Ravi Brahmbhatt: The CRM Architect, Leading MCT IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Their Dynamic Team to the Pinnacle of CRM Innovation

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Ravi Brahmbhatt | MCT IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The landscape of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is constantly evolving. New technologies emerge at a rapid pace, forcing businesses to adapt their strategies to stay ahead of the game. Legacy systems struggle to keep up, leaving companies vulnerable to losing valuable customer interactions. Amidst this backdrop of CRM evolution, one company stands tall as a champion of innovation and excellence: MCT IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
MCT IT Solutions is a niche technology company specializing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions that deliver in-depth expertise and tailored solutions. They partner with businesses across various sectors, including banking, retail, manufacturing, government, and non-profit organizations. They also work for business central applications which are ERP based microsoft solutions. Their focus goes beyond simply implementing ERP and CRM systems; they create customized solutions that empower businesses to build stronger relationships with their customers.
MCT IT Solutions has founded in 2015 by the visionary MD, Mr. Ravi Brahmbhatt, It has established itself as a trusted advisor in the world of CRM. Their team of highly skilled professionals possesses a deep understanding of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the specific needs of their clients. This blend of technical expertise and industry knowledge allows them to develop innovative solutions that streamline processes, improve customer engagement, and drive tangible results.
MCTIT’s winning formula is relentless excellence. This nimbleness lets them adapt to a changing market, keeping them ahead of the curve. Ravi Brahmbhat, the MD and CEO, with a background steeped in computer science and over 13+ years of experience in providing enterprise-level solutions to multinational corporations, has been instrumental in guiding MCT IT to its current stature.
He’s backed by a dedicated team of experts. Leading the technology charge is Nihal Bhatasna, the Chief Technology Officer, who strategizes tech platforms, partnerships, and external relationships. Sunny Macwan, the CIO, ensures internal operations run smoothly by selecting and implementing suitable technology. Prakash Nishad, the COO, designs and implements business strategies while motivating and analyzing the team’s performance. Kaushal Lalani, the resource manager, assigns skilled staff to projects, and Kishor Amllani, the project manager head, oversees flawless project execution. Hiral Chavda, the administrative head, plans and coordinates administrative tasks to keep information flowing efficiently. Nilesh Kalma, the CFO, manages financial planning and investment strategies. This team’s combined knowledge and dedication are the driving force behind Miracle Cloud Technology’s continued success.
In an exclusive interview for our upcoming edition, “The 10 Most Promising MDs to Watch in 2024,” we delve into the world of Mr. Ravi Brahmbhatt. We explore his background, the driving force behind his entrepreneurial spirit, and the core values that have propelled MCT IT Solutions to success. Through his insights, we gain valuable perspectives on the future of CRM technology and the strategies businesses need to adopt to thrive in this ever-evolving landscape.
Keep reading to learn from a visionary leader and discover the secrets behind MCT IT Solutions’ innovative approach to Customer Relationship Management.

Prime Insights: Could you provide an overview of your role and responsibilities within the company, as well as the key offerings or services your department provides?

Ans. As the Managing Director of MCT IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., and being a technical person for the last 13 years and a Microsoft-certified individual myself, I oversee the technical aspects of the company’s services and products, which include understanding problem statements and giving a solution to them. My major time goes into client discussions and technical discussions with my team.

Prime Insights: What inspired the establishment or evolution of your department within the company?

Ans. The growing demand for CRM solutions in various industries inspired the establishment of our department. We recognized the need for tailored CRM systems to help businesses effectively manage customer relationships and improve operational efficiency.
Ravi Brahmbhatt
Prakash Nishad | COO |

Prime Insights: Balancing personal life and professional commitments can be challenging. How do you manage this balance, and what strategies have you found effective?

Ans. Balancing personal and professional commitments requires effective time management and prioritization. I ensure a healthy work-life balance by delegating tasks, setting clear boundaries, and dedicating specific time for personal activities and family.

Prime Insights: As a director, what unique challenges have you faced on your path to success, and how have you overcome them?

Ans. My team and I faced unique challenges on our path to success, including adapting to rapidly changing market dynamics and ensuring the seamless integration of new technologies into our solutions. We overcome these challenges by fostering a culture of innovation and continuous learning. Our entire team is trained in agile methodology, which enables us to stay flexible and adaptive to market trends.

Prime Insights: What types of stakeholders does your department primarily serve, and are there any notable clients or projects you’d like to mention?

Ans. Our department primarily serves stakeholders from various sectors, including banking, retail, manufacturing, government, and non-profit organizations. Notable projects include:

National Bonds Corporation:

