TraxSmart: Vijay Pugalia’s Goal to Provide Robust Theft-proof Protection to Users

In recent years, automobile thefts in India have become a glaring issue. In 2020 itself, nearly 2,801 automobile thefts took place, out of which only 39 percent of cases were resolved. Furthermore, post lockdown, the incidence of such reports has risen marginally across the country.
Amid the current scenario, it has become unequivocally important to equip our gadgets and vehicles with a reliable tracking system. Doing so will not only help us track our belongings, but also save us from potential security threats. Intelligent, robust security – this is among the most pressing need of our society today.
TraxSmart is an advanced yet user-friendly web based tracking application that aims to fulfil this need for security. It specializes in an array of comprehensive tracking and monitoring features, providing an all-encompassing security solution to users.
Thus far, TraxSmart’s indigenous solutions have catered to the diverse security needs of 1 lakh users. This article will further expound the app’s features and services, as well as provide some powerful insights from the brand’s success journey.

The Brand’s Inception Story

TraxSmart was founded by Mr. Vijay Pugalia in 2017. His aim was to provide state-of-the-art yet cost effective safety and security solutions to users. Through TraxSmart, he aspired to put an Indian made IoT product on the global map whilst generating employment. And so, with the help of Mr. Ankit Bajaj (Co-Founder and CFO of TraxSmart), and Rhine B (Co-Founder and CTPO), he worked relentlessly towards this vision. Given below is a brief profile of these professionals:

Vijay Pugalia: Vijay has a rich experience of 15 years in the domains of production and sales. Over the years, he has worked with and successfully headed diverse team sizes, ranging from 4 to 4000 in strength. Vijay’s leadership skills are further bolstered by his economics expertise and dedication to employee wellbeing. He not just preaches but also lives by the philosophy “A Happy Clientele necessitates Happy Employees”.

Ankit Bajaj: Ankit is a thorough finance professional who’s a CA as well as a CS. Having a cumulative experience of 10 years, he has worked in relevant capacities in the finance, management, auditing, and advisory domains for industry giants like PwC and Axis Group. Apart from this, Ankit also owns a renowned CA firm. His rich experience in finance and management has helped him astutely organize the business at TraxSmart.

Rhine B: Rhine is the go-to ‘tech guy’ for TraxSmart. He’s characterised by his incessant curiosity for the happenings in the tech world. As a versatile professional, Rhine is also adept at various management competencies and has great economics acuity. These qualities have helped him achieve noteworthy results working in different industries and domains. Rhine’s work in the past has entailed roles as a Product Manager for several MNCs, such as Cognizant and Vedantu. Prior to TraxSmart, he was on the product development front while establishing Joharishop.

Thanks to the persistent efforts of the team, TraxSmart has vastly expanded its operations, achieving numerous milestones along the way. Below is a timeline of significant events in the company’s journey:

  • In April 2018, the first version of TraxSmart was launched for POC for B2B customers.
  • In June 2018, the first B2B customers of the company came on board.
  • In June 2019, the company partnered with the election commission for the monitoring of EVM vehicles during the Maharashtra elections.
  • In Feb 2020, the company made a major breakthrough in the public sector with the Ajmer Smart City Project.
  • In Jan 2021, it partnered with the Karnal Smart City Project.
  • In Feb 2021, it partnered with the Rourkela Smart City Project.
  • In July 2021, the company introduced a new solution for Indoor Tracking.

At present, TraxSmart is the only indigenous AIS 140 certified devices dealer in India. It has acquired a strong presence across various states in the country like West Bengal, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Sikkim, Odisha, Uttar Jharkhand, Bihar, Chattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh.
The company has served nearly 1 lakh customers in the past 4 years. Owing to its impeccable market performance, it has garnered a rather impressive clientele list which includes the likes of companies like Uber, Jio, Ola, DTDC, TATA, etc.

TraxSmart’s Vision and Mission

Being a company that’s staunch on values, TraxSmart is driven by some ambitious ideals. This manifests itself as a powerful vision and mission.

Vision: “Knowing your people, knowing your possessions, even when you aren’t around them!”

Mission: “To put an Indian-made IoT product on the global map while maintaining sustainable carbon positive employment generation.”
As evident above, the company strives to not only advance security measures but also bolster the nation in the process. It places a strong emphasis on holistic growth through all its endeavours.

The Company’s Diverse Service Portfolio

Essentially, TraxSmart is an app-based surveillance system that’s equipped with a multitude of live tracking features. Given below is a list of these features:

Human Tracking: This feature allows the user to keep a tab on their loved ones at all times. It enables them to locate these people through real-time coordinates. It also provides a notification once they’ve reached their destination or have moved out of the geo tagged safety zones.
Through this feature, a user also gets access to 2 month worth of historical data and an unlimited incoming call enablement. In case of an emergency, they can utilize the panic button and the auto outgoing call feature.

Personal Car Tracker- The car tracker helps the user navigate the movement of your vehicle in case of a theft or any other incident. It helps them identify the vehicle misuse and spot unwanted stoppages. Through an advanced pro-active notification manager, the user can ensure the safety of your vehicle and check the distance travelled. It also notifies them about any break-in or theft attempts made on the vehicle.

