Speaking Mirror- Joydeep Sen: A Creative Entrepreneur Who’s Spurring Transformation in the Digital Marketing Space

Speaking Mirror

When thinking of creative industries, we often conjure images of talented professionals who’re crafting emotional stories. The hours of work put into a single script or ad or scene is a testament to the passion these professionals possess. In a metaphysical sense, it can be said that they’re giving a piece of their soul in whatever artwork they produce.
As of late, there have been few entrepreneurs who’ve been especially successful in popularizing this creative obsession. We’ll be talking about one such remarkable entrepreneur, Joydeep Sen, who’s the Founder & Creative Director of Speaking Mirror.
Our appreciation for Joydeep’s efforts is mainly driven by the fact that his brand has achieved unprecedented recognition within a matter of few years. Established in 2017, Speaking Mirror has already created a palpable presence in East India as well as the country’s digital marketing space.
We’ll be covering the various noteworthy aspects of Joydeep and his brand’s success story throughout this article.

The Idea That Birthed Speaking Mirror

A series of educational and professional experiences led Joydeep to the inspiration for his company. In 2014, he substantiated his creative front by completing his graduation in Multimedia from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. Thereafter, in 2015, he completed his Post-Graduation from Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC), Mumbai. After his studies, Joydeep worked at illustrious entertainment brands, such as Star Sports, Bloomberg TV India, and Perfect Relations. He decided that he didn’t want to continue working as an employee in the industry. Instead, he wanted to start a venture of his own. He finally launched Speaking Mirror in 2017, with offerings in the areas of Digital and Social Media Marketing, and Designing & Editing. Gradually, his company’s portfolio grew to a full-service web agency covering areas from Content Creation to Digital PR.
Fast-forward to December 2021, Speaking Mirror has carved a niche for itself in the industry with 150 satisfied clients. The most remarkable record of its portfolio was amid Nov 2019 – March 2020, during which it boasted of 50 active clients. The company will complete 5 successful years in January 2022.

Overcoming Initial Market Challenges

Much like any successful entrepreneur, Joydeep’s journey was filled with umpteen trials & tribulations. This was especially true when his company was in the initial stages.
Being a young agency, Joydeep’s company found it difficult to make clients trust its services. As they were new in the market, they also had to work at very low rates. There were instances where Joydeep was very reluctant to work with some clients owing to their poor rates. He however, held onto them as he didn’t want to lose out on clients. In addition, almost 20% of his clients didn’t pay at all for his services. This amounted to significant financial loss for the company.
Despite the setbacks however, Joydeep persevered and as evident, achieved noteworthy success for the company. A great part of this can be attributed to his company’s multifarious offerings.

An Overview of The Company’s Offerings

A major highlight of Joydeep’s company is that it emphasizes brand story and brand perception on all platforms. It has an all-encompassing service base covering all industrial sectors. Given below are its areas of focus:

  • Content
  • Designing
  • Social Media Management
  • Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Blogger Management
  • Crisis Management (CM)
  • Digital Campaign
  • Web Design & Development
  • Digital PR

In working with clients, Joydeep first seeks to deeply and systematically understand their specific requirements. He then accordingly decides what services would best benefit them.
Apart from its versatile services, Speaking Mirror is also renowned for its seemingly “non-professional” demeanour.

Joydeep’s Emphasis on Amicable Work Culture

Unlike a lot of corporates, Joydeep with his company likes to maintain a laid-back work environment. Although stringent about quality and deadlines, he prefers to keep an overall friendly attitude in his team to foster creativity & communication. The same casual demeanour is visible in his interactions with clients as well.
Joydeep ensures that all his clients view them as partners and advisors. He doesn’t want to be merely business associates, but rather cement lasting friendships with clients. In fact, he has been so amicable that he has even played cricket with them at times! It is this openness and trust in client interactions that has become the USP of his brand.
Furthermore, Speaking Mirror also boasts of a very comprehensive research front that has helped it stand out among competitors.

An Extensive Research Approach

One of the most outstanding aspects of Joydeep’s brand is its extensive approach in research. Cumulatively, the company devotes 15 – 30 days for thorough R & D across various facets. Depending on the urgency of the client, this time frame can be shortened as well.
The extensive market research of the company encompasses sector analysis, sub-sector analysis, competitor analysis, etc. Once all such facets are covered, it presents the proposed marketing plan to clients for approval. The clients might then suggest some changes/inputs to create a revised and final version of the plan.
In addition to the aforesaid, Joydeep also emphasizes market trend research so as to stay abreast with competitors. For this, he has delegated a person who continually tracks trends like IG reels, YouTube Shorts, etc. His company furthermore believes more in “creating trends” as opposed to following them, which is why he engages in weekly creative brainstorming with his team.
The relentless creativity and efforts of Joydeep and team are conspicuously evident in Speaking Mirror’s achievement record.

Noteworthy Achievements

Thus far, Joydeep’s company has garnered multiple significant milestones. In its first year itself, Speaking Mirror bagged the marketing deal for one of the most prestigious educational institutes in India, IIM. In the same year, it also claimed deals with Andhra Loyola College, Xavier’s University, Bhubaneswar and St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. In the second year, Joydeep signed a huge three-product ad from David & Goliath, an eminent Food & Beverages Company from Italy. From thereon, he has been able to vastly expand his clientele across locations like Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Vijayawada, etc. (in India) and Dubai Bangkok, Melbourne, London, and New York (outside India).
Going forward, Joydeep has some ambitious plans for expansion in both national and international markets.

Plans For the Future

As a major goal of his expansion strategy, Joydeep wants to reach a multitude of international markets across various continents. Having worked in various foreign locations, he’s well-acquainted with the service standards and prices of their regional competitors. He’s thus confident that his company will be able to offer better service at a lower price point.
Speaking of his goals in India, Joydeep wants to expand his reach in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities as well. He believes there’s massive untapped potential in these cities and one should effectively harness it.
On a final note, he shares some motivating words of encouragement for the benefit of our entrepreneur readers.

A Message to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Being a seasoned entrepreneur, Joydeep has learnt the unequivocal significance of taking the “leap of faith”. He believes he wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for his bold initial moves. He thus shares a similar message to uplift our readers:
“Even if you possess 1% of inspiration for entrepreneurship, go ahead with it; don’t think much. You’ll probably fall down 10 times, but the 1 time you get up will be enough to proclaim victory. Above all, have a constant growth mindset and never stop leveling up your craft. Keep expanding your mind and spirit!”







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