  • Implemented CRM for call center users, enhancing customer engagement and operational efficiency.
  • Notable features: 360-degree customer view; CRM integration with Mailchimp and SMS gateway; complex reporting using PowerBI.
  • Developed CRM for a private limited company with a focus on the sales module.
  • Notable features: Lead and opportunity auto-closer; customization for sub-grid behavior.
Case studies:- Case study of RJF.pptx
Custom Doors & Mirrors Automation (USA):
  • Developed an inventory management system integrated with QuickBooks.
  • Notable features: Automatic order management, email integration, and QuickBooks synchronization.
Case studies:- Case Study CDM.pptx
211 (Canada):
  • Developed a comprehensive CRM system for 211, a trusted source for Canadians seeking information and services.
  • Notable features: Telephone helpline (211) and website providing access to community services; API development for data retrieval from MongoDB; integration with external systems.
Case studies:- 211 CASE STUDY.pptx
Ocean Integration:
  • Integrated Ocean’s e-Referral system with CRM for streamlined healthcare referral management.
  • Notable features include seamless integration, overcoming technical challenges, smooth migration of referral data and documents, and enhanced communication between healthcare providers and community services.
Rapid finance solution:
  • Developed a Salesforce system for banking and financing services.
  • Notable features: Salesforce setup, data migration, integration with PureCloud IVR, and QuickBooks Online.
Ravi Brahmbhatt
Sunny Macwan | CIO |

Prime Insights: How do you ensure your department remains agile and adaptive to changing market dynamics and emerging trends?

Ans. To ensure our department remains agile and adaptive to changing market dynamics and emerging trends, we emphasize continuous learning and development. Our team is trained in the latest technologies and methodologies, and we prioritize staying updated with industry trends.

Prime Insights: In your opinion, how crucial is ongoing research and development within your department to drive innovation and growth?

Ans. Ongoing research and development within our department are crucial because they allow us to come up with new and better ways to help businesses. By constantly learning and experimenting, we can offer innovative solutions that keep our clients ahead of the curve and help them grow their businesses faster.

Prime Insights: Do you believe there’s intense competition among MDs in your industry, or is there a more relaxed attitude toward it?

Ans. While competition exists in our industry, we adopt a proactive rather than competitive stance, focusing on collaboration and innovation. By fostering partnerships and sharing best practices, we contribute to a mutually beneficial ecosystem that drives collective growth and advancement.
Ravi Brahmbhatt
Nihal Bhatasna, Chief Technology Officer

Prime Insights: Employee satisfaction is often tied to departmental success. How do you prioritize employee well-being, and what initiatives do you implement to foster a positive work environment?

Ans. Employee well-being is a top priority for us. We prioritize employee satisfaction by fostering a positive work environment, offering training and development opportunities, and promoting a healthy work-life balance. Regular feedback sessions and team-building activities further contribute to our positive work culture.

Prime Insights: Who are your role models or sources of inspiration in your field, and what principles or lessons do you aim to pass on to those who look up to you?

Ans. My role models in the field include industry leaders who embody integrity, innovation, and a customer-centric approach. I draw inspiration from their ability to navigate challenges with resilience and continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible in CRM solutions. The principles I aim to pass on revolve around fostering a culture of continuous learning, embracing change, and always putting the client’s needs first.
Ravi Brahmbhatt
Kishor Amllani, Project Manager Head

Prime Insights: What are your views on MD venturing into entrepreneurial endeavors, and have you personally explored such opportunities?

Ans. MDs venturing into entrepreneurial endeavors can bring valuable insights and innovation to the industry. Personally, I have explored such opportunities and believe in the importance of taking calculated risks to drive personal and professional growth.

Prime Insights: If there’s one message you’d like to convey to MD who may feel discouraged by stereotypes or barriers, what would it be?

Ans. To MDs facing stereotypes or barriers, I’d convey the message to persevere, stay focused on your goals, and never underestimate your capabilities. Every challenge is an opportunity for growth, and success often comes to those who are resilient and persistent.

Prime Insights: What future plans or initiatives does your department have in store to continue its growth and impact within the company?

Ans. Our department plans to expand our service offerings by focusing on the development of advanced automation solutions. We aim to enhance our CRM systems with cutting-edge automation features, streamline business processes, and further optimize our clients’ operations for increased efficiency and productivity.

Ravi BrahmbhattPrime Insights: Can you share some significant milestones or achievements your department has accomplished under your leadership?

Ans. Under my leadership, our department has achieved remarkable milestones, including the successful completion of over 50 projects, notably in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We’ve also developed innovative products on the Microsoft platform, such as the MCTITSPL Multiselect option set and MCTITSPL Eauth, which have significantly enhanced our clients’ CRM experiences. In recognition of our excellence, we were honored with the “Top 10 Promising CRM Providers of 2021” award. These achievements underscore our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and driving tangible results for our clients. Today, we are one of the leading service providers in the market, including around the around the globe, with more than 52 highly skilled professionals working with us.
Ravi Brahmbhatt
Hiral Chavda, Administrative Head

Prime Insights: How does your department contribute to corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives or give back to the community?

Ans. We are deeply committed to corporate social responsibility and giving back to the community. In addition to our regular CSR initiatives, we are proud to mention our own NGO, One Team Growcare, where I serve as the director. Our NGO primarily focuses on the right to child education and welfare, along with initiatives to help street dogs and birds. You can learn more about our impactful initiatives at oneteamgrowcarefoundation.org/.

Prime Insights: Lastly, what message would you like to share with Prime Insights readers regarding the role and significance of your department within the company and beyond?

Ans. To Prime Insights readers, our department at MCT IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. plays a pivotal role in delivering innovative CRM solutions that empower businesses globally. With a focus on excellence, adaptability, and client satisfaction, we aim to exceed expectations and drive tangible results. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking developments as we continue to lead the way in the CRM industry.

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