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DigiTalks | Ms. Raashi Sharma

We are witnessing a new generation of empowered women who are challenging societal norms at each step with an audacious aura. In the last decade, we have seen a massive number of women from diverse backgrounds establishing an emblem of perfection in the business ecosystem. Prime Insights has always been an ardent admirer of women taking the league in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and today we have brought one such inspiring story before our readers. We invited Ms. Raashi Sharma– Founder and CEO of DigiTalks to have a freewheeling conversation with our team. The conversation turned out to be extremely motivational and we featured the same under the exclusive segment of “Business Leader of the Year 2023”.

Preface of the Company

DigiTalks is a 360-degree global digital marketing agency. Incepted in 2019 in the heart of Mumbai, the brand has grown globally because of its quality services. During the initial days, the brand started with graphic designing and social media marketing. Combining all the experiences and understanding of the marketing domain, the brand now offers additional services like Social Media Management, Designing, Content Creation and Writing, Ads, SEO, Website Development, App Development, Branding, Packaging, Blockchain, Promotional Sales, Hybrid Software Development, and much more.

Being a comprehensive platform for all diverse needs of transformative marketing strategies, the ultimate aim is to help brands grow and make their dreams come true. The team at DigiTalks is persistent about contributing to the growth of up-and-coming brands, solopreneurs, and start-ups along with established brands that aspire to grow.

Beginning the Journey

Starting as a freelancer who wanted to help grow home-owned brands, Ms. Raashi Sharma was unaware of just how big her impact could be. From working solo to having a team of more than 25 today, her mission is still the same – to help brands grow digitally and efficiently. DigiTalks started as a one-woman army with basic services, but with global collaborations and garnering the best talent across India, it is one of the fastest-growing Digital Service agencies today.

Perseverance to Deliver Eminence

We asked Ms. Raashi about the struggles she faced during the course of her journey to which she asserted, “I don’t think it’s a struggle. When you enjoy what you do, yes you face challenges, but as a Founder and a CEO, your willpower is always higher than the mountain of challenges. The struggle is a state of mind. If you consider your challenges as individual identities, then they are mountains you need to overcome instead of life happening to you, it becomes lessons that act as a catalyst to your personal and professional growth. Similar to struggle, I believe competition is in one’s mind. Eventually, you are your only competition and your aim should be to be a better version of yourself. CEOs in today’s world, as fierce as they may be, have a massive helping hand to their colleagues and CEOs. With start-ups being enterprising in India, the CEO community has brought about a sense of unity and mutual growth.”

Meticulous Efforts in Building the Healthy Corporate Culture

Ms. Raashi Sharma consciously adheres to the quote, “You are only as good as your team!” She believes in every word of that sentence and it is her constant mantra for building her dream team. The workforce is referred to as the “DT FAM” and not employees! Envisioning an adroit team, she keeps a vigilant check that all her employees are content, happy, and growing in their skills constantly.
For this, she conducts a 1:1 session with each member of DigiTalks’ team every month to understand their challenges, milestones, and respective goals. Apart from the one on ones, DigiTalks also hosts weekly meetings, team-building activities, transparent conversations, client shuffles, team learning activities, and much more which helps the members open up about their concerns and keep them growing and learning.

Deeply Entrenched in Research and Development

Ms. Raashi Sharma also revealed that as far as frequent IG updates, new AI technology, changing client briefs, moment marketing, and other domains are concerned, digital marketing has always been a day-to-day runner. It is important to dedicate time to research to stay on top of the trends and market.
“100% R&D is imperative for any business, and digital is no different. We don’t just need to understand our clients; we need to understand each customer of all our clients. We need to understand and decode what our client’s consumer will need, want, or desire and then build strategies around it. R&D is a method that is the base foundation of everything you do. If your research is not strong, your campaign will most definitely fail.”
She also advises all entrepreneurs to be aware of what may happen and predict certain trends that may fall through. A strong R&D is the prominent way to keep up with the pace, along with a team that is motivated, dedicated, and invested in what they do. She elucidated that her resilient team is the crux of the company.

Expansion Plans for Future

DigiTalks is in the process of becoming a one-stop solution for all things digital. It will become the most effective and simplistic platform that even solopreneurs and start-ups can explore. The team manifests to make digital marketing accessible to all brands, companies, and homeowners alike, with the utmost ease.

Words of Wisdom from the Dignitary Womenpreneur

We asked Ms. Raashi Sharma to share some words of wisdom for our global readership panel and she was delighted to elucidate, “Stay stubborn, stay persistent, and be the better version of yourself daily. Whatever your goal might be, evaluate it, ensure that is something you want, and once you know this is it, just charge ahead and keep finding efficient ways to achieve it.”

For all the aspiring entrepreneurs she said, “Being an entrepreneur is a journey. You just have to be your unique self and listen to your voice. There will be noise around you, but at that moment you have to make a conscious decision to trust your gut and stick with it. The voice is always there inside you, you just have to hear it. Being true to yourself and staying persistent is the key. There may be times when you lose hope, but at that moment you have to believe in yourself. Hold yourself closer in difficult times; after all, you are your own best friend. Remember it’s never too late; you have to believe in your idea, your dream. If you don’t believe in it, no one else will.”

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