A SAAS-Based Loyalty and Analytics Platform Recuperating Retail Businesses


A stark feature of a virtuous company is that it believes in empowering its employees. For any business firm out there, investing in their employee’s growth and development will turn the tables of success. One such colossal example is Blue Ocktopus. Our Prime Insights Magazine feels delighted and honored to feature Blue Ocktopus as the “Best Company to Work for in 2023” on our platform. The corporation is India’s pioneering Digital Reward, Loyalty, and Analytics Company which is helping brands retain and engage their customers better. They are leveling up their business game by curating an amiable work environment. Here, at every step, employees enjoy the opportunity of experimenting with their creativity and knowledge. Sure enough, our readers will go all gaga about the company’s work ethos and assimilate extensive encouragement from this article. With that being highlighted, let’s know more about the company’s ethics and work processes which they ardently count on.

Introduction of an Eminent Brand

Customers are the imperative backbone of any business. So monitoring their purchasing and behavioral patterns can help businesses to scrutinize their services for the best. With Artificial Intelligence and ongoing trends in the market, companies have the moment to understand their target customer base via efficacious strategies and processes. Blue Ocktopus is an indomitable player marching on the road to transforming small and mid-size retail businesses with loyalty and algorithms of Advanced Analytics. The company was founded in 2018 by Mr. Tushar Rele – a magnificent entrepreneur who knew the futuristic potential of SAAS. The purpose behind the company’s inception was to analyze the challenges of SME Retail space.
Back then many people were not aware of the power of technology to understand customer behavioral patterns. But with their dedicated efforts and customer-centric approach, Blue Ocktopus showcased their vision with perfection. Now by leveraging technology, they are simplifying data for brands to help meet their objectives of consecutive purchases and maintaining active transactions.

Pumping Employees with Vast Confidence

The foremost step to ensure that employees believe in their capabilities is to celebrate their hard work. For this, Blue Ocktopus awards 2-3 employees every month for appreciating their remarkable performance. Ad-hoc awards are given to those employees who’ve managed to accomplish tactical successes. Apart from that, the company uses Kudos Cards as well. These cards are labeled as “Totally Awesome”, “Great Job”, and “Work Done”. Following such concepts ensures that every employee respects and compliments the achievements of the other. Receiving such formal and healthy motivation from colleagues creates another level of excitement and appeal. The company also organizes a collaborative outing once a year where the team discusses 10% work and balance 90% is kept for fun and team bonding activities. They also have individual function outings once a quarter for members of that team. Celebrating all the festivals with grandeur and enthusiasm is mandatory for Blue Ocktopus.

Contributions of an Estimable Management Team

Talking about the principled team of Blue Ocktopus, their efforts are driven by the enormous energy of zeal. As mentioned above, Mr. Tushar Rele who is the Founder& CEO of the company, holds a whopping 16+ years of professional experience in working with biggies like Bajaj Finance Ltd, Worldline India Ltd, HDFC Bank Ltd, and Standard Chartered Bank. Over these years, he has primarily worked in the SME Retail domain in the aforesaid organizations.
Mr. Dinesh Gabhane is the Co-founder and CTO of Blue Ocktopus. An exemplary leader with unyielding persistence, holding more than 14 years of experience with companies like Persistent, eZest, and Nitor. His expertise revolves around technology and innovation in industries such as CRM, eLearning, eCommerce, and Cloud.

Company’s Collaborative Management Style

Blue Ocktopus adheres to a democratic management style. The company galvanizes a cooperative, fun-centric, and productive work culture for its employees. The team will always have the characteristics of a start-up and economical approach to innovation, cost, and lean structures. The main focus is laid on learning and development opportunities. The flexible work environment helps in providing needed feedback and regularly organizing one-to-one and group sessions. Furthermore, frequent collaborative discussions and learning drives are conducted for the career advancement of the employees. Such a mindset makes them feel like an integral part of the organization. Adding more to this, it also improves productivity and operational efficiencies. The team keeps themselves updated with the dynamic technological drifts and incorporates the same in the projects.

Finding Quality Traits in Team Members

For Blue Ocktopus the key differentia of attraction while team building, is the inclination towards astute entrepreneurship. The company looks for those candidates having a fire in the belly and an urge to excel in a career rather than a job.
Perceiving Failures with Tenacity
Encountering failures during tests and trials is indispensable and Blue Ocktopus stands by this. Like none of us anticipated a pandemic like COVID, uncertainties surround us all the time. During the pandemic crisis, retail businesses were going down the hill. This directly impacted the company and their business was also on the verge of shutting down. But with a resilient spirit, they upgraded themselves and completed projects beyond retail to survive the pandemic. Now that things are reviving back, the company is always ready with a “Plan B” for everything. The team has learned how to respond to any failure or obstacle by switching to plan B and going with the flow.

Interdisciplinary Corporate Atmosphere

Another impressive aspect of the company’s work culture is the tractable bridge of communication between the different departments. Their synergetic proficiency is dense and rarely one can find a team working in isolation. There is always a continuous flow of thought processes and ideas. An individual exhibiting end-to-end ownership quality and an intrapreneurial attitude has a stronger edge toward success.

Future Roadmap

Blue Ocktopus has always worked with an ideology of growth and expansion. Their future goals are all about establishing newer heights of fineness.
The short-term objective is to build more technological capabilities and spread across India. Likewise, the long-term objective is to spread their footprints on an International level.


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