School Bus Tracker: Through this tracking system, parents can keep a track on their child’s school buses in real time. It also enables them to check the location, speed, and level of security of the bus. This feature comes handy during excursions and school trips, apart from the day-to-day commute.
School bus tracker also offers a ln additional feature via which parents can receive SMS/App alerts of when/ where their child boards the bus. It also notifies them once their child has reached the designated stop.

Fleet Management System:
The Fleet Management System or FMS enables users to live track and monitor where the individual vehicle is located. Through this system, you get minute-to-minute details about the location and condition of the vehicle in the fleet.
It enables you to not only monitor the fuel but also cut it off in case of theft or unwanted usage. The user also gets Regular Management Information System (MIS) reports.
As the app is based on an advanced GPS tracking, it is immaculately integrated with Google Maps. This enables the system to offer unmatched tracking performance and optimized speed notification.

A Customer-Centric Approach

Despite being a fairly new company, TraxSmart has already garnered numerous noteworthy achievements. However, the company feels that its true reward is the utmost satisfaction of its customers.
Although the company has collaborated with several large entities like government entities and municipal corporations, it’s main agenda has always been to transform the lifestyle of its clients, and eventually the citizens of the country.
For TraxSmart, its clients are the biggest asset. Therefore, it provides customized content to meet the unique requirements of each client. Furthermore, it always strives to raise the bar for innovation through its avant-garde approach in services. It has engendered a qualitative as well as a technological reform in the security solutions space.

The S. W. O. T Analysis

To ensure utmost fulfilment of all its business and ethical objectives, the team at TraxSmart engages in a methodical S. W. O. T Analysis. This encompasses the principles of:

S – Strength: The company’s primary strength is their will and dedication towards the welfare of society. This gives them the necessary fortitude to move ahead despite all obstacles.
W – Weakness: Being a company that’s quality-obsessed, TraxSmart often drives sharp bargains in that heavily compromises on commercial benefits to meet certain qualitative requirements.
O – Opportunity: As GPS forms the basis of many operations from several sectors/departments, the scope for growth in the field is colossal. To further add to the opportunity, TraxSmart is among the early entrants in the field.
T – Threat: Today, a major threat to our security comes from Chinese devices. The use of these devices has caused a massive security breach, as they extract and send information of the users to Chinese servers. The company seeks to spur the government to take measures against it.

Some Important Projects of the Company

Over the course of the past four years, TraxSmart has successfully completed numerous projects that hold great significance for the government. Some of these projects are:
Ajmer Smart City Limited: Selection of System Integrator for Supply, Installation, and Maintenance of GPS-based Vehicle Tracking software. This also included IoT devices for Ajmer Municipal Solid Waste Collection and Public Transport Vehicles.

Karnal Municipal Corporation: Selection of service provider for supply, installation, implementation, and maintenance of vehicle tracking devices along with Geofencing/monitoring of Karnal Municipal Corporation vehicles.

Rourkela Municipal Corporation: Tender for Supply, Installation, Operation, and Maintenance of GPS and GPRS-based vehicle tracking system in Garbage Lifting and other vehicles under Rourkela Municipal Corporation.

Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited:
Installation of GPS tracking system.

Adilabad Municipality: Providing and Installation of Vehicle Tracking System for Sanitation and Water Supply Vehicles in Adilabad Municipality.

Achalpur Municipal Corporation: Installation of GPS Tracking System

Siliguri Municipal Corporation: Installing and Maintenance of 100 no. GPS system.

Eastern Railway: Installation of GPS Tracking System.
In addition to the above, the company has also worked with various other regional and national-level corporations. These clients include:

Large Companies: Ola, Uber, Tata Metaliks, LnT, NTPC, DTDC, Ingenious Logistics, Shuttl, SPMCIL.

Regional/Govt Bodies: Election Commission of India, Pune Police, West Bengal Police, Amravati District Administration, Ajmer Nagar Nigam, Batco Roadways, Govt of Haryana, Office of Municipal Councillors of Uttarpara-Kotrung.

Educational Institutions: Delhi Public School, The Heritage School, Kharagpur Vision Academy, The Doon School, Sri Chaitanya Technical School, Mount Litera Zee School, IEM Public School, Kolkata, MCKV.

Plans for the Future

Being a rapidly growing company, TraxSmart has numerous visionary plans in the pipeline. Here are some of them that it aspires to accomplish within the next 5 years:
Include more advanced hardware solutions like OBD devices, Mobile Data Terminal devices and other such devices to cater to the existent as well as latent market requirements
Develop high-end designs for SAAS solutions to enhanced Supply Chain Optimization.
Upgrade the current systems to enable Big Data sync up and Advanced Analytics.
Expand its operations to the Middle East and APAC regions.
Become the “Pin to Plane” solutions provider for its clients by adding numerous other products.
TraxSmart’s sheer ingenuity is a testament to the power of the entrepreneurial spirit. While all of us might not be established entrepreneurs, we can definitely learn a thing or two from its thoughtful processes. Being a forward-thinker and having a boundless imagination, unequivocally, are the key to all material and immaterial achievements.

Stay Ingenious and Stay Inspired!

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