ZippyOps: IT Automation Consulting With an Emphasis on Quality & Industry-Redefining Services

The technological metamorphosis ushered by AI has brought a marvelous upheaval of the business front. Umpteen integral business operations have been effectively optimized by leveraging the power of automation and other ultramodern systems.
At the forefront of this transition, there have been a few avant-garde companies that carved a niche for themselves in the automation space. A few of them contributed immensely to the change by leveraging their rich technical knowledge via consulting services.
ZippyOPS, a Chennai-based IT Consulting Services Provider, is one such company that has been especially renowned for its automation consulting expertise. ZippyOPS has been in the market for years, and in a relatively short period of time, it has established itself as an unequivocal pioneer in its specialized niche.

A Novel Conception Idea

The origins of ZippyOPS, much like that of any established brand, are marked by a zeal to do something different and fill a prevailing gap in the industry.
The company’s founder, Sathish Babu, says that they’ve spent half of their lifetime in the IT industry. In the process, they’ve worked with various technologies developing multiple products & managing several projects for various business domains.
Based on their expertise, Sathish feels that IT Automation is incontestably the need of the hour. It can boost the productivity of the IT department by reducing downtime and creating a safer, error-free IT environment. Practically speaking, it is the ideal way to get the most out of any organization’s IT resources.
Despite the aforesaid, however, the number of companies providing the right solutions in the same are very limited. In light of this, Sathish thought of filling the gap by concretizing his company’s idea.
ZippyOPS being a bootstrapped startup faced all kinds of challenges in the initial stages. Starting from finding the first client to getting the right resources with tools & technical knowledge, every step was an arduous affair.

Winning Clients Through Leading-edge Services

The dogged perseverance maintained by Sathish has yielded much in terms of technological evolution. Growing from each challenge, he has managed to consistently refine his services to uphold an industrially superlative level of avant-gardism.
ZippyOPS now offers end-to-end IT Automation consulting services using ultramodern modern tools and methodologies. Through this, it effectively delivers high-quality software faster without compromising security.

The company provides consulting implementation and management services on:

  • DevOps
  • DevSecOps
  • Cloud
  • Automated Ops
  • Microservices.
  • Infrastructure
  • Security

The company furthermore offers multiple unique holistic products solving day-to-day as well as larger IT problems:

AutomateCIS is the world’s first scalable SaaS platform to audit and remediate security settings of servers to ensure compliance with industry-agreed cybersecurity standards. It also allows to roll back the remediation in case the process is causing issues on the application.

LabAsService: provides pre-configured lab servers which can be accessed from any machine with an Internet connection. LabAsService offers lab servers as low as $0.05/hour on pay per usage model.

DevSecOpsAsService is still in the pipeline and yet to be launched. It is hosted by the DevSecOps platform, where all the Open Source DevSecOps tools were hosted as managed services. Startups can use this as a security framework in their application deployment.

Owing to ZippyOPS’ strategic automation of IT Infrastructure, any business can provide speedy and accurate outputs, reduce operation costs, and increase overall productivity.

The Brand’s Methodical AAA Strategy

To ensure utmost comprehensiveness in its service, ZippyOPS offers a multidisciplinary AAA strategy that covers planning, implementation & maintenance of the customized automation solution.

  • Advice (Analyze, develop strategies, architect, and advice on modernization.
  • Align (Migrating workloads and implementing automation solution end-to-end).
  • Animate (Optimization and Maintenance of implemented automation solutions).

The company’s foremost emphasis with the aforesaid is to systematically fulfill all the various nitty-gritty perplexing the customers in the automation process. A foremost objective amid this is to intuitively and deeply understand all the challenges of the customer.
The company furthermore heavily emphasizes two core aspects, one is quality and the other one is security. It educates its clients on these two core aspects and doesn’t rush to sell.
The staunch value-driven approach of ZippyOPS has garnered immense trust from its customers over the years. A testament to this is the fact that the company is getting more projects from existing clients, even amid difficult times.

An Integral Marketing Front

Being an avant-garde brand, ZippyOPS is always open to new tools and techniques. Its team does its due research and analyzes the effectiveness of the techniques used in its campaigns.
While the company is aware of and utilizes umpteen different mediums to reach the target audience, such as social media platforms, mail campaigns, phones, etc, it believes there’s not only one major way that’s irreplaceable. Quite simply, that is a good reputation that spreads via word-of-mouth from existing clients to others.
Sathish highlights that when you keep the existing client happy, they contribute by referring you to others. This entire cycle thus depends predominantly on one factor – the contentment of clients which is an unequivocal focus throughout the implementation/maintenance of the company’s solutions.

Shaping an Evolutionary Future

Going ahead, ZippyOPS plans to execute some noteworthy business milestones in the coming years.
The company has already added its product category, in addition to its consulting services, and launched two products back in November 2021.
Mulling over the pandemic situation, Sathish explains how Covid has taught us a decade’s worth of life lessons. What his company was offering before covid was an enhancement service, which some industries may not consider during these times. Therefore it decided to leverage its automation expertise to conceive its own product line.
On the developmental front, ZippyOPS also planning to implement futuristic additional features in the aforesaid products. These include the application scanning feature on AutomateCIS, automated scoring mechanism on LabAsService, etc.
ZippyOPS is furthermore reaching out to and attracting clients all over the world with increasing tenacity. In the next few years, Sathish is certain of having a strong partnership with clients across the globe.

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