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The 20 Most Trustworthy Companies to Watch in 2024

Russell Finex Sieves & Filters Pvt. Ltd.

“Customer Trust, a Russell Must.”

The sieving and filtration industry is a building block for all the processing industries. Trust is an important factor for such companies. Today we have with us Mr. Sanjeev Shukla, who is the Sr. General Manager of Russell Finex Sieves & Filters Pvt. Ltd., a company we are delighted to have in our edition of “The 20 Most Trustworthy Companies to Watch in 2024.”

Prime insights: Could you provide a brief overview of the company?

Russell Finex, established in 1934 in the UK, proudly celebrates 90 years of industry expertise in 2024. Renowned globally in the sieving and filtration industry, we have progressively expanded our international presence. By 1970, we established a subsidiary in the USA, followed by Belgium in 1972. In 1996, we opened a sales office in France, and by 2000, we had entered the Swedish market. Our journey into India began with a sales office in 2002, leading to our first manufacturing facility in Vadodara in 2010. Our global footprint now extends to Spain, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Brazil, the Netherlands, and beyond.

Prime insights: What key challenges did your business overcome in its early stages?

When we established our company in India, we encountered significant challenges due to insufficient infrastructure and established local competition, despite offering premium products sourced from Europe. Our primary hurdle lay in the prevailing lack of awareness regarding the superior quality of our offerings in comparison to those of our competitors. But with unwavering determination and thoughtful initiatives, we effectively communicated the word about our products and eventually gained positive feedback. This led us to take the major decision to start our subsidiary in India.

Prime insights: How does your brand establish and maintain trust within the market?

Our global reputation stems from our continuous marketing efforts and consistent presence at numerous trade shows and events, instilling trust among consumers worldwide. A key aspect of our brand recognition is maintaining uniformity in our communication and presentation, regardless of the industry and applications. Our associations with esteemed companies like Nestle, Mondelez, CIPLA, GSK etc. have further solidified our credibility, as their referrals have boosted confidence in our brand among new consumers.

Prime insights: What are the principal factors setting apart your company’s business model?

We position ourselves as manufacturers of premium products and sieving and filtration specialists for processing industries. Our primary focus is on serving top companies across various processing sectors. We are renowned for our product quality, ease of handling, and long-term durability.

Prime insights: Could you provide insights into the comprehensive range of services offered by your esteemed brand to its clients?

As a specialist in sieving and filtration equipment, we have the widest range of separation equipment in the industry.
Our products range includes Industrial sifters, Industrial sieves, Vibratory separators, Self-cleaning filters, Ultrasonic sieves, Wet granulation solutions and AM powder handling solutions.

Some of our most popular products are:

  1. Russell Compact Sieve®
  2. The Finex Ultima™
  3. Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®
  4. Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System
  5. Russell AMPro® Sieve Station
  6. Russell Liquid Solid Separator™

Prime insights: Amidst prevailing skepticism, how does the brand perceive and adapt to the evolving dynamics of consumer trust in its services?

We never really faced the issue of mistrust. When we started in India, we were already a 68-year-old company and the preferred choice of the big global brands, so this reference helped us. People trusted us, and due to the strong references from global brands, more companies started trusting us.

Prime insights: What strategies did the brand employ to cement its presence in the industry and earn the loyalty of its customers?

As we mentioned initially, there was a lack of awareness among customers regarding the value add we were offering with our products. They were satisfied with what they were offered by our competitors and were unaware that our products could offer a significantly superior experience. Thus, our primary objective revolved around educating potential customers, a task that demanded considerable time and effort. We enlighten them about the substantial benefits our products offer, such as minimizing losses and enhancing productivity. Even though their initial cost might be high with us, we guarantee a higher ROI in the long term.

Prime insights: How does the brand meticulously evaluate and quantify the significance of each customer within its framework?

As a customer-oriented brand, we believe that the satisfaction of our customers is of utmost importance. Even though we have high-quality products, we are always open to customization as per the customer’s requirements. Working with a diverse clientele and industries demands flexibility to tailor solutions according to their specific needs and applications. This commitment to provide customized solutions ensures a long-term relationship with our customers, some of whom have remained with us for over 60 to 70 years.


Prime insights: What proven marketing initiatives or programs has the brand leveraged to effectively amplify its offerings and services in the market?

Our marketing initiatives are characterized by a strategic combination of online and offline tactics, personalized client engagement, knowledge sharing, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. We employ cutting-edge digital marketing tools and strategies to enhance our online presence and to reach target audiences. Additionally, we focus on providing personalized client engagement by conducting in-person visits, machine check-ups, seminars, training sessions etc.

Prime insights: What novel categories or forthcoming alterations does the brand plan to unveil within the current year?

This year, we are thrilled to unveil two new innovative additions to our sieving and separation product lineup:

  1. Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ – A centrifugal separator for continuous removal of solids from liquid slurries
  2. Russell Turbo sieve – A high-capacity rotary sieves for check screening and de-agglomerating powders

Prime insights: Has the brand conducted any comprehensive assessments to gauge the level of trust consumers place in its offerings?

In addition to our diligent pre-sales and post-sales support, our marketing team maintains an active dialogue with clients to gather feedback continuously, and I’m glad to say most of the customers are happy with our quality. However, should any concerns arise, our dedicated team promptly addresses them, ensuring client satisfaction.

Prime insights: What initial impression does your brand strive to evoke in consumers’ minds upon their first encounter?

In line with our mission statement “Customers Trust, Russell Must”, Russell Finex aims to evoke a sense of trust, reliability, and innovation in consumers’ minds upon their first encounter with our brand. We want them to perceive us as a leading authority in the sieving and filtration industry, known for our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous innovation.

Prime insights: Could you elaborate on the long-term targets and strategic plans your company is poised to accomplish in the upcoming years?

Our aim is to expand our customer base. Not only to target top-level companies but also medium-level companies with significant potential. Our goal is to bridge the gap and forge closer relationships with all our customers. To achieve this, we are planning to open more experience centers to continue delivering world class products and services to its clients. At present, we are operating with headquarters in Delhi and two manufacturing facilities located in Vadodara and Bengaluru.

Prime insights: What words of wisdom does the company extend to emerging young entrepreneurs who may encounter this draft?

Being a customer-centric organization is important for long-term success. For young entrepreneurs, it is important to learn to identify customer requirements and fulfill them. The satisfaction of the customer is the utmost priority. After all, happy customers are more likely to generate higher revenue. Therefore, prioritizing customer satisfaction is key to achieving positive outcomes in business endeavors.


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