Bits and Bytes Integrators Pvt Ltd: A Brand That’s Creating A Paradigm-Shift In India’s Automation Scenario

Bits and Bytes Integrators Pvt. Ltd.

The IT industry in India has flourished substantially in the last decade. The introduction of innovative store-based technologies like self-service and interactive kiosks, AI, and machine learning has changed the way customers view and perceive technology. In the last few years, many leading companies have adopted these advancements for the growth of their business.
Bits and Bytes Integrators Pvt Ltd.(BBIPL)is one of India’s leading Kiosk Manufacturer and Solutions Development firms. Based in Delhi, Bits & Bytes was founded in 2003 by a team of highly qualified, passionate professionals. The intent was to introduce advanced solutions for modern business issues through a single-source technology solutions company.
The company offers a wide range of kiosks for various applications like- Information Kiosks that cater to the needs of schools, airports, railways, hospitals, etc, Gaming & Entertainment Kiosks that are designed for Cyber Gaming, Malls, Classrooms, etc, Transaction Kiosks for Payments, Finance, Banks and Institutes, and Touch Screen Podiums for PowerPoint, VCR Tapes, 2D/3D charts, overheads, and objects.

Bits & Bytes: A One-stop-shop for Advanced Technology Solutions

Bits and Bytes specializes in developing high-end requirement-based automation solutions by offering an expansive range of kiosks for numerous industry segments. Regarded as India’s No. 1 Kiosk manufacturer, BBIPL’s comprehensive CUSS (Common-Use Self Service) has proven to be a revolution in its kind for the Aviation Industry. Through CUSS, the Boarding pass, and Baggage Tag printing are automated which deducts the passenger waiting time considerably.
BBIPL provides expert guidance to its client at every stage. The company offers a numerous kiosk project services like Kiosk Manufacturing and deployment, A Hot desk support team for client queries, Remote desk monitoring facilities, dedicated support, kiosk maintenance services, Consultation for the client’s unique Kiosk requirements and many more
The company strives to design their products in a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing manner. Its multimedia-based touch screen information kiosks, for example, are easy to install and do not require computing skills to operate.

BBIPL’s Team of Dedicated Professionals

BBIPL has a team of 100+ proficient and passionate professionals and engineers with over 500 man-years worth of experience in the kiosk industry. The highly-efficient team ensures that every client’s doubts on any technology-related topic are clarified immediately by providing the staff with direct access to vital information. The staff then offers suitable solutions that best serve the unique needs of every client, e. g. the company’s design and engineering team experiments and tests the latest prototypes for custom kiosks and new products, the on-site office takes care of the company’s software development, sales, support, and the management team, etc.
Founder and Managing Director of BBIPL, Mr. Amit Jain states, “ I always aim to create an environment that makes talented people attracted to work for us. With this, I also conduct a top-down analysis of every area before deciding on corporate goals. I ensure that our analysis is extensive and explained clearly.”

BBIPL’s Noteworthy Achievements and Milestones

Over the years, BBIPL has developed hardware as well as software solutions for a wide range of kiosks such as AI-Enabled Kiosks, Touch Screen Kiosk, transactional kiosks, CUSS Terminals (Aviation Sector), Banking Kiosk, Self-Service Automation Kiosk, to name a few.
BBIPL has established more than 50,000 kiosk installations in India, including smart city project solutions. The company caters to the unique needs of various industry segments by offering industry-specific solutions, e.g. Large Format display kiosks in the retail industry, RFID & Barcode solutions in the Automobile Industry, etc.

Bits & Bytes’ Solutions To Different Business Verticals

Different business verticals necessitate different ways of approaching their tech-related challenges. Here is the industry-wise breakdown of BBIPL’s various solutions:
Transport Industry: The brand provides high-end kiosk solutions like Boarding pass solutions, Self food-ordering kiosks, and Baggage Tag Solutions at numerous International Airports for the Aviation Sector.
Manufacturing Plants: For the Automobile and FMCG-based manufacturing plants in the country, the company offers variously advanced Bar Code based solutions, and RFID-based solutions.
Banking & NBFC: Kiosk solutions to the Banking Industry and NBFC include services like Cheque Deposit Solutions, Passbook Printing touch Kiosk, Queue Management Solutions, Multi-Functional Kiosks, Cash Deposit solutions, etc.

BBIPL’s Commitment Towards Reducing Carbon Footprint

Bits & Bytes understands the importance of contributing to the needs of the environment. The company believes in recycling their equipment by offering detailed recycling instructions to the user for each of their products. This instruction manual provides all the necessary information regarding e-waste for its clients.
The company is highly aware of its environmental responsibilities which is why it strives to comply with all relevant environmental laws, applicable standards, and regulations initiated to protect the environment.
BBIPL has tied up with E-waste Solutions for the collection of all of its e-waste. It aims to tactfully reduce pollution and wastage during the manufacturing process of its products.

