Picxele: How Picxele is Bridging the gap between Companies and Gig Workers


The changing economic conditions have compelled several businesses to dive into the world of gig economy. Besides, it’s not just companies that can enjoy the perks of the gig economy, workers too can benefit from it.
Gig Economy allows companies to hire expert services as and when required. Companies are required to pay lower space and healthcare costs. It also fosters the process of altering their workforce as per the business demands. For workers, it allows them to work on multiple projects at once, work more independently, and earn more than their FTE counterparts. This creates a harmonious environment for both parties, allowing them to function as per their convenience.
Picxele is an on-demand work solution provider that connects companies with trained gig workers. While hiring through Picxele, companies are required to pay only for the results delivered, and not for manpower.

Picxele: Helping Companies Meet Their On-Demand Work Requirements

Launched in June 2019, Picxele helps top brands connect with the appropriate, trained gig workers, and vice versa. Through Picxele, Gig Workers can earn regularly by applying for multiple tasks and gigs based on their skillset. It helps both companies and gig workers work in a more transparent and profitable environment.
Picxele has three primary features for Gig workers:
Quests: Includes all the available tasks/gigs that gig workers can perform and get paid for.
Offers: Includes Cashbacks/ Coupons from various brands across the board, which gig workers can avail of while shopping online.
Careers: Comprises of Job/Internship opportunities, shortlisted profiles, etc, for companies and gig workers.
The app majorly focuses on offering companies on-demand work requirements in the form of- Marketing, Research, Operations, and Other customized requirements. It allows marketing brands to connect with their customers and increase their brand awareness. It offers a broad range of services to them such as Content Creation, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Engagement, Campus Marketing, User Acquisition, and WhatsApp Marketing.
Picxele allows businesses to hire remote workers to get their work done through transcription, data entry, merchant onboarding, vendor acquisition, etc. The app also offers thorough Market Research, which is done by their team of Gig workers. The team conducts regular Online Surveys, Product Sampling, Mystery Auditing, On-Field Surveys, Data Collection, among numerous other market studies. These studies help the businesses get an accurate idea of the market situation before launching their product.
“Our Taskforce is there to meet on-demand business needs with diverse offerings through various other offerings such as Online Reputation Management, Lead Generation, Geo-tagging, Identity Verification, Telephonic Customer Support, and Screening Resources.” Stated Mr. Rishav Agarwal, Founder & CEO of Picxele.

Picxele’s Inception Story

They say “Necessity is the mother of invention”. True to this phrase, the idea of Picxele stemmed from a dire need. After completing more than 43 internships during the second year of college, Mr. Rishav developed an interest in Marketing. He started researching extensively on the subject. His research revealed a huge gap between students and brands, which was odd given their direct correlation. He realized that this gap created several obstacles in the growth of both parties.
“I started with my venture INTEGER Innovation where I used to get work from Companies and get it done via students and paid them as a stipend and after running it for some time along with my college studies.” Stated Mr. Rishav.
After gaining adequate expertise and knowledge in the field, he got his firm registered as Floatex Marketing Solutions Private Limited in July 2018. Things seemed to work out fine at first. However, as the demand started increasing, Mr. Rishav found the process to be rather tedious. Not only did he have to onboard new companies but also ensure that the Gig workers did quality work. This is how he got the idea of developing Picxele – an app through which Gig workers could work on multiple tasks from different companies and get paid for it instantly.

Overcoming Challenges As an App-Based Startup

Growing a business is exceptionally difficult, especially in the initial stages. Like every other business, Picxele, too, had to face certain challenges.
Due to the lack of legal knowledge and the absence of a strong core team, the company had to face several issues in the beginning. The main issues were regarding the payment from companies. However, with time and more experience, the company got better at their game. “Challenges are a part of the entrepreneurial journey. We keep encountering and solving them. We are in a much better place now than we were a year ago.” Stated Mr. Rishav.

What Makes Picxele Stand Out From Its Competitors

Being a brand that closely associates itself with trust and transparency, Picxele believes in managing emotions and expectations. “Since the initial days, we were concentrating our efforts on generating positive emotions in our consumers. Our prinary goal is to keep both the companies and the Gig Workers happy. We strive our level best to provide exceptional services to all the companies with satisfaction and also to the Gig Workers, in terms of experience and other recognition.” said Mr. Rishav.

Here is what makes the Picxele app unique in its operations:

Assures the fastest approval time for tasks/gigs, so that gig workers can keep earning.
Offers Live Status tracking for the jobs/internships the gig worker has applied for.
Ensuring regular payment to gig workers to build a relationship of transparency.
Delivering only top-notch works by skilled gig workers to companies.
About 60% of the companies who get their work done from Picxele become long-term users. This kind of customer retention is exceptional given the prevailing industry standards.

Picxele’s Goals For The Future

For the near future, Picxele has the following plans in the pipeline-
To reach around 100K users by March 2021, and train Gig workers more effectively.
To board more companies to cater to their on-demand work requirements.
To expand the core team and educate them more on tech and operations.
To boost the company’s growth by scaling revenues at twice the rate, within the next 2 years.

Mr. Rishav’s Message to Budding Entrepreneurs

Being in the industry for years, Mr. Rishav has acquired some timeless wisdom which he’d like to impart to budding entrepreneurs. Here’s his advice:
“There is no age to be an entrepreneur, but whenever you start to decide – make sure you’re completely ready especially if you are starting in your college days. Don’t take a hit or trial method. There are no second thoughts in entrepreneurship. It’s either Yes or No. Just go for it only if you are ready.”

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