Top 10 awesome features of Google

Top 10 awesome features of Google

One of the most popular search engine Google is now known to the entire world for its easy access, best results and some of its coolest tools that makes this search giant a far greater one. Let us look into some of the features that make it more attractive and appealing to the mass.

Google Flight Search

It is one of the best flight price comparison platforms where users can find the best possible flight available on the scheduled time and date and even price range. Simply use this feature and pick out the starting point and the destination. After this, select the dates of travel and stay along with respective prices and select the one according to the budget.

Google Public Data Explorer

Apart from a normal search platform for multiple users, Google also offers specialized search sites, such as this one which is a treasure box full of information on public statistics. Go to Google Public Data Page and type a simple topic of your interest. Google will revert with an easy-to-read data page were tweaking it with other options such as comparison, sorting or finding the best among others that can be easily availed.

Google definitions

There is no longer a need to reach out for any word meaning in the dictionary, as this feature easily finds meaning and definition of any world across the world. The definition is instant and the use of the word as different parts of speech is also highlighted. One can also get the pronunciation and click on the grey arrow for more information such as word origins.

Google Nutrition Comparison Search

To find out the best nutrition for any human being based on their health status, google can easily come up with a comparison search between two products leaving you without the hassle of being in the dilemma of which one to go for. Simply type ‘compare’ into Google’s search bar along with the food name you want to look at and rest leave on Google to find the best possible comparison and in terms of what will also be displayed right in front of you.

Google Translations

Go to the normal Google page and type in ‘translate (word) to (language)’ in the search bar. It will give a quick translation of any word or para in just a click. The language can be any language of the world and there is no limitation at all. One can now read, write or listen to anything based on their choice of language.

Atari Breakout

With a lot of stress around and working day long on the PC, one needs a break from the monotony. In such an instance, thanks to Google where one can play a version of the classic Atari Breakout game whenever they want. On the Google Image Search page- and search for ‘Atari Breakout’, then wait for the fun to start.

Google nGrams

It is a great research tool that enables users to find how many times specific words occur in more than 5 million books written between 1800 and the present. This helps people all over the world to visualize or see for words that get more or less popular over time.

Google Sky

With Google Earth making great images over the world, Google Sky accounts as another outstanding feature. It helps the user to search the heavens and see images of stars, planets and galaxies taken from probes, satellites and telescopes. It contains a microwave and infrared images as well as a historic map of the stars made by Giovanni Maria Cassini in 1792.

Google Conversions

Now Google has launched a new platform to convert any kind of unit from one form to another, be it in the kitchen or your child’s homework. So now converting any units of measurement be it big or small, simple or complex has become much easier without the use of a calculator. On the search bar, enter a search like ‘convert 10 km to hectares’ and Google will do the rest. The search result is instant and 100% accurate.

Exclude Search Items

The algorithms of Google are very good at searching the Internet to find the information one is looking for. Sometimes, users keep on getting popular results that aren’t accurate to make them frustrated. Tweak your search result using the minus sign (-) before any word that you don’t want to show up and you are all set for the rest.

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