Kritivity Web Solutions: Knitting a Quilt of Comprehensive, Transformative, and Creative Web Solutions


Kritivity Web Solutions

An emerging forerunner in the IT solutions and services space, Kritivity Web Solutions stems from the indomitable expertise of its enthusiastic and groundbreaking founder, Mr. Abhishek Agrawal. The brand offers a range of services, including website and mobile application development, e-commerce solutions, SAAS applications, and round-the-clock branding & positioning support. The services are backed with oodles of detailed primary and secondary research, UI/UX, and creative solutions. In addition to it, Kritivity also offers end-to-end event management and execution services in India, and overseas. The team listens, conceptualizes, and adheres to doing deep-rooted research in developing, designing, and deploying solutions that bring benchmarks of top-notch user experience with them. Being expensive on creativity is the company’s pivotal USP. They have also catered to reputed business brands including Fortune 500 clients like Adidas and BMW to unicorns like Urban Clap and Pristyn Care to very well-known brands like Usha International, Tech Mahindra, Birla Fertility & IVF, Livguard, Data Security Council of India (DSCI) amongst others.

A magnetic vision to expand the company’s footprint on the global map is their near dart on the board of goals. Kritivity’s team is also creating grounds for establishing stronger alliances with the clients in a physical mode beyond the online meetings! Mr. Abhishek Agrawal has incorporated the importance of building corporate relationships over and above the vicious cycle of business pitches and invoices. He also highlighted many other corporate ethics that Kritivity stands by. With integrity in actions and passion for serving the clientele with best-of-best, the brand has come this long. All these words of supreme excellence left us with no choice but to feature Kritivity Web Solutions Private Limited under the exclusive segment of “10 Most Trusted IT & Software Companies 2023.”

Sowing the Seeds of Inception

The foremost question we had for Mr. Abhishek Agrawal was about the entire tale of inception and what motivated him to begin his entrepreneurial roller-coaster ride. With profound assertiveness in his words, he summed up his years-long journey in a few words for our readers.

“I always had an ambition of becoming an entrepreneur which remained unfulfilled since my graduation days. The desire to build a company that reflects my values and work ethics motivated me to start my own business venture in 2016. With Kritivity, I had my ground, where I could work on my terms and deliver exceptional IT services to businesses while pursuing my passion for perfectionism. I could see the dream of curating a work culture that fosters innovation and encourages employees to work towards common goals, coming to reality.”

Relentless Spirit of Facing Odds

“When an urge of unconventionality shines through your passion, be ready to see the multipotentialite side of yours”

These words truly outline the zeal of Mr. Agrawal’s entrepreneurialism as he talked about strengthening the roots of his business ventures amidst all the challenges.

He quotes, “When setting up my own company, I faced major challenges, like securing funding and recruiting the right talent. In a highly competitive job market where established companies offer attractive compensation packages and employee benefits, it was difficult to attract top talent who were willing to look beyond the standard offerings of insurance, and other perks. For building the right team I was in deep search of individuals who shared my vision and were willing to commit to the company’s mission, and values and delivering high-quality services to clients.”

In addition to the challenges of financing and hiring talent, finding and retaining clients was also a tough road to walk on. As a new entrant, there was limited visibility in thoughts. The competition with established players in the industry was way more than what was anticipated. The team had to position smart marketing strategies, leverage its widespread network, and build relationships with potential clients to win their trust. With ardent efforts being put into marinating vibrant levels of quality in the services and cultivating positive client relationships, the brand has traced a legacy of unconventionality.

Impeccable Interface of Consumer’s Trust

The company is quite proud to be a leading face of the IT industry offering immensely exceptional services. The entire workforce at Kritivity Web Solutions is committed to delivering top-quality results to the clients and strives to achieve perfection in all projects. The pivotal focus is on maintaining high-quality and competitive pricing. To ensure the highest standards of quality, Mr. Abhishek Agrawal embraces personal involvement in all the projects. He always promotes the concept of implementing a hands-on approach. This has helped the brand earn a reputation for excellence and client satisfaction.

Technological advancements have led to a noticeable upward trend in the way customers seek out specialist services to meet their needs. As a result of this, the demand for specialist IT services has upscaled like never before. Following this, the industry is experiencing continuous growth and recognition. Clients are acknowledging the importance of utilizing specialized knowledge and experience to optimize their functioning. In such changing scenarios, Kritivity Web Solutions is creating an ecosystem in the IT industry where businesses have a plethora of high-octane web designing products and services to choose from as per their essentialities.

Discussing the true mantra of making a strong mark in the industry and the hearts of the customers, Mr. Agrawal said, “By forging meaningful relationships beyond just business transactions we have won our client’s trust. Our dominant attention is on building trust and fostering strong connections. The customer base we cater to today is the pure result of our values, our expertise, and our commitment to excellence.

From the Founder’s Desk

“Believe in your vision, never stop learning, and don’t be afraid of taking risks. You have to be passionate and focused to turn your dreams into reality. Remember, success comes to those who are persistent, resilient, and adaptable. Keep innovating and never give up on your dreams. Appreciate every win whether small or big. There are dark phases as well as beyond-beautiful phases. But whatever it is, it’s worth exploring and continuing to move while making your pavement. As an entrepreneur, speaking out of my inner conviction, I am committed to continued learning and growth.”

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