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GravitasQ Stories

Once upon a time in a far, far land…That’s how most fairy tales used to begin. The fairy tale called GravitasQ Stories began in early 2019 out of a desire to create some amazing content and design. Today GravitasQ Stories is a full-service media agency offering a range of marketing and branding communication solutions under one roof.

The gap which had to be filled

The idea behind GravitasQ Stories was born much before 2019. The founding team at GravitasQ Stories comprises professionals with decades of experience in customer service, client servicing, and account management. They felt that there was a need for an agency which empathized, understood, and delivered what the customer wanted. It was a gap that had to be filled. As a result, after months of research, discussions, and planning, GravitasQ Stories was incorporated in early 2019.

In the initial phase, the journey was quite challenging but entirely rewarding and satisfying. Aloysius Domnic, Founder and MD, GravitasQ Stories says “The initial few months were very exciting, hectic and challenging. There was so much to learn, targets and deadlines to meet, client discussions, etc. all in a day’s work. Everyone used to work for a minimum of 12-14 hours daily. However, when I look at what we have managed to achieve as a team, everything was worth it.” Systems and processes were put in place to ensure smooth functioning.

Cut to the present

GravitasQ Stories adds value to your business by telling your story or conveying your message in the most effective manner. Their design-led approach enables them to be a solution partner to their clients rather than just a vendor. They adopt an end-to-end consulting approach to their client’s business. Their in-house SIM Framework (Strategize-Implement-Measure) enables them to be a part of their client’s marketing communication strategy discussions where they offer their insights and solutions. Post that, they implement the strategy through their suite of innovative solutions. Finally, they are able to measure its effectiveness, thereby offering tangible benefits to their clients.

E-learning has become ubiquitous in these challenging times. With businesses and educational institutions going remote, there is an ever-increasing demand for quality and engaging content. GravitasQ Stories’ suite of e-learning solutions comprises quality content, graphics, interactive simulations, instructional design, virtual role plays, gamification, and more.

Clutter-breaking content is what differentiates good from great when it comes to messaging. GravitasQ Stories’ Content as a Service (CaaS) solutions conveys the underlying message in a way that is retained by the target audience for a long time. Content for audiovisuals, websites, blogs, whitepapers, taglines, and more are ideal for your internal and external communication requirements.

Textual and visual storytelling is an integral component of any communication. In this hyper-social world, it’s all about views, likes, shares, and clicks. Audiovisuals, be it corporate videos, animated videos, explainers, live-action shoots, ads, etc. that engage are the key. That’s another area where GravitasQ Stories specializes in.

Apart from these, digital marketing, 3D animation, virtual and augmented reality, website and app development are some of their other service offerings.

Great content, great design, great solutions are what you can expect from their experienced techno-creative team of storytellers, thinkers, graphic designers, motion graphic artists, programmers, and more. Let’s say you want an explainer video developed for your YouTube channel. The end-to-end process starting from scriptwriting to storyboarding to motion graphics to voiceover recording till the final output is developed is managed in-house. Experienced account managers handhold you through the entire process and ensure that the final output exceeds your expectations. Originality, creativity, technical proficiency, and transparency have been the cornerstones of their success.

Future Plans

Aloysius says, “It feels like we have just begun. There’s so much more to achieve. Technology is a key enabler and we will continue to explore and incorporate the latest cutting-edge technology as a part of our innovative solution offerings. We aim to grow manifold over the next 5 years.”

Look no further than GravitasQ Stories for all your e-learning, marketing, and branding communication requirements.


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