Ardent Clinical Research Services: ACRS Has Now Become A Synonym For Everything One Can Ask For In 2022


Ardent Clinical Research Services

Businesses face more difficult paths to commercialize their creative ideas in response to a rising need for speedier and more authorized medical equipment or products for chronic conditions. Sponsors of a novel medical device must examine a trinity of interrelated systems, including strategies/submissions, risk/quality assurance and making clinical evidence. When these factors work together, they offer market credibility and value for a strategic partnership or financing its new product. It is where Ardent, a clinical research service provider, that can help you with clinical operations, site selections, medical writing, data management and other facets.

In 2022, it has become a brand among companies that need technical expertise in this industry. Nonetheless, the company also has therapeutic expertise to offer to its clients. Today, we are stating how Ardent become a brand name from scratch.

The Inspiration

The meaning of ARDENT is being passionate or enthusiastic about something. When Mr. Chandu Devanpally started the business, he had a few names in his mind to name the company after something meaningful. When he realized the depth of Ardent word, he decided on it and started Ardent Clinical Research Services company. Since the founder has a keen desire to start a company on his efforts and capabilities, he started the company in 2014. With his out-of-the-box thinking and industry know-how, his brand name became popular sooner.

Challenges Behind The Brand Popularity

In the beginning, Mr. Chandu Devanpally had no money, plans, expectations, support, devices or other things needed to start a small business. Since he was ardent about opening a business, he adopted WFH (work from home) and started making contacts in the industry. With his friends’ help, he got some contacts and opportunities to start with something. Gradually, all better things started falling in his favour.
Since clinical trials need expertise and trust, it was initially challenging for the business to popularize its brand. Nonetheless, the owner’s existence in the industry since 2007 helped the company get jobs and finish them on time alongside unmatched transparency and work quality. Today, Ardent is listed among India’s top clinical trial service providers in 2022.

Ardent Solution

The brand is best known for its clinical trials services, including the following:

  • Clinical Operations
  • Data Management
  • eCRF
  • IWRS
  • Medical Monitoring
  • Medical Writing
  • Publication Services
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Management
  • Regulatory Services
  • Site Monitoring
  • Sites Selections

The Ideal Customer

The brand knows the importance of a customer since they bring business to it. Hence, it always treats its clients like divine entities. Mr. Chandu understands that it is challenging to establish a brand since not many customers trust it instantly. He explains that the brand does not define any company. Still, its work, timely work, quality and other factors make a brand. In addition, the factors described above build trust for the said brand among the customers.
All ardent clients are pleased with the brand’s transparent work, and that too in the predefined deadline. It is also because the company’s work process involves studies, timelines and budgets. The brand also observes the unsaid requirements of its clients and discusses the same with them to deliver them the best services. In 2022, the company did some data analysis and realized that its customers extensively appreciate its genuine timelines and work. According to Mr. Chandu and his team, the appreciation is a booster for the company and motivates it to work more tirelessly.

Owning The Industry

Since the beginning, the company has only focused on work quality, deadlines and services. However, the journey was not easy since 2014, bringing some challenges. The brand finally became recognized in the market with quality services and transparency. Behind the scenes, the company never focused on making money and attaining fast growth in the industry. Today, the brand is establishing its high reputation in the industry.

The Marketing Programs

Besides marketing programs to attract clients, the company’s genuinity, experience, knowledge, team, work portfolio, quality, timelines and transparency organically fetch customers for the brand. Apart from listing itself in popular pharma magazines, the company never promoted itself on any other platform. Through one-on-one meetings with pharmaceutical giants and the company’s strengths, the brand receives ample opportunities to render its services and promised quality.

The Future Beholding

The company is exploring new ways and expanding globally. It is attending CPHI 2022 Frankfurt to meet many global companies. In addition, it aims to open branches in Europe and the US in the coming 1-2 years.

The brand will implement new project management tools and timelines while upgrading its electronic systems (IWRS and eCRF). Besides, it is setting new guidelines and regulations within the company.

Journey As an Entrepreneur

As an ardent entrepreneur, Mr. Chandu Devanpally faced many difficulties mentally, financially, and personally. With his hard work, dedication and capabilities, he excelled in everything. When he was working alone for his company, he faced fewer difficulties than when he needed other people to work for him. Suddenly, he managed people’s salaries, office rent and more. As no-investor and no-partner company, running the company with a profit margin was initially challenging. According to Mr. Chandu, growth opportunities and challenges to establish a brand were equal numbers, which motivated him to stand in a good industry position.

The Personal and Professional Goals

Mr. Chandu’s personal and professional goals are to upscale the company to the next level and see better yearly growth. The company strives for the upscale sooner with its team’s efforts and expertise. Mr. Chandu gives major credit for the company’s growth to his team.

Words For Young Entrepreneurs

Many people focus on earning money but not giving the best quality and results to establish a business. It is something that Mr. Chandu Devanpally has observed in his journey and propagates the same to young entrepreneurs. He advices them to focus on quality, transparency, genuine work, and deadline to give monetary benefits as outputs alongside business value.


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