Dr. Nikkie Grover: Visionary CEO accelerating growth of her company

Dr. Nikkie Grover

Introducing the Brand

NG EDUWIZER PVT LTD is a Mumbai based multinational company. Senior position recruitment’s in the Education sector is their forte. It follows the bespoke approach. Eduwizer caters to Senior & Top position recruitments of education & banking industry. Its journey began towards a seamless blend of academic as well as corporate professionals to procure excellence. Leadership is important tool towards success of any company. Eduwizer believes in recruiting the right leaders to enhance the growth. Clientele satisfaction is their motto. Satiating towards excellence EDUWIZER purvey to the best of Professionals in today’s world and has CV’s of more than 50k top educationist & professionals. India is the global market for growing hub and EDUWIZER connects the elite eminence with the best domain services. With the motto of “Leaders create Leaders” they target the international markets & provide with the best of leaders. Their success story captures the markets of India Dubai Singapore & Canada where they have successfully established themselves as a brand.

The domain services includes;

  • Banking Mid, Senior, Top level recruitments
  • Framework & Set up of new educational institutions
  • Manage School in absence of Principal / Head of School
  • Recruitment of Vice chancellor/ Registrar/ Dean/ Director/ Principal
  • Academic Audit for School
  • Teachers Training Session
  • Curriculum Framing for Schools
  • Strategies to take the institution to the next level.
  • Legal advisory Services
  • Events & Awards.

Introducing the woman behind the brand

Dr. Nikkie Grover is currently the Founder & CEO of NG EDUWIZER PVT LTD. A young, confident and determined personality with a unique style of functioning. She started her career in the Education sector at a very young age. She was awarded the youngest Principal of the Year. A go getter who leaves no stone unturned to make her company reach the next level. A young educationist with versatile talent opens to new merges in the education. Dr Nikkie Grover is a motivation to many. “An entrepreneur is someone who has a vision for something and a want to create.” However, if you want to bring that idea to fruition, you are going to need a vision well implemented. She is one of the Great entrepreneur, a committed CEO who knows how to take a concept, get people inspired and bring the idea to success. Her visions excel and that is the reason of Eduwizer Growing fastest by the Day. In few years Eduwizer has established itself a benchmark. A multifaceted personality whose passion for her company is indispensable. She is very confident about her goals and believes that no matter how hard it is & how hard it gets she will get it. A good leader inspires but a true leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way & shows the way. She herself is a motivational leader for her team.
She brought many Awards & Laurels for the company including the International Business Woman Award & the Rising Star Award.
Apart from education she has strong moral values and believes in the true values of kindness. India is a Country where girl child is never celebrated and mostly abandoned if she is the third or fourth girl, she strongly propagates bring home an abandoned girl child
SAY YES TO ADOPTION OF AN ABANDONED GIRL CHILD. She works as an ambassador for adoption of abandoned girl child.

Accolades & Achievements

There is a misconception that you need to get motivation to get started. It’s wrong you need to start to get motivation. NG Eduwizer is one such example. The company received many accolades & recognitions in a span of few years. It was recognized internationally. Currently it’s amongst few top listed companies. It has succeeded in touching the markets of India Dubai Singapore Canada. A vision to expand further globally. It has received many awards both nationally & internationally & got featured in reputed publications.

COVID 19 & New Emerging trends

COVID 19 brought plethora of problems. Irrevocable Disruption in the majority sector was created. But the silver lining during this time was new innovations rather than people sticking to old dogmas. Innovations created a new normal during this turbulent time. Hybrid schooling, personalized learning, innovative technology, project-based learning, cumulative result was implemented in the education sector. The recruitment sector also adhered to the new trends like Gig Economy, temporary staffing, Hybrid work models. The growing & new trends pose a risk to employability hence upskilling or reskilling as per the changing market trends is need of the hour.
Eduwizer focuses on these emerging trends to focus on adequate enablement and emphasized programs activities related with modification of recruitment process.

Dr Nikkie Grover message to woman entrepreneurs

Dr Nikkie Grover is one such woman entrepreneur who always motivates other women entrepreneur. She strongly believes a strong woman entrepreneur is the one who is able to uplift another woman entrepreneur. According to her women are perfectly suited for entrepreneurship because of their multitasking skills, perseverance, creativity relationship building ability etc. She strongly feels You don’t have to teach woman about entrepreneurship it comes from within. She works towards encouraging other woman entrepreneur as she feels encouraging one-woman entrepreneur will motivate others toward success. To encourage woman entrepreneurs, she has conducted many free campaigns on Woman’s day, Mother’s Day, Daughter’s week. This not only encourages the unsung woman entrepreneurs but also gives them the opportunity to highlight themselves. Her team featured them in the social media pages of Eduwizer & also publicized about their work. This lead to tremendous success to those women entrepreneur who were unsung but doing great jobs in their respective fields. Many Mompreneur, Shepreneur got an opportunity to share their success story & this remarkably enhanced their business. As an entrepreneur she believes in lot of reinventions & working towards it. She believes Passion is the power that pulls you out, drags you towards your goal but remember passion comes from within. No one can motivate you, it’s just that you have to do it yourself because it’s your goals your dreams. You have to go & seize the world with your dreams because you’re the creator of both. She calls on all the women entrepreneurs

“Just don’t Dream about Success get up every morning and work towards it “.

Future plans for Eduwizer

There is no single formula for producing exceptional Growth. Growth is a versatile concept defined by multifarious things. Eduwizer is amongst the few companies who has accelerated growth within 3 years due to sundry efforts. It has vision of capturing the global markets of Europe and expanding further internationally. Appreciation is the heart of memory. The efforts & hard work of people needs to be Acknowledged. Based on this advent Eduwizer started it’s another facet Events & Awards. It successfully felicitated 50 participants in both International Achiever’s Award 2020 & International Teachers Excellence Award 2020 category. The felicitous included sum very Elite personalities like Padamshri Pankaj Udhas Ji. After the successful completion of season 1 it has now commenced with season 2 of International Achiever’s Award 2021 & International Teachers Excellence Award 2021. Touching the global market Astral Global Awards 2021 is recently launched. The most pioneer Mrs. Navi Mumbai Season 8 is also the part of their upcoming events.







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