Mirasimo Fragrances & Cosmetics LLP: An Emerging Pioneer of Niche Fragrance Distributor in India


Mirasimo Fragrances & Cosmetics LLP

“Niche fragrances are the true embodiment of luxury, where every drop speaks a tale of craftsmanship and celebrates the extraordinary residing in each individual.”

For our readers who are wondering what niche fragrances are, let’s understand the concept right from the beginning!
In contrast to mass-market perfumes and designer perfumes, niche fragrances are produced in smaller quantities and are known for their unparalleled scents. These fragrances are made with extreme delicateness, combining unconventional notes and high-octane natural ingredients. These potent ingredients are sourced from rare and exotic raw materials, contributing to their complex scent profiles.
As the name suggests, niche fragrances allow customers to customize their scents because they’re made in limited quantities. They are often sold in select boutiques, high-end department stores, or directly by the perfumer, adding an element of exclusivity to their appeal. These are associated with narrating experiences and leaving a mark worth admiring! Whether it is about natural and botanical scents or experimental fragrances, the world of niche fragrances has something for every personality.
With that being said, Prime Insights presents the story of a company and its brand that are carving a legacy by bringing together a collection of some of the most unique and sought-after niche fragrances from around the world!
Mirasimo Fragrances & Cosmetics LLP bought nearly 30 plus unique niche fragrance brands from around the world and started their retail boutique chain in the name of SCENTIDO NICHE PERFUMERY. India’s first niche perfume boutique, SCENTIDO, brings together a collection of iconic and enigmatic luxurious fragrances like Roja Parfums, Clive Christian, Floris London, Thameen, Pantheon Roma, Miller Harris, Matiere Premiere, Boadicea, Oman Luxury, The Spirit of Dubai, Jovoy, Electimuss, DS & Durga, Escentric Molecules, and many more.
Derived from the Spanish word ‘Sentido’ – meaning sense or heartfelt, SCENTIDO is the luxurious door to exploring the art of perfumes. Handpicked from France to New York, Italy to London, these perfumes unravel journeys to become connoisseurs.
Under the paramount leadership of its Managing Director, Mr. Shishir Mehta, both Mirasimo and its retail brand SCENTIDO are flourishing and stamping vibrant benchmarks of excellence. We invited the prominent leader to share many lesser-known facts about his entrepreneurial journey. To feature his valuable words and entrepreneurial experiences, we are elated to feature Mirasimo Fragrances & Cosmetics LLP under the enticing segment of “Most Trusted Brand of the Year 2023”.

The Inception Roots

A perfume aficionado Mr. Shishir Mehta laid the foundation of Mirasimo Fragrances & Cosmetics LLP. The idea was born out of his elaborate yet exquisite personal collection of fragrances from niche brands around the world. Mr. Shishir Mehta began his professional career as a mechanical engineer, successfully heading a national metallurgical testing laboratory for 35 years. It was his passion for fragrances that motivated him to devote his complete attention to entrepreneurialism. His interest in this unique category began back in 2010, and through his dedicated efforts, he dove into the world of niche scents with full gusto, creating Mirasimo. Hence, Mirasimo and its retail chain, SCENTIDO were created with the manifestation of bringing art and elegance under one roof and weaving a destination for self-discovery through an experience that truly captures all your senses.

Adding Value to Customers’ Choices at Every Turn

The impressive consumer response became another driving force for Mirasimo. The team also came forward and educated the consumers in fine detail about Mirasimo’ s services. Additionally, consumers showed remarkable responses to Mirasimo’ s retail chain boutique, SCENTIDO NICHE PERFUMERY, wherein they have the freedom to regularly visit the stores, spend ample amounts of time getting to know the products, and choose what suits their anticipations best!
The perfume and fragrance industry in India was completely dominated by already-established designer perfume brands. Mr. Shishir Mehta’s notion of introducing the concept of niche fragrances in India was a significant challenge to confront. To alleviate Mirasimo’s market presence, the team worked diligently on educating and making customers aware that its niche fragrances promise exceptional value and are worthy of every money spent. Mirasimo is defining trust within the market by providing authentic products of high-octane quality. With a multitude of options available at Mirasimo’s boutiques, SCENTIDO NICHE PERFUMERY, there is something impeccable for everyone.

A Glimpse of the Services

Mirasimo offers authentic and unique perfumes from around the world. The adept team of seasoned fragrance consultants provides personalized consultation, home appointments, a seamless digital experience, and multi-sensorial events where the customer gets to experience and indulge in fragrances at different levels. In addition to the above, Mirasimo also offers services around personalized fragrance consultation at SCENTIDO NICHE PERFUMERY, corporate gifting options, gift cards.

Listening, Learning, and Leading: Building Robust Customer Relations

Mr. Shishir Mehta talked about his ideology of scaling his business venture by simply keeping customer satisfaction at the core of everything. The dignitary leader emphasizes delivering such strong values to customers that it not only cements their trust but also makes them feel confident about their persona from the inside out. Here is what he elucidates.

“A perfume is an accessory that most people cannot do without. It is something very personal and speaks abundantly about an individual’s personality. Whoever walks in at SCENTIDO NICHE PERFUMERY, is sure to leave with their signature scent. We have something for every age group, every gender, and every price point. Therefore, the connections we have with our customers are quite personal and sentimental.
Mirasimo has witnessed an absolute evolution in how consumers trust its services. We have always ensured to pay utmost attention to our customers’ feedback and suggestions. We at Mirasimo Fragrances & Cosmetics LLP proudly claim that we only distribute and retail authentic niche brands. We have garnered our customers’ trust by maintaining a transparent relationship with them, which in turn has created goodwill and enabled us to develop a strong brand image.
Our customers have round-the-clock access to our store managers, fragrance consultants, and management authorities. Such swift paradigms of communication have strengthened our alliances, and we take pride in the value we have been consistently delivering over these years. All the customers of Mirasimo are repeat customers looking for something ethereal or to renew their previously sought signature scent!”

Spreading the Words

Mirasimo has implemented promotional activities on various channels by organizing multi-sensory events in its various boutiques, endorsing advertisements in luxury publications, running promotion campaigns on social media platforms, providing customers with exclusive offers, educational masterclasses, collaborations with influencers and celebrities, and luxury pop-ups, amongst others.

Future Prospectus

Mirasimo Fragrances & Cosmetics LLP is actively looking forward to expanding its business by launching a 3-axis brand that will collectively cover the segments of cosmetics, skincare, and fragrances. In addition to it, Mirasimo will also be opening many more SCENTIDO NICHE PERFUMERY stores throughout the India. Mirasimo will also be focusing heavily on developing a strong distribution base of niche fragrance brands, strengthening its reputation in the retail environment, and reaching out more to potential customers.

Parting Words from the Director’s Desk

Prime Insights hopes that Mirasimo Cosmetics & Fragrances LLP will foster success in its upcoming endeavours. Their determination to revolutionize the niche fragrance industry in India is truly commendable, and we are excited to see their exciting launches ahead.
Towards the culmination of the read, we express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Shishir Mehta for collaborating with us. To enlighten the aspiring minds of our global readership panel and fuel their motivation, we requested that he share a few words of wisdom. Here is what the luminary concludes:
“When you follow your passion, you stay more motivated and dedicated to your ambitions as you genuinely enjoy what you’re doing. Whatever your pursuits are, there will be setbacks along the way that could create moments of self-doubt. However, these challenges are a natural part of the process, as they become opportunities for growth and learning. If you can withstand these challenges, you will find the strength to push through them.”






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