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Leaders, who not only focus on themselves but also focus on the wider world, have the qualities to devise perspectives, innovate and manage an organization. Such dignitaries have managed to keep people as a priority and excel wonderfully in all directions. Keeping this as our cosmic spirit, Prime Insights Magazine has brought the inspirational saga of this first-generation, dynamic leader Mr. Vishal Vyas- Director and Talent Expert of Nexx Consulting. Mr. Vyas has more than 18 years of indomitable experience in the field of IT staffing and Recruitment. Extremely motivated and ambitious, his ideas shed light on Strategic Hiring and implementing newer recruitment trends. He started Nexx Consulting as an independent recruiter and today the legacy he has created shines brighter than before. Let’s see what facts and instances he has spilled to motivate our readers.

Prime Insights: Please give us a crisp overview of the company and its offerings.

Mr. Vishal Vyas: NEXX CONSULTING was established in 2010 to offer accurate Human Resources executives and Senior Managers. The quintessential focus has been and continues to be on empowering brands to strengthen their business strategies. Our company has excellent hard-working professionals. These professionals have acknowledged and leveraged their fine skills in the Human Resources executive recruitment industry. NEXX is fortunate enough to be working with individuals who have implemented their expertise in making successful placements of Human Resources executives. Our company intricately understands all the requirements required to examine executive talent, especially in Human Resources. We also evaluate what our clients fetch for at the senior levels. With gazillion tests and trials, our team has built knowledge via various fruitful HR executive recruitments. We offer services in the following industries –

  • Information & Technology (IT)
  • BFS – (Retail & Investment Banking & Finance Services)
  • Telecom (OSS/BSS)
  • Advertising
  • FMCG & Oil & Gas
  • Specialized in Retained Search
  • Vendor Management
  • Recruitment & Staffing Services
  • Head- Hunting IT/ ITES
  • Banking & Finance
  • Oil & Gas & Shared Services

Prime Insights: Kindly tell us about the inception story of the company.

Mr. Vishal Vyas: I am always among those who once dream and do not sit back without fulfilling it. It was a wild childhood dream of mine. I have dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur and here it is! Where I am standing today, I have witnessed many ups & downs, struggled, and worked in another company to gain needed experience and expertise. I was pursuing Management Studies and Human Resources. Further, I joined a company called Indsoft Systems and worked there for seven years as a Recruiter. There I gained a pivotal understanding of ethics and other necessary information to run a business venture. Starting my own company Nexx Consulting in 2010, the feeling today is full of pride. The contentment of providing jobs to others is surreal.

Prime Insights: Please tell us about the key team members of Nexx Consulting.

Mr. Vishal Vyas: The team of Nexx Consulting has a high saturation of professionalism and all the members here are extremely hard-working.

Mohammad Hussain Salim Shaikh is the leading executive of the HR team. His work concentrates on attracting, developing, and retaining the talent necessary to achieve the company’s goals. He also undertakes the task of building the high-performance culture essential for our domestic and global expansion. An astute HR executive with more than 15 years of experience, he has worked for companies like Indsoft, Jupiter Recruitments & Ace Recruitments for staffing services. He completed his graduation from Mumbai University and pursued a Master’s Degree in Management from Gulbarga University.

Sachin Manoj Jadhav is the leader of Nexx’s regional people function. A seasoned HR executive with more than 12 years of experience, he collaborates with the recruitment team to operate the customer staffing agenda. He has prior experience working with Decency Recruitments. He is also a graduate of Mumbai University and completed his Master’s Degree in HR.

Neha Vishal Vyas is the Operations Head at Nexx Consulting. She assists the leading operations & strategy initiatives that enhance client value and accelerate growth. She is an experienced business executive with expertise in business lines and regional high-growth firms. Moreover, she also completed her graduation from Mumbai University. Her area of expertise is operation management.

Prime Insights: What are your tips and tricks for keeping a balance between your personal and professional life?

Mr.Vishal Vyas: The general perception of being successful is about making more money. But for me, it is not about making a lot of money. It means achieving success on all fronts of life, whether it’s capturing a colossal client or holding the back of the people who’re most important to you. The essentiality of finding the legitimate balance between your private and professional life has become elementary. This goal can be achieved by defining priorities, organizing days, learning to delegate, and thinking about working from home in many more ways. But the most important is to feel the suitable chord on a particular day. Honestly speaking, hard work and your energy should be in the right spirits. It’s a ladder! So put every step efficiently.

Prime Insights: Being a CEO how is your journey of struggle any different from others?

Mr.Vishal Vyas: Every journey has its chapters of challenges. My struggle story is not much different. It takes meticulous effort and time to climb the ladder of success. There are ups and downs but your attitude towards handling them is the key to success. According to me, ethics and culture are the key factors.

Prime Insights: What is your take on keeping pace with the ongoing trends in the market?

Mr.Vishal Vyas: A judicious manner of keeping yourself abreast of all the brewing business trends is to attend industry events, webinars, HR Conclaves, etc. These events enlighten the potential of networking & online communities. This surely keeps us updated and helps us to stay ahead of the curve as compared to the moves of competitors.

Prime Insights: What are your opinions about the importance of Research and Development for the growth of the company?

Mr.Vishal Vyas: Research and Development have made us capable of obtaining and gathering inputs from the market. The latest technological trends are moving towards Cloud, AI, ML, and Data Science. These will be dominating factors in the upcoming digital world. So definitely, it always helps in aligning with the latest and upgraded technology stack.

Prime Insights: Do you feel CEOs today face equal competition or is there an ‘it’s okay’ attitude to it?

Mr.Vishal Vyas: Yes! There is equal competition. To be more precise, it’s a cut-throat competition. Every CEO from a different industry has competition. The sigma rule of handling the competition is a lucrative mindset and strategy. For survivors, CEOs can’t have this okay attitude. CEOs have managed to secure collaborations and engagements on a global level with their distinct ideologies.

Prime Insights: How necessary do you feel it is to keep your employees content?

Mr. Vishal Vyas: Our Company holds high morals when it comes to employee satisfaction and well-being. We truly value them and try to have a positive working environment around them to ensure their overall productivity. For this, we offer rewards, parties, outdoor picnics, sports, privilege leaves, and many more.

Prime Insights: Please tell us about the plans of your company for the coming years.

Mr.Vishal Vyas: Our entire team is working dedicatedly to place ourselves in the “Top 10 Staffing Companies in India” with diligent efforts. We are also anticipating creating a mark at a global level.

Prime Insights: Please tell us about the milestones and achievements of your company so far.

Mr.Vishal Vyas: NEXX CONSULTING has completed ten years of its existence and is currently running into its twelfth year now. The company which started with a single person is now a massive team of professionals exhibiting productivity at every step. So far our company has achieved numerous appreciations and awards from Top IT and BFSI sector clients, i.e Best Vendor, Best Recruiter, Performance Awards, etc.

Prime Insights: Lastly, is there a message you would like to give to Prime Insights readers?

Mr. Vishal Vyas: Ending my words on a positive note I would like to thank my family – Mom, Dad, Wife (Neha), Kid (Sheehan) & My Entire Nexx Core Team (Mohd. Hussain, Sachin Jadhav, Sunny Yelkar, Sanika Wadkar, Vicky Maharana, Bhoomika Jain, Rachit Shah, Jui Kudalkar & Akshata Salvi).
We assimilate the driving energy because it comes with new vibes, challenges, and a fresh start. Every 1st of April, we celebrate NEXX Foundation day. NEXX has a flexible approach with its team members. We practice an independent work atmosphere and creative culture. Every team member has bundles of opportunities to participate and grow enthusiastically.


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