Partha Banerjee: A Dynamic CEO Who’s Redefining India’s IT Scenario

Partha Banerjee | Viyat Solutions & Consultancy (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

When thinking of India’s IT sector, we oftentimes associate it with the colossal growth potential that’s conspicuous for all IT Professionals. The field is witnessing an unprecedented boom today, the likes of which have seldom been seen in the global scenario. Amid this period of growth, there are some professionals who’ve been especially avant-garde through their novel products & services. They’ve not only spurred innovation but also changed the prevailing paradigms of their industry.
Partha Banerjee is one such IT professional who has come forth with multiarray ingenious offerings. His company, Viyat Solutions & Consultancy (OPC) Pvt. Ltd, has been instrumental in spearheading several reforms in the field.
Albeit relatively new, Partha‘s company has already left a strong impact owing to its successful service record. He has catered to the diverse IT needs of dozens of clients, which come from varied industrial backgrounds.
Be it his visionary processes or effective leadership, there are various elements of Partha‘s success which are particularly noteworthy. We’ll be touching upon them in this article, with the hope that new entrepreneurs will derive immense value from the inspirational content.

Viyat Solutions Consultancy: & Partha Banerjee’s Multifaceted Brand

Led by Partha Banerjee, Viyat Solutions & Consultancy is an NRI initiative by a team of established IT professionals, who have over 75 years of cumulative experience in IT Infrastructure consulting and implementation, Customer Relationship Management, Digital Transformation and Solution Selling. The goal of the company is to provide consultancy, advisory services, and solutions to organizations of all sizes, across their organizational lifecycle. They strive to solve the client’s continuously evolving problems by providing consultancy and appropriate solutions most suited to their unique position. All of these solutions are backed by deep-rooted knowledge and decades of experience. The company encompasses the following service areas:

  • IT Consulting: Infrastructure, Security & SAP
  • Telecom Solutions & Consultancy
  • Intelligent Robotics Process Automation
  • Digital Transformation & Advisory.
  • Cyber Security and
  • E-Commerce Solutions.

Inception to Inspiration: His Journey Thus Far

Viyat Solutions & Consultancy was conceived in December 2020, with a vision to introduce on board IT Solutions that’d not only be cost-effective but also easy-to-use. Since the inception days of the company, Partha had to face his fair share of hardships, which were quite different from the ones faced by other entrepreneurs. He recalls how he had a tough time initially while adjusting to the conditions of Indian market. He had returned to India after nearly two decades, after which he took up the reins of the company. During the process, he had to unlearn a lot of practices and norms, which is still an ongoing process. He was used to a completely different business system and tax pattern. Furthermore, Indian market dynamics and consumer behaviour were also vastly different. Despite the hindrances, however, Partha managed to show consistent progress during his tenure as the CEO. He is constantly upping his game in the Indian market. His willingness to adapt has been a fuel of inspiration to all his fellow team members.

Viyat Solutions’ Clientele and Service Expertise

Partha‘s consistent focus through his company has been on the Mid-market segment. Although the company serves a broad spectrum of the market, it has specific solutions for the following segments:

  • Retail & Distribution.
  • Education.
  • Hospitality.
  • Services.
  • Manufacturing.
  • B&FI.

Adding to the specialized services, Partha‘s team has a rich international exposure of over 20 years. This has helped them figure out the gaps that exist in the customer understanding and hence expectations of the solutions. Furthermore, they’re also adept at understanding their apprehensions on the ROI and the issues arising out of the ambiguities in the customers’ perception of the deliverables. Viyat Solutions’ service approach is purely consultative. Through its unique solutions, it believes in partnering with the customers and paving their path for a total business transformation.

Keeping Pace with Market Trends

To stay abreast with the dynamic market trends, Partha keeps himself updated through reading, social media, and networking. He identifies the principles who have innovative solutions fitting the framework of his organization and are willing to work with him in a same wavelength. Learning is a continuous process and Partha is a strong proponent of this ideology. According to him, a person stops learning only when he dies, and a person dies when he stops learning.
Although an ardent learner, Partha doesn’t focus as much on the company’s R & D activities. Given the nature of his business, which is consultative, he doesn’t foresee much benefit from such activities. In the future, however, he is keen on having his own product line and incorporating R & D therein.

An Emphasis on Employee Satisfaction

Partha believes that employees are the heartbeat of an organization. They carry the organization in the market and represent the organization to the customers. For this reason, it is imperative for a company to have a content workforce. There are various means through which this can be ensured. According to Partha, money is a key motivator which can keep the employees content. The, he feels that it’s also important to value their professional acumen and respect them as individuals. He always encourages a participative culture in his organization. He encourages them to take decisions, and even if they go wrong, gives them an opportunity to correct themselves. Attitude is of unequivocal importance in Partha’s employee credo. They are continuously observed and evaluated based on their attitude. Another very important factor, one which keeps the employees content with their work and working environment, is the transparency in communication at all levels within the organization. This ensures the holistic development of the entire workforce.

His Company’s CSR Activities

Being an organization that’s staunch on values, Viyat Solutions & Consultancy is very active on the CSR front. For starters, the company is in the process of working out some solutions for Senior Citizens.
The solutions would be aimed at making their daily life more secure and convenient. Furthermore, the company is offering some special tailor-made solutions for the educational institutions and welfare organizations. These would be useful in augmenting their activities whilst being cost-effective.

Partha’s Entrepreneurial Inspiration

Numerous leaders and scriptures have been a driving force for Partha along his journey. On the professional front, he takes inspiration from Shri Ratan Tata and Warren Buffet. At the personal level, he heeds the lessons of Bhagwat Geeta and tries to follow the teachings of Swami Vivekananda. If there is anyone who looks up to him, Partha would suggest them to be honest with themselves, first and foremost. Then, they should have a positive frame of mind, respect the people around them as well as the job that is taking care of their livelihood. He would also recommend them to be receptive in nature and have an open mind for new ideas.

A Message To Our Readers

Partha, being a champion for progressive entrepreneurship, urges all our readers to bring sustainability and collaboration in their business approach. He acknowledges the uncertainty of current times and hence advocates the aforesaid virtues. Here’s his message for them: “These are the testing times for everyone. It’s important for us to work towards achieving the optimum and not have high expectations. This is the time when all of us should collaborate more than compete. This is the time to add more value to our services and ensure that the customer has a good return on investment. Then only we can sustain ourselves.”

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