To stay relevant in today’s fast-paced business environment, companies have prioritized digital transformation initiatives like never before, creating innovative tech-enabled products and services to solve new-age global issues.
This desire for cutting-edge services and products to keep up with the ever-evolving market needs bodes well for the IT industry in 2022 and Hindavi Technologies is at the forefront of this tech-revolution as an IT Services and Product Development company offering the best UI/UX design, iOT and Cloud Solutions worldwide.


Hindavi Technologies is a Product Development and IT Services firm with offices in the UAE, US and India. Under the leadership and vision of the Founder & CEO – Mr. Rohan Karnataki, the company has been a pioneer in the IT solutions industry for the past 14 years having completed over 1000+ IT projects for 300+ clients worldwide.
Since the inception in 2009, the company has expanded into the realm of Product Development with the introduction of its flagship product – Xporience in 2015. It is an Event Technology Platform designed for all kinds of conferences and trade shows. Xporience has become among the most in-demand products among international event planners in places like Dubai, Australia, Singapore, Europe, and United Kingdom. In the past, it has collaborated with various notable organizations, such as MCI (Switzerland), DMG events and Dubai Expo 2020.

Hindavi Technologies has now launched an Ed-tech product – CareerFirst which is India’s first 360° Career Design Platform with a vision to make Indian Employable.

The company’s IT Services include:

  • Cyber-Security Consulting for Compliance, Vendor Assessment, Infrastructure Security, Cybersec Awareness, and Assessments & Audits
  • IT Services such as Mobility, UI/UX, Cloud Computing, IoT and Digital Marketing
  • IT Solutions for Product Engineering, Application Development, Quality Assurance, Quality Testing, IT Consulting, Startup MVP and Enterprise Product Development
  • Remote Staffing including Offshore Staffing, Staff Augmentation, RPO Services, IT Outsourcing and Contract Staffing

Family’s Business Tradition

Every powerful business figure has a unique tale of hardship, resilience, grit, and commitment. Mr. Rohan Karnataki’s family tradition encourages the new generation to start a new line of business from scratch. This is so that the new generation understands the value of struggle, challenges and overcoming limitations to achieve success.
Mr. Rohan Karnataki started doing business since 18 and has never looked back. He has been financially independent ever since and also pursued MBA from Australian National University.

Work-Life Balance as a CEO

Mr. Rohan Karnataki believes that “When you are the CEO, work and play blur into one another. The most important thing is to have sharp focus and steer the firm toward greater success.” He comes from a loving and supportive family and he frequently takes his two kids on outdoor adventures and creative workshops where they can express themselves while learning valuable life lessons.

Hindavi’s Patrons

Mr. Rohan Karnataki is a serial entrepreneur. He has founded several companies and served as their CEO. This has given him an opportunity to work with the most respected organizations in the world. Throughout his professional life, he has collaborated with multinational corporations across various sectors, including fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), finance, telecommunications, information technology (IT), automotive, energy, education, media, and retail. Some of Hindavi Technologies clients include:

  • Avaya Telecom
  • Bank of America
  • Dr. Reddy’s
  • Koelnmesse
  • Mahindra & Mahindra
  • Suzlon
  • The Dubai Government’s Expo 2020
  • The Red Cross Society
  • The Sharjah Expo Centre
  • Thermax
  • United Nations

Pacing with ever-evolving trends

As Mr. Rohan puts it, “The only approach to stay up to speed with ever-evolving trends in the industry is to set them”. As a CEO, his goal is to ensure that the company is consistently ahead of the curve regarding technological developments. Before they became trend-words, the company has been regularly implementing ML and AI technology into its products and introduced VR/AR to the world.
A company’s overall business plan can only be successful if it can change and evolve with the times. To ensure that the company can adapt to the rapid rate of technological change, Mr. Rohan Karnataki has taken initiatives to educate his staff and provide them with guidance and direction to upskill themselves.

R&D and Expanding Markets

The company’s business model places a premium on R&D. It often strives to introduce ground-breaking new products. The company aims to be an industry leader in cutting-edge fields including quantum computing, ambient computing and AI.

Workforce Happiness

As a business leader, Mr. Rohan anticipates the eventual demise of the distinction between “White Collar” (physical and cerebral) and “Blue Collar” (physical) occupations. Green collar jobs (those requiring physical, emotional and mental labor) are the ones that will thrive in the future since they are staffed by people who bring their whole-selves to work. To do this, one needs to establish a meaningful rapport with them, which means learning about their aspirations and working with them to realize their desires. Employees will be happy and fulfilled in the work if they are given space to share their thoughts and are encouraged to take the initiative. All these functional elements are present at the company, and its employees attrition rate is lowest in the industry.

Hindavi Technology Milestones

Collaborated with an FMCG company to build 200+ franchise locations in under six months.
Dubai Expo 2020 has chosen us as its official Event Management System (EMS) vendor.
Selected to present a proof-of-concept (POC) to the United Nations (UN) on identifying ethnic cleansing through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in social media.

Awards for Excellence

  • Best Companies to Work for (2022)
  • Best Entrepreneur Award (2021)
  • Best Product Development Company (2019)
  • Top 10 Mobility Companies in India (2018)

Strategy for the Long Run

The CEO’s long-term goal is to increase the company’s output of ground-breaking information technology (IT) solutions in education and healthcare. The company’s ed-tech product, CareerFirst, has already been released. It is the first comprehensive Career Design Platform in India. Impact sectors that have the potential to improve the lives of people while also fostering personal growth and a robust economy are of particular interest to the company.

The CSR Policy

Mr. Rohan Karnataki believes “We earn a livelihood by what we get, but we create a life by what we give,”. He is the founder of Gudbro – Society for Corporate Strategic Philanthropy. Gudbro facilitates strategic relationships between other corporations, including him and 60+ non-governmental organizations (NGOs), to aid in their mission fulfilment. The healthcare, hygiene, education, empowerment, agriculture, and self-employment sectors benefit from the company’s contributions to these social groups.

A Word to the World

In Mr. Rohan’s opinion, a lack of persistence is fatal to a career in top management. The CEO of a firm needs to be able to see the big picture and motivate their staff to work toward the organization’s ultimate objective. Mr. Rohan often tells his employees, “Dream as impossible as possible.”






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