about being the person who can inspire, lift up, and make others better than yourself.”

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