Delhi forbids Kathmandu to let Amritpal Singh leave

According to the current news published in The Times OF India, Amritpal Singh, a Fugitive Khalistan Activist who was hiding in Uttar Pradesh, has escaped to Nepal, according to the recently published media reports after a careful survey. They also claimed that on Monday, New Delhi had requested authorities in Kathmandu to not allow him to escape on any grounds to a third country.

Last Saturday, a letter was sent to the department of consular services stating that the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu requested government agencies to arrest the Waris Punjab De Chief if he tries to flee Nepal. The Kathmandu Post newspaper also reported that there was no confirmation or denial of the report by the Indian authorities. As per the paper, it states that Singh is currently hiding in Nepal, citing a confirmation letter with it.

All the concerned agencies have already received the letter and Singh’s details, from the hotel to the airlines too. From several resources, the paper also highlighted that Singh possesses multiple passports with different identities and has been on run since March 18 when the police launched a crackdown against him. Yet, the Sikh leader had managed to escape after a police confrontation followed by the interception of his cavalcade in  Jalandhar district of Punjab.

A few photos have been released by Punjab Police, requesting his arrest on an immediate basis, wherever spotted. The Centre made strict notice about his immediate arrest before he tried to escape using another fake passport or an Indian passport. The Punjab Police remain on the hunt with a close aide to Singh’s selfies on social media. His associate Varinder Singh Fauji is already arrested and sent to Dibrugarh. The Department of immigration has also put Singh on its surveillance list following a request from the Indian Embassy, according to Kamal Prasad Pandey, the Information Officer at the Department said that the Centre has received a written note along with a copy of his passport from the embassy claiming that he has escaped to Nepal and the embassy itself had sent a written statement to the Department to put Singh on the surveillance list as a member of the separatist group.

The Home Ministry has ordered and regulated in all security agencies that they should be on high alert throughout Nepal and in all surrounding districts, especially the Nepal-India border area. My Republica newspaper, from ministry resources, said that the instruction was given only at the request of the officials from Indian security and the border area has been kept on high alert for a few days. The report said that the police in plain clothes surrounded the border area with vigilance as there is a chance that Singh could enter the country from Kapilavastu in Western Nepal.

A ‘watch list’ has been issued under Singh’s name by the embassy in Kathandu, as reported by the Director of Nepal’s Department of Immigration-Jhalakram Adhikari. Yet, there has been no news about his whereabouts but the concerned departments and authorities have been informed to take a sudden step if he is seen anywhere or suspected. The Punjab Police has appealed to people not to believe in fake reports and rumours about his arrest, circulated via social media.

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