Who is a Chief Metaverse Officer

Metaverse” is indeed the most expensive word in the tech industry. Billions of dollars are being pumped into this space and tech giants from across the world are eagerly waiting for the Metaverse to arrive at a mass scale. The chairman of Publicis Group mentioned that the Metaverse is an endless, unknown territory to explore with creativity. Publicis has already appointed “Leon” as their Chief Metaverse Officer. Leon is an interface that will take the form of an avatar and lead the role of Chief Metaverse Officer. The tech industry is growing at an exponential speed and terms like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, etc. are becoming more advanced and popular among people all over the world. It is not a hidden fact that the Metaverse brings many new avenues for wealth creation and employment. Now the world functions on data, the traditional business strategies are slowly wearing out and businesses are opting for more data-driven strategies to boost their business revenue and customer engagement. Big or small, all business around the globe are strategizing their entry into the Metaverse, because we all know that this platform is going to be the biggest chunk holder for businesses to put out their products and services and also connect with their audience in a much more immersive manner.

A little about what is Metaverse

Imagine having a real-life experience in a virtual setup. A virtual space that allows you to do all your daily tasks and activities like attending office meetings, grocery shopping, sitting in a park and socializing with friends and much more, without being physically present. The concept of Metaverse has been around for over two decades now, but it only caught attention when Facebook changed its name to Meta in 2021. Their goal is to build a vision for the Metaverse and they plan to spend over 10 billion dollars in doing so. As opposed to the Internet which is a network of millions of computer devices, electronic gadgets, or servers, the Metaverse is built on itself – People browse the internet, however, in the case of the Metaverse, people can live in it. The Metaverse is decentralized and also has its own digital currency that is unified across all countries.

For example – Imagine that you are attending a concert in the Metaverse with the help of your wearable and you see a shop with goodies like keychains, caps, t-shirts, etc. you can make your purchase instantly and the product will be delivered to your physical address. You can have an in-store experience in a virtual setup.

The need for a Chief Metaverse Officer

Major events like concerts, conferences, fashion shows, etc. have already taken place in the Metaverse with millions of people from around the world attending them. Travis Scotts Metaverse’s concert “Astronomical” saw a footfall of 12.3 million people, these people had virtually joined the concert through their AR/VR wearable devices. This was one of the biggest Metaverse events which involved the participation of the youth (from all around the world) in the majority. The more people are getting exposed to the Metaverse, the more they are understanding the need for regularization and security of the platform and also the need for somebody to monitor and take care of it. Many Metaverse events and happenings require rigid coordination, both among people and technologies. Every team involved needs to be in collaboration to function smoothly and a Chief Metaverse Officer will be the liaison between different teams, technologies, and also users. Since this is a fairly new space for people, we cannot rule out the possibility of the high volume of queries and feedback which need to be taken care of at utmost priority. One of the main responsibilities of the Chief Metaverse Officer is to ensure safety and security across the platform. The Metaverse is just coming to life and it does bring along with it concerns related to user data misuse, identity theft, credential theft and not to mention sexual and physical assaults that have already taken place on the platform. A Chief Metaverse Officer must be well equipped with strategies to overcome the above concerns to give Metaverse users a seamless and secure experience. As of now, we do not have any specified qualification for the role of a Chief Metaverse Officer, but in the future, we surely will be coming across various training and courses in this domain. It is expected that there will be some ground Metaverse qualification required, but the early birds have the liberty to skip that for now.

Closing thoughts

All in all a Chief Metaverse Officer must have immensive knowledge about the digital landscape and should not only be updated but should also be well experienced with new technologies. Alongside this, a Chief Metaverse Officer will also have to be well updated with social media trends and youth psychology. It is very imperative to stay in tune with the happenings in the world while also relating its effect to the Metaverse.

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