Fronius India Private Limited: Redefining The Paradigms of Modern Entrepreneurship


Fronius India

Ever since the inception of modern businesses, there has been a conspicuous lack in a holistic blend of systems & spirit.
While many entrepreneurs have a flair for business, they lack the raw material in terms of a more in-tuned spiritual credo. Or it’s the other way around – they might have a compassionate spirit, but might slack on the systems & processes front.
Admittedly, all entrepreneurs are hard workers and their efforts towards their vision are 100%. That said, there are only a handful perhaps who have medical calibrated their yin & yang side year-after-year.
In the international scheme of things, an uprising brand – Fronius India Private Limited – has secured a marked milestone in balancing its compassion & core values in a strict business sense.
Although an older brand, it posseses both the yin spirit of new-age startups as well as a highly systematized process front.
The brand is an ideation of esteemed entrepreneur, Mr. Gunter Fronius, who is renowned worldwide for his visionary spirit and entrepreneurial ambition.

About Fronius India

Fronius India subsidiary commenced operations 9 years back with headquarters at Chakan. To accommodate growing demands of our vast customer base, We now have a permanent office at Bhosari, MIDC, Pune. This location is in the centre of the city making it a very convenient location for customers to reach us. Perfect welding has a full-fledged technology centre. Our Innovation and skill centre is well-equipped to conduct trials & training simultaneously, ensuring that innovation & skill building happens faster and smoother. We also have a dedicated Repair Centre for better support for repair/warranty spares & service.

Few highlights:

  • Robotic Booths
  • Manual Stations
  • Semi-Automatic Pipe welding system
  • Non- Destructive testing facility
  • Dedicated area for Metal preparation
  • Fume

Dust extraction system

  • Changing rooms
  • Display area

What Distinguishes Fronius in The Market

A real milestone – not only in the history but also for the overall trend of sustainability for the brand came up with Fronius Perfect Welding’s first primary switched GMA welding system in 1981. The device was presented at the Essen Welding and Cutting Show that year. Being an avant-garde invention of the time, its benefits were multifarious – in both energy efficiency as well as Power Saving.
Further along the years, the following inventions gained much traction from the mass market:

The Digital Transpuls Synergic Generation: In the early 90`s the first Transpuls Synergic generation is a front where Fronius achieved the breakthrough in the automotive industry and in Robotic Welding. Down the line in 1998, it was the first time that the welding system became digital process controlled, with the Transpuls Synergic 2nd generation Process.

Introduction of TPS/i: Since 2013, the TPS/i prepared for the requirement of Industry 4.0, equipped with Connectivity, such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and User management NFC including data management Weldcube.

Multiprocess PRO iWave: The latest generation of universally high-end welding inverter equipment’s, which was launched this year in 2022. It unifies all welding processes, even TIG with high frequency against since the generation of the TA 500.

The Company’s Three Integral Business Units

  • Perfect Welding:
    Fronius aspires to produce more than just welding systems, which is why we are the innovation leader for arc welding and are constantly developing welding processes further.
    In addition to welding technology for robot applications, it offers solutions for manual gas shielded arc welding, for MIG/MAG, TIG, and MMA welding processes. We also implement automated, complete welding solutions tailored to customer requirements in the field of welding automation.
    The company’s belief is that welding creates connections – between metals, between industries, and between people. For this reason, it is conected by the arc, by passion, by the beat of welding.


  • Perfect Charging:
    Whether it is traction batteries for electric forklift trucks in intralogistics or starter batteries in the car workshop and the showroom, Fronius Perfect Charging will implement tailored solutions, ensuring efficient energy supply. As an expert in battery charging technology with 75 years’ experience, the company specializes in products and services which can help to optimize your operating costs in the long term. This is the company’s unequivocal guarantee.

From analysis to planning and implementation through to operation, maintenance, and servicing: Fronius is an expert for the entire charging infrastructure. It provides advice regardless of the technology used and supply the ideal solution that best meets your individual requirements.

Fronius’s products use the latest technologies available on the market, whether for lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries.


  • Solar Energy:
    For 30 years, renewable energy has been the key to an energy transition that benefits people as well as the environment. It makes solar energy usable around the clock and independent of the season because the power of the sun is there for everyone. To achieve this, it networks and controls energy generation and consumption digitally, as greater efficiency means greater sustainability.
    A stable family business, the company is a strong global player in the industry for Solar Inverters.

Reinvigorating the Inventor’s Spirit

Since its inception in 1945, Fronius has been defined on a global & entrepreneurial scale by its passion for avant-garde technologies. As stated prior, it is above all renowned for its hallmark research & revolutionary solutions.
The company thus far has predominantly focused on developing innovative methods for energy monitor/control in 3 areas, viz;

  • Welding technology.
  • Solar Energy
  • Battery Charging.

The Three Pillars Of Sustainability

  • People- People are our main priority.
  • Planet- But planet Earth is also an important consideration in the area of sustainability
  • Profit- Economic sustainability is essential for a company

-All our sites are certified in line with ISO 14001,-100% electrical energy on site from renewable energy sources-Almost 2,000 MWh of energy from our own PV systems at the sites-81% of the overall energy consumption, including mobility and heating, originate from renewable sources.

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