Today, e-commerce has made its way into every sector of the economy. Every product imaginable can be delivered directly to the buyer with only the touch of a button. Mobile apps have made it much simpler to engage in online business. However, to get fuel, one must go to the gas station. It has increased the cost of maintenance and time waste, transit delays, and other similar issues. It affects both productivity and efficiency, particularly in the manufacturing industry.

The distribution of fuel to customers’ doorsteps is being transformed by the India-based enterprise URJANI FUELS PVT. LTD. India’s most successful business possesses all the necessary authorizations to transport fuel right to customers’ doors. URJANI FUELS PVT. LTD. is an app-based fuel-delivery service provider with the Internet of Things and cloud-enabled capabilities. The company does not charge additional costs, and the delivered fuel is priced the same as at any standard gas station. Today, we will examine how this company sets itself apart from competitors in the market and serve as a model for other brands. Let us proceed with investigating this brand for the people of India.

Brand Introduction

Urjani Fuels Team along with Co-Director Gautam Das
Urjani Fuels Team along with Co-Director Gautam Das

In India, the private company Urjani Fuels Pvt Ltd provides “On-demand delivery for diesel to stationary assets.” It is a service that can be accessed via an app that enables business clients to place orders for refined and high-quality fuel.
In addition, the results of our research have demonstrated that theft and adulteration are responsible for 15-20% of customers’ losses. Urjani Fuels offers a safe and reliable method of transaction that is determined by the amount of fuel that is purchased. Customers can easily track driver status, which includes the distance and amount of time it will take to arrive at the location on the map. Additionally, there is a notification system that informs the user about the status of the order, the driver, and whether or not the fuel tank was successfully refilled, among other things. The intention is to offer unrestricted visibility into all aspects of the transaction, including the cost, quantity, and quality of the fuel refilled.
The Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO), Startup India, the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), and oil marketing companies like IOCL and BPCL have all given their stamp of approval to Urjani Fuels.


The technology utilized by Urjani guarantees that each order will be of the highest quality and contain the appropriate amount. The delivery of fuel to customers’ doors is another area in which the organization excels in bringing transparency, safety, and convenience. It is the only business providing services to a diverse range of businesses, such as manufacturing, construction, corporates, mining, and other industries requiring fuel. The following is a list of some of the Urjani technologies that clients can make use of once they have formed a partnership with the company:

  • Geotagging involves adding your assets’ location and locking them down so they may be used for geo fence and OTP-based dispensing.
  • Geo-fencing involves setting a border around a GEO-TAGGED asset and ensuring that the asset is filled at the correct location.
  • Invoicing that is fully automated to prevent any human error from being introduced into the billing process.
  • When a user’s browser reaches a GEO-FENCED area, the user will automatically receive an OTP on the number they registered with. The OTP is essential for enabling the dispensing capabilities of the browser system.
  • The amount ordered using the app is automatically distributed without additional human intervention. The automatic dispensing system will cease when the order quantity or the tank limit is reached.
  • On the dashboard, under the heading “Reports,” you can view all orders that have been processed.


Delivering fuel to the customer’s doorstep seems more straightforward than in reality. Many companies have endured unexplainable struggles to bring doorstep fuel delivery technology into the market with success. Recently, Mr. Ratan Tata invested in a start-up fuel-to-door service-providing company for the second time. It has motivated many entrepreneurs in the same industry to make fuel-to-door services as seamless as possible.

The investment of a worldwide famous leader in doorstep fuel delivery services has enlightened something in the owner of Urjani Fuels Pvt. Ltd. Although it is a start-up company, it certainly has the potential to rank itself in the top list sooner.

Challenges Faced

The company faced multiple challenges while establishing itself and its brand. Getting approval from the Indian government to start the company is among the challenges. The approvals were the sole stress-generation factors, but the time taken to get them was an additional burden. Nonetheless, the founder accepted the challenges and succeeded for its employees and brand.

The Brand Trust and Offerings

The Urjani Fuels brand stands for pure fuel at the customers’ doorstep. In addition, brand trust is earned because of the team’s efforts, timely delivery and better performance at all business operational facets. The company provides a diesel-on-wheels delivery service. Any institutional client can order this service with us through the “REPOS” app on their smartphone. Moreover, brand trust is earned through the following features:

  • The company acquire its fuel supplies straight from the OMC (Oil Marketing Companies). It also empties its tanks regularly, so you can rest assured that the fuel you receive will be as pure and high-quality as is humanly feasible.
  • Urjani Fuels makes no exceptions to the safety regulations and follows them to the letter. Its drivers have received training in Hazmat procedures and hold valid business licences.
  • Because each of the company’s dispensing units has been subjected to stringent weights and measures testing, you can rest assured that you will receive precisely the volume you paid for.
  • Urjani Fuels’ cutting-edge technology allows for automated fuel delivery, eliminating the need for human involvement in the process.
  • Urjani complies with each government rule and regulation that is necessary. Completely legal, with all permissions and licences in place that are necessary.
  • Urjani Fuels offers centralized billing, meaning customers no longer have to worry about losing fuel cards or paper invoices.
  • Fuel is available from URJANI FUELS at the exact cost of your regular petrol pump.
  • The practicality of delivery at any time and any location. Get Urjani Fuels when you desire. Not only are the company delivering fuel, but it is also delivering free time.

Eliminating Mistrust and Marking the Industry

The organization is aware that buyers in today’s ecommerce sector are more likely to be suspicious due to the abundance of available alternatives and customizations. Urjani Fuels provides the same gasoline delivery services right to customers’ doorsteps to reduce instances of mistrust or concern regarding home delivery. The company provides its customers in India with an application that allows them to place orders and deliver fuel directly to their homes. Users who take advantage of this function enjoy a significant increase in their convenience because they are spared the hassle of travelling to gas stations and standing in line to have their fuel tanks refilled.

Connection With The Customers


The company’s stakeholders, partners, employees, and customers are necessary to the business’s continued development because everyone contributes to the company’s overall growth and success. The company builds customer relationships by educating people about the technologies it develops. Additionally, it establishes a connection with its users utilizing its app. On this platform, the company often provides users with updates regarding the industry and itself.

Urjani Marketing Efforts

The company’s most successful marketing strategies include using social media platforms, electronic media platforms, service advertisements, and word-of-mouth promotion. These strategies have already helped the company acquire as much market share as possible with their one-of-a-kind products and services, and they will continue to do so in the future.

The Future Plans

The company will shift its focus from online communication channels to in-person interactions with customers. It is to the corporation’s benefit to keep as many of its customers as possible. In addition, the organization is looking to broaden its horizons regarding people served and business opportunities by expanding its operations into additional Indian territories.

Message For The Readers

The creator of Urjani Fuels Pvt. Ltd. has had an eventful and instructive trip thus far in his career. Not only has his leadership contributed to the success of the brand as a whole, but it has also contributed to the happiness of the individuals employed by the company. Because there are no shortcuts to focused and convincing success, the company’s founder believes that anyone can become an entrepreneur as long as they are realistic and willing to put in the effort.






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