Inext Logistics and Supply Chain Pvt. Ltd: Redefining The Industry Through technology, Seamless & Flexible Solutions

When thinking of a global economy, one cannot help but imagine the incessant transport of goods. The import/export of various commodities, as well as their resultant cash flow churn the wheels of the economic machinery. Unequivocally, the logistics industry plays a huge role in this process.
The logistics scenario in India, particularly, has been amid a phase of rapid technological and procedural advancement. In the past few years, this change has been especially noteworthy, thanks to the advent of efficient transport processes by forward-thinking companies.
An outstanding example of this is seen in Inext Logistics and Supply Chain Pvt. Ltd, a company that emphasizes flexibility & feasibility through its technology & its services. It offers a broad array of efficient packing, handling, and transport solutions to manufactures and business owners.
Inext envisions redefining the international logistics scenario through a strong customer-centric approach. Thus far, it has been quite successful, with almost 100% of its customers being regular, loyal ones.
The sheer hard work and determination of the brand is glaringly evident in its success story. We’ll be unravelling this story in the flow of this article.

A Remarkable Idea: The Inception of Inext

Inext was founded in the year 2009 by Mr. Amardeep Singh Khurana, a serial entrepreneur with over 13 years of experience in handling businesses and 10 years in world’s topmost logistics companies. Back in the early 2000s, while working in the logistics sector, Amardeep realized there was lack of flexibility and timely response for customers. Furthermore, even big MNCs were lacking in this regard. While things were running smoothly, this flaw was ignorable. But as soon as there was a delay in the service, the companies didn’t even bother to respond to customer calls. Amardeep understood the perplexity and demands of the situation; the customers didn’t just need cost-effective services, they also needed flexibility. He thus decided to establish Inext, in order to offer seamless & flexible logistics solutions.
Through Inext, Amardeep has been able to solve the biggest problem in supply chain : the disaccord faced by manufacturers, Importers & exporters and business owners. In addition, it has worked on reducing the overall supply chain cost through its innovative products.
Inext’s remarkable ideas have inspired companies in not just logistics, but also other industries as well.

Inext’s All-Encompassing Solutions

As one of Asia’s fastest growing companies in the industry, Inext offers a wide range of logistics and supply chain solutions. Given below is a list of them:

  • Air Freight
  • Sea Freight
  • Custom Brokerage
  • Express Courier
  • Project Handling
  • Transport Solutions
  • Regulatory Consultancy
  • Sourcing Support.
  • Packing & Insurance
  • Household goods
  • Exhibition Logistics.

Inext’s solutions aim to cover all the end-to-end supply chain demands of its customers. At every step of the process, a special emphasis is placed on factors like transparency and responsiveness.

Inext Logistics

Kindling The Trust of Customers

Like any quality brand, Inext gives paramount importance to fostering the trust of its customers. It ardently stands by its motto: “PASSION DELIVERED”.
Whatever business the company handles, it makes sure that it always delivers its commitment and many a time, Inext teams go out of the way to deliver service to customers.
The trust garnered thereof, is thus a by-product of timely delivery of services and the approachability of Inext teams.

The following stands behind the company’s uniqueness:

  • Technology Enabled Cost Effective solutions
  • Single Window solutions
  • Pan India and Global Presence
  • Flexible on Demand Services
  • 24 x 7 x 365 service.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of Inext’s customer service, one which conclusively proves its dedication, is the fact that almost 100% of its customers are regular. It gets most of its business through referrals from existing customers.
Recently, the company launched a feedback survey and 98.57% of the customers said that they were satisfied with its services, and the value it was adding to their business.

INEXT’S Strategic Marketing Initiatives

Being a value-focused company, Inext doesn’t perform any specific marketing activities to promote its products.
The biggest marketing initiative for Inext is simply delivering world-class services to its customers. The customers then act as a brand ambassador and in turn, promote its services far and wide.
As a company with a global footprint, Inext also participates in various networking conferences around the world.

Plans For the Future

At the moment, Inext is expanding in India as well as overseas. It has opened two overseas offices in Hongkong/China & Canada. Furthermore, it has expanded its base in India, currently having 16 branch offices.
The company has also started its door-to-door vertical “Inext Express”, which is a tech-enabled end to end express service network. It is spending a lot of financial resources on technology and trainings.
By March 2022, the company is taking “Inext Digital, through which it’ll be a completely tech-driven enterprise. All its systems will be on autopilot and it’ll provide more value to customers by providing real-time information everywhere.
Speaking of the decade-long plan, Inext envisions being a 1000+ crore company by 2025, with 25 offices in different continents. By 2030, it plans on being a billion-dollar company.

An Inspiring Entrepreneurship Journey

Amardeep describes his entrepreneurial journey thus far as “extremely rewarding”. He recollects how he built everything from scratch, and in the process, formed an army of people who’ There always ready to deliver passion to customers.
Today, Inext is not just a logistics company but a complete group diversified into express, ecommerce, trading, export & import.
Amardeep attributes the success of his company to some key principles, which he advises our readers:
“Make your goals in writing, manifest them and then do everything possible to achieve them. Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”

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