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With a steep rise in the demand for tech-driven HR functions outsourcing, many brands have set their feet in the space. ZingHR is one such organization that is tracing an exponential trajectory of growth while being substantial to the business fraternity. ZingHR is the hotspot of a plethora of HR services backed with supreme technology to enhance businesses from the core. The exemplary services are based on years-long, deep-rooted business acumen, and the gamut of insights accumulated from domestic and overseas experiences. So far, their exclusive clientele comprises gigantic enterprises from various industries. The brand is present in India, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, UAE, Singapore, and Sri Lanka with more than 1.6 million active users. Under CSR, ZingHR has committed itself to UNSDG to contribute to fulfilling the anticipated sustainable development goals.
Under the dynamic leadership of an exemplary entrepreneur Mr. Prasad Rajappan, Founder and CEO of ZingHR the brand has witnessed growth in numerous leaps and bounds. We invited him to join us for a virtual interaction and discuss the diverse facets of his brainchild. He emphasized that the company’s approach is driven by innovation and grounded perspectives. The brand’s sophistication, essence of professionalism, and work integrity motivated us to feature ZingHR under the exclusive segment of “The Best Company to Work for in 2023”.

High Caliber Solutions

A comprehensive HR Service provider, ZingHR has become the inevitable choice for different businesses to manage their Adaptable Payroll Processing, Compliance, Recruitment Procedures, Employees Engagement Activities, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Workforce Management, and other training-related requirements. To weave a quilt of a sustainable culture of engagement within an organization, the brand leverages vast amounts of data and curates engagement strategies that are targeted to bolster motivation in the workspace.
The ZingHR chatbot is specifically designed to behave as a real-time virtual HR and bring real-time optimization to all HR-related queries. With the tinge of Artificial Intelligence, ZingHR’s chatbot uses services like Language Understanding Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to swiftly respond to the raised written queries.

Mantras for Employee Motivation

The center of attraction for us was the differentiators that have been imbibed in the work culture at ZingHR. One of the imperative aspects was ZingHR’s initiatives to empower its workforce.
Mr. Prasad elucidated, “As we are in a crucial domain of business i.e. workforce, it becomes essential for us to maintain the stature of employee satisfaction. Employees’ achievements underlined by Cross-functional Team Collaboration, Innovation, Commitment, Hard Work, and Customer Obsession are honored at ZingHR with immense gratitude. We are always keen to witness our employees thriving to go the extra mile to support our customer base in all horizons. The environment style at ZingHR speaks for competitiveness, robust concepts of decentralization, agility in actions, trust, seamless cooperation, dense collaborations, and receiving even the smallest guidance from the leadership team. We encourage our employees to furnish the chords of good work-life balance. Through various training programs, we curate opportunities for our people to involve them in cross-functional activities. Our team members are high on unparalleled perseverance and have an eminent ability to collaborate, learn and unlearn.”

Credible Corporate Ethos

ZingHR’s management style emphasizes autonomy, collaboration, and innovation. The leaders always encourage the employees to develop a risk-taking aura. The top management team provides resources for experimentation and has fostered a continuous learning culture. Employees are taught to prioritize customer needs with the right strategy. This way the workforce is empowered to make decisions while maintaining a clear strategic vision for the company.
“We design training programs, workshops, and coaching to develop a fearless culture. Our mindset is all about treating failures with dignity. To know the reason behind the failure we address all the process, skill, and competency issues. Our psychological safety traces its roots from the collective learning of those failures. We believe that aligning professional performance with the company’s goals and values should be imbibed in the though-process of the employees. Talking about our core values, we are always enthralled to provide our people with opportunities for advanced learning, meaningful rewards, and recognition programs. Work-life balance is essentially being able to manage both aspects (personal and professional) without thinking of managing, it co-exists naturally. Life is all about meeting both personal and professional needs and that can be achieved by prioritizing and planning efficiently. Results or Outcomation are the keys to success but that can be achieved only by following ethical processes, not compromising on core elements, and is governed by ESG.”

An Outline of ZingHR’s Hero Service Portfolio

ZingHR added another feather to its cap of achievements by creating a new yet exemplary space of customer experience through its in-house project, “The Outcomation” for growth-bound enterprises. This was implemented via a series of three mega concurrent PITSTOP events across Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai. In the two-day long event, the expert panel of ZingHR tested “The Outcomation” in real-time, and deeply evaluated and resolved the HR-Tech requirements of more than 100 enterprises hailing from industries like Retail, BFSI, Healthcare, Pharma, Microfinance, Manufacturing, Fintech and Healthcare amongst others. Especially for the HR leaders in enterprises, the program turned out to be immensely lucrative.
A brief about the PITSTOP program comes with an implementation framework for efficient Go-Live and early business results. This also comes with various customer-centric initiatives that are meant to keep customers’ interests at the core. This program strengthens the collaborative ideology amongst teams and enhances transparency in communication.
In addition to it, ZingHR has also launched its “FASTRACK” program that taps the customer’s pain points and comes into the scenario to resolve them seamlessly. The amazing feature of this program is that it inculcates a comprehensive way of dealing with customers, becoming their voice, and reducing TAT time of support issues.

Planning for the Triumphs Ahead

Discussing the plans for future expansion, the CEO addressed, “We are a tech company and want to adopt the future of HR services that has to be augmented by futuristic technology like Metaverse, conversational AI, etc. The amalgamation of these wonderful technologies with the paradigms of HR will drive the enigmatic future of the business fraternity. Hence we are continuously investing in the technological aspect and people who can bring their immaculate expertise to the table. We want to see our brand grow at a 10x speed and be perceived as the indomitable HR Service provider for our vast clientele. We are making ceaseless attempts to be in synchronization with the latest market trends and are gearing up to position ourselves at a ubiquitous repute.

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