What you can learn from The SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk – one of the richest people in the world

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is also the world’s richest man, whose wealth has grown by 924% fold during this ongoing pandemic crisis. His ideas and motive behind being successful are a huge story of inspiration and a great guide of advice for students and aspiring youngsters.

 He has achieved a mind-blowing milestone as the first person in modern history to be worth over the US $300 billion. His entrepreneurial skills have resulted in incredible achievements over the years. Although he had a terrible upbringing with a lot of adversity yet his visions have made striking differences in the world and the rest is history.

 Here are some pieces of advice from the world’s richest man to the entire world:


Have a crystal-clear vision

Part of Musk’s success began with SpaceX’s invention. His vision always started not just by defining a goal but understanding how to achieve it in the long run. He decided that humanity needs to become a multi-planetary species for sustenance. So, with his money, he wanted to show humanity what can actually be accomplished.


Begin with basics and do not get swayed by what others have to say

Elon always operated on the basis of physics to approach and analyze his strategies. He gulped down the fundamental principles of developing objects and side by side unleashed the reasons for their requirements. He never believed in using cheap items to make reliable cars. He was of the belief that to achieve big, investment should be huge.


Make mistakes but focus steely

There is nothing called flawless and every success counts on the number of times it has failed before being so. Elon said, “to do something right, failure is the only option. It is the failing that creates someone more innovative.” Although Musk had always been failing his attention during his youth, he never changed his vision towards changing the world’s history.


Work really hard for a better future

To make a secure future, one should not work like hell but put as many hours he can learning the pros and cons of success. Any hour put into work must be worthwhile and it does not matter what you are doing during the rest. To make the US $300 billion, Musk did not wait for opportunities but he created one. He always thought, to make a better future rather than dying rich today.


Dream big

This is probably the most important thing to learn from Musk. It is one’s dream that takes one out of this world. As per his concept of mankind being a multi-planet species, he has spent half his life dealing with electronics and revolutionized a spacefaring civilization. He always loved to jump in and be a part of the events.


Do not try to be a leader but have leadership abilities

People waste a lot of time in gaining securing power and position i.e. to become the best among others. Musk has always advised youngsters not to be one such but to develop leadership abilities to steer others around them. He also said not to be the person that we don’t want to see in others.


Read and gain knowledge

The ocean of knowledge is vast and the more that can be engulfed creates a huge knowledge landscape with good ideas. It lets us know about the changes taking place in the world. According to Musk, reading should be encouraged and information should be ingested as much as possible.


Be communicative and contribute to the society

Conversing with people of different perspectives will open up the mind to understand the world. Talking to people is never underrated but their stories from different walks of life infuse industrial and professional skills as said by Musk. One can make a positive impact on society by contributing what they have learned rather than by consuming.


Be useful throughout


What Musk has created is not for his personal purpose but for the world to witness and enjoy great developments in the automobile sector. So, he always advises youngsters to try to be useful and do things that actually come into use for the rest of mankind. If we can find help for the people around us, success will come running behind our backs.

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