BBIPL’s Journey to Being India’s No.1 Kiosk Manufacturer

In 1999, Mr. Amit went on a trip to Singapore after completing his college. The profusion of kiosks in Singapore intrigued him deeply. Back then, he realized that half the world and almost 90% of the Indians weren’t familiar with the concept of kiosks. He thought of the revolutionary shift the introduction of kiosks would bring about in the market, and then dedicated the next few years to acquaint businesses with the concept and benefits of the kiosk system. By and by, the technological advancements that took place in the market encouraged businesses to embrace the usage of interactive kiosks to increase customer satisfaction levels and profits. Finally, in March 2003, Mr. Amit Jain successfully founded Bits & Bytes Integrators Pvt Ltd with a team of professionals.
Today, BBIPL is home to some of the country’s top professionals and engineers. Holding an ambitious vision of metamorphosing India’s automation market, Mr. Amit Jain says, “Our mission is to design User Friendly and Aesthetically pleasing kiosks. Also, kiosk usage will keep on growing every year and the vision of our company is to deliver automated interactive kiosks and enable innovative usage of a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of our customers, business partners, and the community.”

How BBIPL Keeps Pace With Dynamic Market Trends

BBIPL firmly believes in providing an exceptional customer experience through its products. The company’s interactive kiosk services help it get a thorough understanding of the needs and wants of the customers. To get an idea of the current and prospective trends, it further engages in a consistent interaction with the clients.
BBIPL’s R&D department also gives great emphasis on understanding the advanced possibilities in the kiosk industry with the introduction of AI. It constantly searches for new ways to harness the technology to make its services more effective and hassle-free.

BBIPL’s Passion To Serve During The COVID-19 Pandemic

In the last two decades, BBIPL’s primary focus has been developing self-service Kiosks. Now with the current Covid-19 outbreak, the company has sworn to advance its services to a whole new level. Recently, the company has declared itself to be the first developer of Intel-based Smart Thermal Detection & Touchless Sanitizer Dispensing Kiosk in India, as a means of helping citizens fight the virus safely and effectively.

BBIPL’s Vision For The Future

India has been progressing at a great pace in terms of technological and digital advancements. Usage of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence has become very popular among businesses. BBIPL feels that this industrial overhaul has paved the way for many opportunities in the future. The company plans to keep itself updated consistently whilst expanding its business across the globe.
A decade ago, BBIPL aimed to install Kiosks everywhere, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, but now for next decade its vision is to install kiosks from the North Pole to the South Pole.

Mr. Amit Jain’s Thoughts on Balancing Personal and Professional Life

Mr. Jain believes that allotting adequate time for both work and personal life is essential, especially during this pandemic. Since most are working from home, it can be tricky to define work hours correctly. He always remembers to give equal priority to other aspects of his life, to maintain a healthy equilibrium between the two. “Work and family, both are equally important. I cannot encroach or cross either and disturb the equilibrium.” he added.

Battling stereotypes and a CEO’s contribution to the Entrepreneurial World

In today’s highly competitive world, aspiring CEOs can get easily disheartened when battling stereotypes. A CEO, during his career, has to wear many hats. Right from being a visionary to a strategic thinker who determines the trajectory of his/her company.
The current pandemic has also put forth numerous challenges for CEOs such as the slowing economic growth, uncertain business trajectory, high-risk rate for emerging markets, etc. In such tough times too, Mr. Jain believes that CEOs and entrepreneurs must leap in faith regardless of what the outcome may be.
Being a CEO himself, he stresses the importance of believing in oneself at every stage. He also believes that taking risks is extremely important to move forward and progress. “We all have some strengths and weaknesses, but we, the CEOs, are the only ones who have strong values, ethics, and morals that hold us to the highest standard.” he added.
Mr. Jain believes that every CEO has a unique set of missions, vision, values, direction, and strategy. And so is his/her agenda of combing it together effectively. He feels that in the entrepreneurial world, a CEO has additional responsibilities like developing a network of potential acquisition opportunities, attending industry events, collaborating with peers and mentors to overcome challenges, etc.

What Keeps Mr. Jain Going Despite Challenges

When asked Mr. Jain what keeps him going, he stated, “I have always believed in myself as a leader and a businessman. The two things I swear by to stay motivated are- focusing on the big picture and adopting daily disciplines.”
Focusing on the big picture helps him stay clear on what he wants and his vision for the company. It gives him clarity and dissolves any doubts that may come his way. On the other hand, discipline gives him a sense of control and makes him feel strong internally.

Mr. Amit Jain’s Golden Nuggets For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Having a rich experience of almost two decades in the industry, Mr. Amit has acquired some timeless wisdom which he’d like to impart to young entrepreneurs.
“New Digital Technology is changing the way the world works like the way we interact with each other, and what we look for in products and services. I think the biggest opportunities that the digital world poses for young entrepreneurs are that they can learn about the marketplace using different sources and engage with customers through different channels. There are also new potential value propositions because of fewer barriers to entry across different industries. Digital technology has opened up the field for these young entrepreneurs. Technology with emerging areas such as AI and robotics will help them to rule out the market with many opportunities.”

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