Mr. Mohammed Mubin Mallick: A Relentless Entrepreneur with a Zest for IT Innovations

Mohammed Mubin Mallick

The business world from the outside might appear to be intimidating. And for the most part, it’s true. It’s a competitive world thriving in a volatile environment.
Every year, countless entrepreneurs try their luck in the market. While many fail or get lost in the crowd, a select few make it big. So, should one not even try due to fear of failure? Absolutely not!
A true entrepreneur is one who is resilient and self-confident. They are open to challenges, growth, and change, which may be inconvenient at times but are an essential part of the process.
One such stoic entrepreneur is Mr. Mohammed Mubin Mallick, the Founder and CEO of Kiran Smart. His inspiring success story is a testament to the power of the entrepreneurial spirit.
Through Kiran Smart, Mohammed Mubin aspires to radically transform the IT scenario in India. His brand specializes in an array of IT solutions that are designed to spur futuristic thought processes in the industry.
This article will further elaborate on Mohammed Mubin’s success story thus far – his struggles and triumphs, professional growth, as well as his vision for the company.

“Overcoming any struggle is not easy, unless you have good strategic planning.”
– Mohammed Mubin Mallick

An Overview of Kiran Smart

Kiran Smart is an eminent IT solutions and services provider based in Kuwait. It offers numerous hardware and software products/ services, which include:

  • Network Switches
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Printers & PCs
  • Smart touch table
  • Digital screens
  • Restaurant pagers
  • Digital Marketing Software
  • Antivirus Solutions
  • Network Security Software
  • AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

“Our company started with IT solutions and services, through which we collaborated and partnered with multiple IT vendors around the world. Our aim was to provide solutions and services to the local market,” says Mohammed Mubin while recollecting the initial days of the company.

It’s All in the Name

Kiran stands for ‘Kuwait India Research Advance Network’. It was established in 2005 in Kuwait. The company started with network infrastructure, i.e., IT services and solutions initially.
Being an Indian residing in Kuwait, Mohammed Mubin was always drawn towards having an Indian name for the company. He felt that this would bring him closer to the Indian culture. “Kiran means ‘Roshni’ in the Indian National Language and ‘Rays’ in English. This Roshni and Rays the light of the Sun when it rises at its horizon and removes the darkness in the world. It is this light that enables humans to see the future,” analogizes Mohammed Mubin.
What makes the name Kiran even more special is the fact that it was chosen by his father, Late Haji Noor. Noor in Islamic terms also refers to light or rays. “The word Smart was added because the world is smart. Moreover, everything fits in the word Smart, like a watch is smart, a mobile is smart, smart home, smart cars, etc. Basically, we are covering everything,” he adds.

An Invigorating Success Story

In the initial days, Mohammed Mubin had to face many challenges in the market. He struggled with earning the trust of customers, generating revenues, hiring the right employees, and basically just surviving in the market.
However, with time and lots of hard work, he overcame all these obstacles one by one. He drafted effective strategies for each of his struggles. This did not shorten the journey to success but did give him more clarity and confidence.
Today, after 16 years of perspiration, Kiran Smart has become synonymous with success & innovation in IT. It has won several laurels and hit numerous milestones, many of which once seemed impossible.

How Mohammed Mubin strikes a Work-Life Balance

Being an entrepreneur, it’s difficult to spare time for your personal life. Most even feel guilty for relaxing or spending time with their loved ones. This, more often than not, takes a huge toll on their mental health.
For Mohammed Mubin, however, his personal and professional life hold equal importance. He is an avid believer in the phrase “No pain, no gain”, which is why he understands the tribulations that come with it. “To maintain a balance between my personal and professional life I had to make some sacrifices. Both are important, however, I believe personal life is more important than professional life in some ways,” he elucidates.
According to him, if one prospers in their personal life, they will automatically do well in their professional life. “Today we are earning money. For what? Because we want to offer a good life to our families, right? So, we should not sacrifice our personal life to make our professional life a success,” suggests Mohammed Mubin.

Mohammed Mubin on the Importance of Employee Satisfaction

Employees can make or break a company. The way you treat your employees speaks volumes about the kind of entrepreneur you are.
Mohammed Mubin deems employees to be the greatest asset a company can have. His employees are like his family. “I feel their pain and make an effort to listen to them. I always strive to make them feel comfortable enough to express their feelings,” he affirms

The Brand’s Future Plans

Being a rapidly growing brand, Kiran Smart holds a lot of ambitious plans in the pipeline. For starters, the company is looking at expanding its reach across different countries or wherever it is feasible. Secondly, the company has plans for its Robotics Solutions to keep up with the advancing AI-enabled world.
“We would like our company to be recognized as one of the most innovative solutions and service providers in the world, we’re striving our best for it. ” adds a hopeful Mohammed Mubin.

A piece of advice for Budding Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a game of persistence and patience; Mohammed Mubin is well-acquainted with this fact. He thus impels young entrepreneurs to have a “never-back-down” attitude. Here’s his inspirited advice:
“Chase the dream with your confidence that you can do it. Be self-motivated to make your dream successful but do not give up because patience is needed to reach the top of the mountain as climbing takes time and for that, you need strength and patience. The same goes in business as well.”


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